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i'm back?

Posted: 05 Nov 2019, 04:37
by cynderfyre
After a looong break from internetting, I guess I'm doing videos again? I'll upload maybe once or twice a week probably on Saturday. Don't expect much. Just whatever I feel like, if anyone cares. Oh, and also no commentary this time. Just pure gameplay.

Ultra Kaizo World
Norris Chuck!
Jabem Woods!
Jabem Woods! Secret Exit
SPCA Palace

Re: i'm back?

Posted: 12 Nov 2019, 04:55
by cynderfyre
Doing Ultra Kaizo World if you haven't noticed. Anyway, just completed Jabem Woods so give it a watch if you care about any of this at all

Re: i'm back?

Posted: 16 Nov 2019, 15:31
by cynderfyre
SPCA Palace is super cool. Love the water based switch palace! Also, I'm always a fan of dolphin jumps