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All the Mega Men - Everlasting Peace For Now

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All the Mega Men - Everlasting Peace For Now

Postby Bean » 2 years ago

Chirei wrote: the pointless conflict has begun again

1 - cherry bomb
2 - paper in fire
3 - ice 9
4 - electric blue
5 - go cut creator go
6 - regurgitated guts
7 - green, yellow and red
8 - mirror people* (Copy Robot)
9 - one tree hill
10 - love removal machine

Mega Man was released in 1987, but everyone knows the series started with the game that came out a year later instead. This game has a scoring system, the ability to actually pause the game with select, and has Mega drop like a freaking rock man if he walks off a platform.

11 - [untitled*] (Quick)
12 - flashings
13 - crash and burn
14 - airhead
15 - knock on wood
16 - heatseeker
17 - blue in green* (Bubble)
18 - heavy metal
19 - dragons and fables
20 - ふらふら* (Picopico-kun)
21 - it would take a strong strong man* (Guts Tank)
22 - peek-a-boo
23 - 502
24 - alien prints

Mega Man 2 came out in 1988 and remains the best-selling title in the entire franchise. It introduced staples like having eight robot masters, minibosses, a fortress map, and Sniper Joes that cheat. Also has a few odd decisions like OHKO lasers and the worst boss in a Mega Man game. We'll hit that wall (with bombs) when we run into it. In Japan, this game's called Rockman 2: The Mystery of Dr. Wily. Wonder why...

25 - opposites attract (1990 mix)* (Magnet)
26 - lightning man* (Spark)
27 - reflections of a shadow
28 - room at the top
29 - hard act to follow
30 - pushing the needle too far
31 - eyes like twins* (Gemini)
32 - the voice and the snake
33 - dr. jeep
34 - dr. rey
35 - donkey doctor
36 - dr. nightmare's medication time
37 - before I break
38 - turtle rhapsody
39 - racing with the devil on a spanish highway (revisited)
40 - mega mix iv
41 - [hidden track] (Refights)
42 - 3 a.m. somewhere out of beaumont
43 - no omega* (Gamma)

Mega Man 3 was released in 1990 and is the only other classic series title to reach one million copies sold behind MM2. This one adds the slide and Rush to the mix, fitting as the game itself was kind of rushed out. The major tech issue in this game is turning back to the right when shooting to the left. It takes an extra frame or two. Story wise, a mysterious new robot is clearly behind this mess as Dr. Wily has reformed and is working with his former colleague, Dr. Light. Shame MM3 has the tagline of The End of Dr. Wily?! in Japan when he's clearly good now.

44- the silence (Intro Stage)
45 - sonic boom
46 - flowers on the battlefield (Volt)
47 - detonation boulevard (Dyna)
48 - death pod* (CRORQ)

Seeing that Mega Man was becoming a popular franchise, Capcom decided to license Mega Man out to other devs. The good of this is that we got a couple of stellar Game Boy entries. The negative is that we also got this train wreck by Hi-Tech Expressions in 1990. The only notable thing about this title aside from its bad quality is that it's the first Mega Man game to have an intro stage for whatever it's worth.

49 - electric toy
50 - cut up
51 - build a fire
52 - rivers of ice
53 - in the presence of mirrors
54 - jeremiah blues (part 1) (Wily Machine World 1)

Dr. Wily's Revenge started a different branch for the classic series in 1991 on Nintendo's Game Boy handheld. What these games do is take four old bots from two NES titles apiece and combine them into one game, so same old bots, new levels and threats within. In this first entry, this isn't really done so well, but it's still okay for a first effort. Chronologically, Dr. Wily's Revenge takes place between Mega Man 2 & 3. In Japan, the Game Boy games are known as the Rockman World series.

55 - daddy, brother, lover, little boy (Drill)
56 - time dive
57 - spine of god* (Skull)
58 - dust n' bones
59 - ring ring ring (ha ha hey)
60 - poor, poor pharaoh
61 - international bright young
62 - waiting for the rain (Toad)
63 - butterfly (Mothraya)
64 - congo square
65 - two old sidewinders* (Cockroach Twins)
66 - c. brown (Cossack Catcher)
67 - daddy pop
68 - planet trash
69 - his year's girl #4
70 - the story of willy

Mega Man 4 released in December 1991 on the NES. By that time, SNES fever had struck the west, so many people flat-out see this title as the beginning of the end for the classic series' popularity. It introduces a series staple like the Mega Buster charge shot, but it also designed enemies and bosses with the Mega Buster in mind. We also have a new threat in Dr. Cossack, and as an American, who wouldn't want to kick the crud out of Russia in this day and ag... Oh. Enjoy what I consider is the best game in the classic series thanks to its polish, and hi, Eddie. A New Evil Ambition! is the tagline to this one in Japan.

71 - metal contra as nuvens
72 - crash drive
73 - walking on air
74 - holly wood ya
75 - long hard day
76 - syringe mouth
77 - top of the world
78 - lithium* (Magnet)
79 - pickaxe (Quint)
80 - trigger 2

Two weeks after the release of Mega Man 4 came the only Game Boy title to not be made by Minakuchi Engineering. Japan System House developed this and is notable for all the wrong reasons. They didn't understand Mega Man's gameplay all that well, nor did they get the Game Boy's sound chip. The music is horrendous, and 1-Ups sound like you've collected two coins in Mario. That said, it is one of the easiest titles in the entire series. This title takes place between Mega Man 3 & 4 and introduces Quint and a time travel plot that makes no sense!

81 - with the gleam of torches
82 - the blade
83 - tiny streams (Oil)
84 - water pistol man (Wave)
85 - pool shark (reprised)
86 - a little bit of love (goes a long, long way)
87 - dr. d

Hi-Tech Expressions must really like Mega Man 3 because they wound up skipping the number two with their second and final offering to the franchise in 1992. The bot count has doubled, so it's twice the suffering of the original game. Enjoy the first Mega Man game to have swimming physics, the inability to shoot through walls, and maze-like levels you're sure to get lost in. Mega Man 3: The Robots are Revolting! They certainly are, Hi-Tech Expressions. They certainly are.

88 - cherry bomb (Napalm)
89 - crystal clear
90 - 風 ~The wind knows how I feel~* (Gyro)
91 - gravity grave [edit]
92 - sho 'nuf a star
93 - lanq tour sha
94 - stand up (kick love into motion) (Charge)
95 - stone age!
96 - i'm not the only one
97 - hat 2 da back
98 - third shade of green
99 - the fourth world
100 - the big ones get away
101 - grade 9
102 - cold angel press
103 - two days after midnite

Proto Man has made his intentions clear by turning against his family and kidnapping Dr. Light in this December 1992 NES game. To combat Proto Man and his eight robots, Mega's charge shot has been increased in size, 1-Ups are dropped like candy, and Rush Coil has been modified into the worst thing ever. Even Dr. Cossack has a gift for Mega Man if he can find eight hidden plates scattered about. Beat's nothing at all, I guess! In Japan, this was given the subtitle of Blues' Trap!? because it's all Proto Man's doing. Dr. Wily is definitely not in this game. Nope.

104 - étincelles
105 - out of the shadows
106 - gemini
107 - snakes-a-sleeping
108 - giant friend
109 - some drilling implied
110 - ダイビング
111 - skullptures
112 - dustman
113 - redneck punk
114 - green machine

Minakuchi Engineering was brought back to get the handheld games on track, and you'll notice they're starting to get there with this effort released a week after Mega Man 5. That said, what you'll probably notice first is how difficult this title is because it rarely lets up as the difficulty curve gets steeper the deeper into this game we get. Since it takes place between MM4 & MM5, the charge shot is now in. A final note, the plot here is suspiciously similar to Mega Man 3 (PC) with the whole offshore facility thing. Good thing this game's not a mess!

115 - don't ring the alarm
116 - sure shot
117 - burn so bright
118 - this dying toad become forth with coal for colour black
119 - ballad of georgie best
120 - just kickin' it
121 - glove of stone
122 - da bomb
123 - mysterious crystal
124 - biker ballad
125 - we'll burn that bridge
126 - big willie

Mega Man IV was released in October 1993 and is a notable entry for a couple of reasons. This is where you can see Minakuchi really get the concept of Mega Man as a whole, and they even introduced staples in to the series by having both currency to collect and a shop to spend it in. This one takes place between MM5 & MM6, so Beat joins the party along with a Mega Buster that is so strong, it gives you a little kickback. It feels good, it looks good, it plays good, it is good. It's Mega Man IV, one of Mega's best adventures on the Game Boy. Enjoy!

127 - 如風
128 - flash pan hunter/intro
129 - knight jumps queen
130 - speardance
131 - hi ho silver
132 - plant me
133 - blizzard of lies
134 - the greatest flame
135 - everything
136 - i hate 2 brag
137 - power junkie
138 - z
139 - magic x
140 - jazzosaurus rex
141 - rocket sled/fuel tank
142 - ★★★★★★★ (Refights)
143 - blind willie mctell

Mega Man 6 marks the end of an era as it is the final Classic series platformer on the NES. Released in November 1993, it was developed by a different team at Capcom while the main group was working on MMX. If you think they're playing it safe, you thought wrong as this game adds in alternate exits and the ability for Mega to combine with Rush to create two cool power armors. Mr. X takes over for Dr. W in this one. Good weapon set that is offset a bit by the inability to jump out of a slide and if you land on the very edge of a platform, you'll be pushed off. It's not perfect, but it's all right. Just don't think it's The Greatest Battle in History! like the Japanese tagline tells you. It ain't.

144 - this time for real (Intro Stage)
145 - mammuthus primigenius piras
146 - haliaeetus kataigída
147 - chamaeleonidae tsímpima
148 - lucanidae boúmeran'nk
149 - octopoda ektóxefsi
150 - dasypodidae thorakisménos
151 - mandrillus sphinx spítha
152 - spheniscidae psýchra
153 - araneae afentikó
154 - prósopo megálo
155 - Δ-King (Sigma 3 & Collection)
156 - canis lupus Σ

Before raocow did All the Megamen, he started by playing the first three Mega Man X games. This one was released on December 17th, 1993 in Japan and is set 100 years after the classic series in 21xx. The story is about a weak robot building up to overcome a renegade robot rebellion and is told pretty well through gameplay and small text-based cutscenes. This game is not Mega Man 10, nor is X related to Mr. X who was Dr. Wily in the previous game, but he could've been. This is the first SNES game for the Blue Bomber franchise, and it's awesome.

157 - red planet
158 - neptunes daughter
159 - mercury falls
160 - killer robots from venus
161 - destination moon
162 - silver rain fell (deep water mix)
163 - break & enter
164 - saturn 5
165 - jupiter
166 - back to the earth
167 - screaming skull
168 - black hole sun

Mega Man V, a July 1994 release, is the final entry of the Game Boy series. Unlike how the previous four games combined Robot Masters from two games, this title gets a completely new set of bosses from space for the Blue Bomber to battle. He also gets a rocket punch for a charge shot and a new feline friend in Tango to help along the way. Just like MMIV, it takes place between MM5 & MM6. Finally, because of when it was released, this title is the only one to be fully compatible with the Super Game Boy adapter cartridge. What an interstellar send-off, huh?

169 - [unlisted water noises] (Bubble Man Redo)
170 - [shiny metal rods](fan title)
171 - you part the waters
172 - after the storm
173 - circle of fire
174 - ball tongue
175 - somethin' for the o.g.'s
176 - she's my machine

The Wily Wars is a remake that didn't go as planned for the Sega Genesis in October 1994. Development was troubled, and the game itself was only available in America through the Sega Channel service. This game features remakes of MM1-3 in 16-bit style and some new content that gets unlocked after beating those three games. It's that new content that will mostly be covered here. Like raocow says in the first vid, it's basically Mega Man's version of Super Mario All-Stars except that it just wasn't optimized as well as it could've been. Oh well!

177 - anthropos bala megali
178 - struthio camelus yperpollaplasiasméni tachýtita
179 - cornu aspersum krýstallo
180 - chilopoda magnítis
181 - lepidoptera metamórfosi
182 - cervidae flóga
183 - brachyura fysallída
184 - alligator mississippiensis τροχός
185 - porifera sýrma
186 - VIOLEN
187 - SERGES
188 - ephemeros (Item Collectathon)
189 - ˈæd͡ʒ.aɪl
190 - chimaeriformes
191 - gulo gulo Σ

Mega Man X2 (1994) hits the ground from the word go. Instead of starting off as some super weak robot that can't even dash, X2 lets X fly through levels in no time, and he gets way more overpowered as this one goes on. It's also the game that added the mid-air dash to the mix and brought back a popular character from the dead for the first of many, many times. Sadly, the Green Biker Dude is not that character. Anyway, the X-Hunters are our antagonists in this one until not Dr. Wily shows up again, this time with the power of Capcom's Cx4 chip.

192 - betty's got a bass boat
193 - freeze
194 - junk on lax
195 - on a bus to st. cloud
196 - danger zone
197 - smashing young man
198 - creature of the wheel
199 - shades of god
200 - funeral spring
201 - tragic telepathic (soul slasher)
202 - your little secret
203 - charmless man
204 - foolish games
205 - do ya do ya (wanna please me)
206 - what goes on, pt. 7

Mega Man 7 (1995) tried its hardest to recreate popularity in the classic series after it tailed off years ago. It didn't happen, but man, there was a lot of effort put into this one with all the little touches that the game has. This game features the debut of everyone's favorite robot. Yes, Auto is finally here! Oh, there's also a new rival for Mega Man, but most people remember this one for being a bit underwhelming after X2 and for one of the hardest final bosses in the franchise that is totally who you think it is. Enjoy this attempt at a GB game on the SNES!

207 - you shine bright
208 - ya star
209 - elephant stone
210 - paris sous les bombes
211 - crime wave
212 - smokin' toads
213 - machine II machine

Here's the other Sega-related game, this time released on the Game Gear handheld. Developed by a company called Freestyle, this one is basically a straight up downgraded port of Mega Man 4 & 5 with a guest appearance by 2. I guess there's one original element to the game, so yeah. Hope you can beat a Mega Man without continues because this game doesn't let you have those!

214 - glaciers of ice
215 - destroy the machines
216 - in dust we trust
217 - humanity is the devil
218 - stormy clouds
219 - koekje van eigen deeg

With the Mega Man series having a lot of bots, it would only make sense for Capcom to make a fighting game out of it, right? As cool as that sounds, there are only three playable characters in this game (Mega, Proto, Bass) and eighteen robot masters in total to take on through the game's three routes. In many ways, each path feels like a boss rush stage. Still, The Power Battle (1995) and its eventual sequel are fun times, but I don't see either replacing Street Fighter anytime soon. Nope.

220 - apis majoris
221 - vespa ékrixi
222 - bubalus bubalis chionothýella
223 - dynastinae varýtita
224 - hippocampus toxikós
225 - panthera tigris néo
226 - rhinocerotidae síranga
227 - procambarus clarkii syntriví
228 - siluriformes vólt
229 - ylikó (Item Colletion)
230 - loxodonta piestírio apotamieftís
231 - medusozoa vólt
232 - protarchikós
233 - Zeitaufteilung (Doppler 1 & 2 Non-Alternate Fights)
234 - saguinus imperator Σ

With the whole Maverick outbreak dealio, a Reploid scientist named Dr. Doppler was created to neutralize the threat. It worked for a while, but since he's a robot not named X or Zero, you know he'll turn out to start a conflict because video games! That's where Mega Man X3 (1995) comes in. Zero is playable for the first time in the series, and X has a whole slew of new power-ups to find... maybe too many as the boss AI took a hit in this final SNES entry. Even with that, it's still a good time and still Sigma behind it all at the end. Sounds like a MMX game to me!

235 - gimme the heat
236 - paper grinder
237 - blades (slash mix)
238 - devil thumbs a ride
239 - raining napalm
240 - dragon's lair (cosmic flames and four barbaric seasons)
241 - birth machine 2000

Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters (1996) is the sequel to the previous year's Power Battle. Mega, Proto, and Bass are joined by a robot named Duo in this game who we'll learn more about in our next entry on this list. There are still 18 bots to blast along three different routes, and all of them have their own unique fortress boss before Wily this time. Each character gets a special move in this game, and you get to pick your path as opposed to the game just randomly selecting stages for you. I'll take that as an improvement!

242 - snail trail
243 - frosted ambassador
244 - mekron bomb
245 - clown towns
246 - when I hold you tonight
247 - two tears (Duo)
248 - eau de toilette
249 - one more astronaut
250 - cavity search
251 - the sword
252 - the bolt of cupid fell
253 - a worm's life
254 - pez king
255 - the color green
256 - billy breathes (Refights & Wily Machine #8)

Mega Man 8 (1996) is the only classic series entry of the 32-bit era. It's also one of the most unique entries in the series both in terms of how it plays and its presentation. Mega Man can swim, Rush has new abilities, and even the main eight stages are divided up into two halves with game overs giving you the chance to use a continue point instead of starting from scratch. It's definitely one of the easier entries because of that, but it's kind of fun for that fact. This will be a playthrough of the Saturn version as it features two extra mini-bosses to battle that the Playstation version just replaced with a couple of extra hidden bolts. Finally... Jump, jump! Slide, slide!

257 - the dragon lies bleeding
258 - strike of the beast
259 - not behind the fighter jet
260 - hangman (i shot the walrus)
261 - 大空魔竜ガイキング (Magma Dragoon)
262 - military strongmen
263 - safe place from the storm
264 - peacock suit
265 - you split the earth
266 - spiderweb
267 - a secret place
268 - i repeat* (Colonel, Round 2)
269 - paranoid android* (Double & General)
270 - back from the dead

271 - drakontos
272 - araneae istos
273 - pavo cristatus kyvernochóro
274 - strigiformes kataigída
275 - drakontos mágma
276 - apolýtos exousía
277 - odobenus rosmarus pagoniá
278 - panthera leo enkopí
279 - agaricomycetidae diaíresi
280 - myliobatoidei pídakas
281 - aporrýpansi nai!
282 - ethanoic acid enérgeia
283 - general
284 - to Cháro

Mega Man X4 (1997) is one of the more enjoyable entries in the series for a number of reasons. It's the first Mega Man game to have two separate playable characters in X and Zero, and they each have their own unique style of fighting. It also takes the high-speed action from X2 and removes the SNES slowdown and the gimmick level thing MM8 tried out to make for some incredibly fun arcade-like action. You'll never guess who the final boss is this time, but don't worry. There's one heck of an adventure to get through first.

285 - the green mile
286 - cold water coming
287 - astro
288 - deep in the ground
289 - this world is magic
290 - razorblades and bandaides
291 - just won't burn
292 - gigi pirate
293 - playing with lightning
294 - freestyle over mobb deep drop a gem on em
295 - unfinished monkey business
296 - the king of carrot flowers, pts. two & three
297 - as the doctor talks

Mega Man & Bass (1998) was made so Nintendo fans weren't feeling left by MM8 being on the PS1 and Saturn. MM&B mixes 7's gameplay engine with 8's art assets to create the final new classic series platformer Capcom would develop for a decade. Just like X4, you have two playable characters as Mega & Bass go up against a robot rebellion that is led by a bot that was totally not created by Dr. Wily as he is not in this game. Yes, it's hard to come up with a new joke, but it's even harder to get through this game, so there.

298 - devil's brigade
299 - monk's dream
300 - something in the air
301 - keep a lid on things* (Stove)
302 - bullet-time
303 - withstand the fall of time
304 - extreme north of the compass
305 - the summoning of shadows

While Capcom would shelve the classic series for the next little while, the original Blue Bomber has one last adventure developed by Bandai for their WonderSwan handheld to get through first that is both a pseudo-sequel to MM&B and the second Game Boy game. In Challenger From the Future (1999), Mega and Bass take on a group of bots from the future known as the Dimensions. They are led by a familiar looking bot named Rockman Shadow. Is this the quintessential sequel we've been waiting for? No, but it's better than the DOS games, so there's that.

306 - seldom vile
307 - night of the unholy flames
308 - the storm is over now
309 - final spark
310 - all right, chill out
311 - boris the spider
312 - the hunter
313 - boy cried wolf
314 - morph
315 - armored saint
316 - the dumbest magnets
317 - butterfly on a wheel
318 - ramblin
319 - shinobi vs dragon ninja* (Geemel)
320 - l'année du dragon
321 - Σ

Have you ever wanted to play Mega Man X on the Game Boy Color even though there aren't enough buttons for it? Well, that's basically what Mega Man Xtreme (2000) sets out to do. The main computer at Maverick Hunter HQ gets hacked and restores stages from the first two MMX adventures somehow because video games. Oh, and for the full experience, you kind of have to beat the game three times. Okay then!

322 - feed my head
323 - a dragoon killed in action
324 - dear spike
325 - let it burn
326 - sonic dynamite
327 - feathery wings
328 - dark center of the universe
329 - planet shining
330 - 2000 volt
331 - shrine to the dynamic years (athens time change riots)
332 - the tide is high
333 - the c-quel
334 - 100%
335 - devil's pie
336 - big bang boogie
337 - what's up mr. zero
338 - x-ing off the days
339 - s club party

Mega Man X5 (2000) was originally meant to be the chronological last entry in the MMX branch of the franchise with the Zero series on the horizon. It didn't work out that way as we'll find out, but it does have a finale-like feel to it. This time around, X and Zero share the same save file as opposed to having slightly altered self-contained stories. Just know that if you cared for production values, those campy scenes will be replaced by text. A lot of text. In the meantime, let's vaguely bridge the gap before beating Sigma down one last time. Sure.

340 - base of my skull
341 - life like thunder
342 - rain of a thousand flames
343 - launch ramp
344 - hello neon!
345 - dog si yrrrah
346 - gods of egypt* (Isaz & Sowilo)
347 - the wizard's last rhymes* (Berkana)
348 - cuttin' heads
349 - interstellar overdrive
350 - last blast of the century
351 - the light at the end of the tunnel
352 - breathing by wires
353 - ムネノコドウ(ECONOMIXS)
354 - g walkin'
355 - the beast

Mega Man Xtreme 2 (2001) made sure to go with original levels over downgrades like its predecessor did and makes you play through the game as both X and Zero to eventually reach the true final battle. If only it wasn't a GBC game because Mega Man X kind of needs more buttons to play to keep the feel of the series. Oh well. This one takes place between X3 and X4, by the way.

356 - 19-2000
357 - ineffable hell commander
358 - as the rain
359 - zero nowhere
360 - a shield with an iron face
361 - the blizzard
362 - on the ground
363 - sworn in the metal wind
364 - horror infinity
365 - master your high
366 - radical (saint blaze)
367 - aerodynamic
368 - secretly
369 - divine mother (the tower crumbles)
370 - high on love
371 - bathgate freestyle
372 - back from hell

Mega Man X6 (2001) wasn't even supposed to happen, but it did. The story picks up three weeks after the best ending in X5 with X sporting his fallen friend's saber, but is Zero really gone? ...Shh. Anyway, levels are slightly altered depending on the order they're played thanks to the game's Nightmare system. It feels like it's trying to emulate X1 but does so in a very odd way as you'll see. The story focuses heavily on the star of the previous game... Yes, Alia's rather tragic backstory gets revealed here! Just like the game itself, it sure is something!

373 - the regular g
374 - the falcon's light
375 - in the core of darkness
376 - the necro ambassador
377 - an elephant in the delta waves
378 - on guard
379 - b2k is hot
380 - la harpe et l'enfant
381 - the blizzard of '96
382 - fighting man
383 - fairy tale ~my last teenage wish~
384 - not so hidden track
385 - sick machine
386 - the anchor song
387 - evil devil
388 - carbon copy

Mega Man Zero (2002) kicks off the third platforming branch of the franchise by kicking the Blue Bomber to the curb and placing fan favorite Zero in the spotlight. Set a century after X5's ending pre-retcon, X has established a new government called Neo Arcadia and has begun judging certain robots unfairly as Mavericks. A resistance unit on its last legs desperately hopes to awaken a certain hero from the past to combat his former friend. As a first entry, it has some rough spots, but it's clear this is getting the old formula right again at long last.

389 - girl from ipanema goes to greenland
390 - hollow ground
391 - the astronaut
392 - cold
393 - what it is to burn
394 - medicine cabinet pirate
395 - dynamite sales
396 - second stage turbine blade
397 - could it be magic
398 - blue crystal
399 - the monkey versus the robot
400 - king of the blues
401 - dr. geek

Rockman & Forte stayed in Japan land, so Mega Man & Bass' GBA version (2002) was the first and only time we got to play this one. The obvious drawbacks are the compressed screen size and sound quality. Other than that, it's pretty much the same game made harder. Oh dear!

402 - kiss of fire
403 - electric synapse
404 - lovely magic
405 - ticking time bomb
406 - world on fire
407 - cut virus
408 - in the grass all wine colored
409 - the pharaoh
410 - crawling king snake
411 - mutiny on the electronic bay
412 - the gospel according to efficiency
413 - 1, 2, to the bass

Mega Man Battle Network WS (2003) is a game based off the anime that was based off the GBA games and was exclusively released in Japan on the WonderSwan. Of all the games on raocow's list, this is the one I know pretty much nothing about. Let's see how it goes!

414 - spirit fury fire
415 - mud & guts
416 - put the needle on it
417 - quicksand
418 - the brightest bulb has burned out/screws fall out
419 - walking on thin ice [danny tenagila club mix]
420 - the gift of color
421 - electric current
422 - the story of the sword
423 - increasing the gravity
424 - 見えない光 (Star)
425 - saved by zero
426 - delivered from the hands of pharaoh
427 - shadowman
428 - almost fed up with the blues
429 - all my life
430 - (formally 0)
431 - take 5
432 - the great drum + bass swindle

Mega Man Network Transmission (2003) is the more well-known platformer spinoff of the Battle Network series. This Gamecube title takes a few cues from the classic series while mixing in the chip-battling action of the GBA games. As a result, it kind of doesn't always know what it wants to be, and that's a shame.

433 - surprise mega mix
434 - to phoenix by foot
435 - cat claw
436 - bi - polar doubts
437 - o meu ouro säo os sonhos
438 - i'll do anything
439 - the ice storm, big gust, and you
440 - ich sage nein
441 - what are we fighting for
442 - fairy story
443 - princes and frogs (underdog mix)* (Burble Hekelot)
444 - devil's answer (live)
445 - stand & fight
446 - fairy of mine
447 - aeolian harp (under the world)
448 - king for a day* (Elpizo)

Mega Man Zero 2 (2003) adds a bit more things to play around with than the original. EX Skills are awarded for beating bosses with higher ranks and Zero himself will earn new forms depending on how you tackle missions. The plot itself almost comes off as anime filler, but there are some major, major moments spread throughout this sequel. It also feels more like a Mega Man game in how the missions are structured. It's fun, but it's still the Zero series, and that means it will get kind of tough in spots.

449 - day of the scorpio
450 - liver splash
451 - johnny tornado
452 - the vanishing
453 - among the flames
454 - ride ride
455 - love missile f1-1
456 - sign of the four winds
457 - just soldiers (stay down)
458 - finally all the noise
459 - the naked mole rap
460 - the streets will run red with the blood of the nonbelievers
461 - the sad truth (demo version)
462 - lifestyles of the rich and nameless

Mega Man X7 (2003) is what happens when you take a series that was already struggling in 2D and try to add a third dimension to it. That's not the only thing that's been added as a new character named Axl teams up with X and Zero to take on a group of renegade Reploids known as Red Alert. There are ideas in here that will work in the next sequel, but they don't here. Oh, they don't. By the way, the series' title character isn't unlocked at the start. Yeah, this one can BURN.

463 - foretoll omega
464 - il bat
465 - the will to death
466 - license to chill
467 - blazin' beat
468 - light creates shadows
469 - who u r
470 - s×d×r
471 - the princess of saba
472 - copy in black and white
473 - nine volt heart
474 - tempo of three
475 - great glacier
476 - dexter fox
477 - come clean
478 - the pray
479 - no hidden track
480 - ココロオドル -original version-

Mega Man Zero 3 (2004) is where things start to click. Gone are having to level up your weapons, you get Satellite Elves that don't go away and give no penalties, and the gameplay gets even more hectic with the newly-introduced Recoil Rod. Neo Arcadia gets a morale boost thanks to the return of Copy X, while a new threat has returned from space in the form of Dr. Weil. Who is this mysterious man? How does he control this machine known as Omega? Well, you should play the game and find out as it's really good!

481 - clam, crab, cockle, cowrie
482 - immune to gravity
483 - dim and the dark
484 - english man o' war
485 - intro you burn
486 - shotgun down the avalanche
487 - earthsick
488 - little panda mcelroy (b)
489 - the shining ones
490 - 無限
491 - clean
492 - ex-suits
493 - the final cut
494 - my vile venom
495 - there will be no morning copy
496 - l.t.d.

After the last few years of missteps, Mega Man X8 (2004) is here to right the wrongs of past entries and give longtime fans the good game they were waiting for. Unfortunately, everyone else had moved on at this point, and X8 sold poorly. As it stands, this is currently the final game in the series. X, Zero, and Axl are back to take on a set of New Generation Reploids that can't go Maverick... or can they? You know the answer, but you probably didn't know the subtitle of this game is called Paradise Lost and is based off an old epic poem, so there.
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Re: Mega Man - The Man that is a Robot Kid

Postby MonkeyShrapnel » 2 years ago

Thanks to MonkeyShrapnel, we'll be using this second post for the rest of our list, starting with porting the Zero 4 vids to this one! His original post will still be linked at the bottom.

497 - across the desert
498 - realm of carnage
499 - noble
500! - computer heat
501 - maldita luna
502 - geração coca-cola
503 - the craft
504 - heaven sent, hell bound
505 - intro (sway & king tech/back 2 basics)
506 - village and minotaur
507 - teenage lightning
508 - renuncia al sol
509 - small craft warnings
510 - county farm blues
511 - random starlight
512 - bowling ball
513 - the mark of dr. z

Mega Man Zero 4 (2005) shows that a branch of platformers in this franchise can actually reach a conclusion, and it goes out in pretty good style. The Elf system gets changed up in a very significant way, and the new Zero Knuckle allows for our hero to take enemy weapons and use them against his foes. Wherever your rank the game itself, there's no denying that it's a pretty memorable finale for the right reasons!

514 - x amount of words
515 - just came here to chill
516 - still flame
517 - sh-boom
518 - sting ≠3 (that's good)
519 - pretty sparks
520 - to storm the cyclopean gates of byzantium
521 - corroding armor
522 - who owns the octopus
523 - secrets aren't so bad
524 - kumo no ie
525 - don't speak (i came to make a BANG!)
526 - ex's and oh's

Mega Man Maverick Hunter X (2005) is the first of two Mega Man remakes for the PSP. For the remake of MMX1 here, players could go through the game as either X or Vile once he was unlocked. Along with voice acting, some of the main levels also received minor alterations to them, too. It was interesting to see how they tried to recreate a classic here in spots instead of just port it. But because of poor timing and only keeping the game on the PSP, this intended reboot stopped after this game. Shame, as it has some good things going for it!

527 - sign of an open eye
528 - super cali (boiob mix)
529 - beautiful bomb
530 - electricityscape
531 - european oils
532 - time for me to fly
533 - through the fire and flames
534 - ice dogs
535 - cut
536 - pay the devil
537 - 3121
538 - robot rock (soulwax remix)
539 - willie

(Challenge Mode - Considered an AtMM Side Story)
外伝 1 - mo' mega
外伝 2 - semi-hotruudolf megamixtape
外伝 3 - cafe cuts
外伝 4 - cut & move
外伝 5 - super colossal
外伝 6 - super pop venezula
外伝 7 - zu / iceburn
外伝 8 - archive series no. 1: live in iceland
外伝 9 - dirty bomb
外伝 10 - light up the bomb
外伝 11 - eleven fire crackers
外伝 12 - fire without flame
外伝 13 - electric angel
外伝 14 - electrophobia
外伝 15 - and the summertime pool party
外伝 16 - better luck next time
外伝 17 - dollar and deed* (Oil)

Mega Man Powered Up (2006) is the other PSP remake, and because of the amount of content, is definitely the superior one. Take MM1, add a couple of new bots to round out the total to eight, let all of those eight bots be playable, give them special challenges, and let you create your own levels! While chances are we won't see all of that here, it's there eventually for players to go through. Sadly, MMPU did even worse than MHX in sales, but it definitely wasn't for a lack of effort. This one is packed with both content and fun. Great game.

540 - snake farm
541 - fresh, fri, fly
542 - changes in the weather
543 - human space volt
544 - the lure would prove too much
545 - rise up with fists!!
546 - the song of purple summer
547 - modern prometheus
548 - hurricane
549 - between the anchor and the air
550 - my flame burns blue (blood count)
551 - sweet protection
552 - the boxing mirror
553 - jay mumbles mega mix
554 - last transmission from the lost mission
555 - real life
556 - alfa & omega
557 - the halls of valhalla
558 - heart of the serpent

Mega Man ZX (2006) is the last new branch of platformers in the franchise to be released and takes place a couple hundred years after the Zero series concluded. ZX plays pretty similarly to its predecessors except that it ditches the ranking, time-based attack approach for more of an exploration-based aesthetic. The M.E.G.A. System allows the two playable characters to switch forms as they earn them, and you'll need all of them to take down the sinister Pseudoroids and those pulling their strings in this one. It's an interesting departure from the norm, but it still feels like a Mega Man game overall, just a different flavor. Rock on!

559 - the outskirts of a giant town (Grey Intro)
560 - battle of the giants (Ashe Intro)
561 - boy on fire
562 - feeding force
563 - down to the spark
564 - schema f
565 - m.a.s.t.e.r. p
566 - h
567 - the pirate queen
568 - where me and the vultures live
569 - ex-l (us edit)
570 - tempered wings (Aile)
571 - cities of frost
572 - gargoyles passion
573 - short sharp shock
574 - wash the planet clean
575 - pots & pans
576 - albert erving
577 - inner capsule

Mega Man ZX Advent (2007) is currently the chronological last entry of all the 2D Mega Man platformers. Thankfully, things ended on a good note. Once again, you have a choice between two characters with minimal differences in plot. However, this one does something different with its armor-switching system that you'll find out as we go. I think that and the less convoluted map system make this the better of the two games, but they're both fun for different reasons. You could give this one an A for effort... because of Model A and all. Game sold like garbage just as the PSP titles did, and thus, the future of Mega Man would go back to the basics...

578 - the jewel of 45th avenue
579 - and there will be a swarm of hornets
580 - 사.계.한 (love should go on) (plugged by dj oneshot)
581 - splish splash
582 - bazooka mirror
583 - galaxy of the lost
584 - the tornado lessons
585 - concrete
586 - tennessee pusher
587 - tigers and sharks
588 - devil wouldn't recognize you
589 - hopscotch willie
590 - fake empire
591 - 嘆きのエンドレス

After nearly a ten-year hiatus, Capcom finally brought the original Blue Bomber back with Mega Man 9 (2008), a game released on the Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360. It was a much-celebrated return to the retro NES-looking style, and most specifically, Mega Man 2 since our hero's forgotten how to slide and charge his buster in this one. Oops! As for the plot, Wily is completely innocent as Dr. Light has finally proven that he's evil now that his robots are on the rampage throughout the world. It's hard to believe, but it's totally true. Dang.

592 - solar sailer
593 - black sheep
594 - life after the bomb
595 - song for a pump organ
596 - air strike (pop killer)
597 - drivin' wheel
598 - terminally chill
599 - dull blade
600 - secret weapon (tarboy ii)
601 - crab nicholson extreme sleepover
602 - run devil run
603 - ten years down
604 - hey willy
605 - mirror
606 - if you used to be punk, then you never were
607 - the ballad
607.5 - our endless existence

Mega Man 10 (2010) came hot off the heels of MM9's success and released to moderate success. The game came with three difficulty levels, a first for a non-remade classic series game, and also allowed you to pick between Mega Man and Proto Man right from the start. That's right, Proto Man is finally playable from the start in a numbered Mega Man title and comes equipped with both a slide and a charge shot. Mega doesn't. Oh well. It's up to the ro-bros to take down a bunch of bots that have gotten down with the sickness known as Roboenza. Even Dr. Wily has teamed up with the good guys as he has obviously turned over a new leaf after all his past failures. Hooray!

608 - the comin' round is going through
609 - funeral pyre
610 - cry
611 - sun electric* (Dynatron)
612 - seismic waves
613 - the lost battalion
614 - jet fighter plane* (Aviator)
615 - dr. brand
616 - shine and shade
617 - sonnet 29
618 - more than nameless
619 - three empty words

After Mega Man 10, Capcom's corporate side basically gave up on the franchise. This caused Keiji Inafune to leave the company and eventually go on to try and revive the series through a spiritual successor of a Kickstarter. Mighty No. 9 (2016) was the result of this, and while things looked promising at first, it was clear that somewhere, somehow, things went wrong. The lack of focus and abundance of odd design decisions hamper what could've been a fun time. It's not the worst game in the world, but for how it did in Kickstarter, it was certainly a disappointment. How the Mighty have fallen, eh?

(X Challenge Mode - Considered an AtMM Side Story)
外伝 18 - hip sponge
外伝 19 - year of the tiger
外伝 20 - certified rose
外伝 21 - permanent high school
外伝 22 - pretty shining people
外伝 23 - eye of the storm
外伝 24 - bennie and the jets
外伝 25 - psycho
外伝 26 - infinity (888)
外伝 27 - another spiral
外伝 28 - mercy/gatekeeper

The Mega Man X Legacy Collection (2018) games did something that the classic series counterparts didn't do by adding in a mode where X would take on two bosses at once from each of the first six MMX entries. You get three lives to beat three battles in each tier before moving on to the next one. It's an interesting concept that feels more like a passable novelty in execution. Let's go beat some bosses!

620 - elephant acid
621 - berry blast
622 - bounce
623 - quiet storm jam
624 - moment of impact
625 - the blazing torrent of nasus' victory: pyrophlegethon
626 - short fused
627 - cinder blocks
628 - bodak yellow
629 - passing the igneous maw
630 - let's get this over with
631 - friends and friends of bill

After eight years of hibernation, Mega Man 11 (2018) finally marked the return of the Blue Bomber! While it has familiarity to its classic roots, the game actually dared to be a little different by going out of the pixel art style and introducing the new Double Gear System. This allows Mega Man to both increase the power of his shots and to slow down time around him. Even his special weapons will look different as you'll see. The plot revolves around that whole gear deal, so it's only fitting that it was given the subtitle of Gears of Fate! in Japan. Let's go stop Wily one last time and bring this thread to a proper conclusion... for now anyway. Rock on, raocow!

Bonus 1 - Wily & Right no RockBoard: That's Paradise - town meeting song (1993)
Bonus 2 - Mega Man Soccer - fields of gold (1994)
Bonus 3 - Rockman Battle & Chase - street 2 street (1997)
Bonus 4 - Mega Man III (Tiger Handheld) - spiders and snakes (1991)
Bonus 5 - Megaman Space Rescue - there is no god in space (2003)
Bonus 6 - Megaman Pinball - nuestro buenos aires (2004)
Bonus 7 - Rockman JUMP! - ski jump nose (2001)
Bonus 8 - Megaman Rocket Christmas - heavy metal christmas (2003)
Bonus 9 - Megaman Board Game - a century in the curse of time (2015)
Bonus 10 - Megaman 3 (Mobile) - flowers & football tops (2008)
Bonus 11 - Mega Man Rush Marine - orca (2009)
Bonus 12 - Red Bull Gives Rockman Wings ! - only angels have wings (2018)

When you've been in a lot of games, you're bound to get some spin-offs. Not content to play just the mainline Mega Man titles, raocow's now giving a look at some of the random titles featuring the Blue Bomber because why not?
MonkeyShrapnel's original post: There is a major case of early installment weirdness with this game, what with the point system, boss corridors that attack you, and even the number of robot bosses is different.

My thoughts on this game is screw you Ice Man.

In short, screw you Ice Man.
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Re: Mega Man - The Man that is a Robot Kid

Postby Ashan » 2 years ago

Excited for this project.

Interesting that Bomb Man is apparently raocow's last robot master. My typical MM1 boss order is

Bomb > Guts > Cut > Elec > Ice > Fire

So if raocow usually ends with Bomb, that means he starts with Guts? I don't know if I've ever heard of someone starting with Guts before.

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Re: Mega Man - The Man that is a Robot Kid

Postby xfix » 2 years ago

Ashan wrote: Interesting that Bomb Man is apparently raocow's last robot master.
I don't know about raocow, but I myself find Bomb Man's weapon useless even against Guts Man and Guts Man's weapon is useful for Elec Man to get Magnet Beam (which is mandatory for beating the game), so...

(sure, you can just revisit Elec Man with Elec Man's weapon, but why not just get it while you are at it?)
(or use a glitch...)

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Re: Mega Man - The Man that is a Robot Kid

Postby Paragraph » 2 years ago

Guts Man's stage is like three screens long and all of the difficulty comes from the platforms, which you kind of have to deal with as the Magnet Beam is gated after Guts Man himself, so might as well do it asap. Guts himself is easy enough with the buster and not really improved with his weakness. There's no reason not to take Guts at any point before Elec.

Wondering if raocow knows how to best beat his next opponent easy-cheesy...

If you come in at full health and just stand still mashing the fire button, Fire Man will die before you do.

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Re: Mega Man - The Man that is a Robot Kid

Postby SAJewers » 2 years ago

I legit can't tell is this is NES ROM + emulator, or Mega Man Legacy Collection.

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Re: Mega Man - The Man that is a Robot Kid

Postby Le Neveu de Rameau » 2 years ago

Whither Monsteropolis?

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Re: Mega Man - The Man that is a Robot Kid

Postby snoruntpyro » 2 years ago

Go, Mega Man! Kill robots!

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Re: Mega Man - The Man that is a Robot Kid

Postby Dustinvgmaster » 2 years ago

ProtonJon has been informed of your scathing attack on his character. You should be ashamed, Cowcow.

Anyway, as a massive Mega Man fan and somebody who has been getting burnt out on all the Mario, I welcome this c-side.

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Re: Mega Man - The Man that is a Robot Kid

Postby Sebby19 » 2 years ago

Hey! You were supposed to take on the Robot Masters blindfolded while once if us shouted directions over Skype!

Where are these patreon dollars even going!
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Re: Mega Man - The Man that is a Robot Kid

Postby raocow » 2 years ago

I've never agreed to this! Where's my lawyer?!
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Re: Mega Man - The Man that is a Robot Kid

Postby Dragon Fogel » 2 years ago

Yeah, that's totally unreasonable, who even uses Skype these days.
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Re: Mega Man - The Man that is a Robot Kid

Postby Sebby19 » 2 years ago

raocow wrote: I've never agreed to this! Where's my lawyer?!
Don't you remember doing that to someone during your Something Awful days?
It's only fair.
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Sebby19 wrote:If your life depends on throwing up, switch to the keyboard
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Re: Mega Man - The Man that is a Robot Kid

Postby Bean » 2 years ago

An effective strategy on Fire Man tonight. Still, there is a slightly better way to deal with him. Slightly. Seriously, I never cared for the stay near the wall and counter his shots deal.

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Re: Mega Man - The Man that is a Robot Kid

Postby Ashan » 2 years ago

Here's the Fire Man cheese strat for anyone who hasn't seen it.

He's a stupid boss, so I'll always use this.

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Re: Mega Man - The Man that is a Robot Kid

Postby Alice » 2 years ago

Clearly you're supposed to smother fire with guts.

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Re: Mega Man - The Man that is a Robot Kid

Postby tigermoon » 2 years ago

I don't know what those other two are on about, that was by far the best possible Buster-Only strategy for taking on Fire Man. :D
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Re: Mega Man - The Man that is a Robot Kid

Postby Dustinvgmaster » 2 years ago

To kill Fire Man, shoot him until he dies.

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Re: Mega Man - The Man that is a Robot Kid

Postby Le Neveu de Rameau » 2 years ago

That was pretty much always my subtle Fire Man strategy as well. I'm always a touch baffled when people claim to find him difficult, as if you have anything near full health, he will always lose the war of attrition. The refights, however, are another matter entirely...

An interesting thing to note in this game is the appearance of many of the normal enemies. Sure, you have your share of big-eyed cartoony animalbots and the like which will be the mainstays of later games, but a lot of the enemies--in fact, most of the ones appearing in multiple stages--tend to be small, simple and very functional-looking robots which seem to take a good deal of influence from actual industrial robots. Another curious instance where the game didn't quite seem to know what direction it wanted to head in. In many ways Mega Man 2 feels like the game the sequels were actually based upon, with number 1 being a weird rough draft or brainstorming session in preparation therefor.

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Re: Mega Man - The Man that is a Robot Kid

Postby Paragraph » 2 years ago

As I said, the best strategy :ugeek: .

I rechecked my old LP just to be sure: you're actually wrong, the pit that has a ceiling underneath it in the room below is actually perfectly safe to stand in. Mega even has his feet disappear, but you won't die (just get hit by the rising fire dudes).

Additionally, you were complaining about the Gabys/floor crawlers being too hard to jump over with the low ceiling, if only there were a special weapon to deal with them - well, you have one! In MM1, every special weapon can destroy Gabys. Might be a little tricky timing the Hyper Bomb, but your tools are there!

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Re: Mega Man - The Man that is a Robot Kid

Postby raekuul » 2 years ago

I approve of this video naming scheme
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Re: Mega Man - The Man that is a Robot Kid

Postby raocow » 2 years ago

note that I didn't check if the naming scheme is actually possible through all games (it's a little more complex than it might first appear)
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Re: Mega Man - The Man that is a Robot Kid

Postby Bean » 2 years ago

raocow wrote: note that I didn't check if the naming scheme is actually possible through all games (it's a little more complex than it might first appear)
You mean you don't have one prepared for Yamato already? Hmm.

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Re: Mega Man - The Man that is a Robot Kid

Postby Money » 2 years ago

Petition to have this series update earlier than 11:30 pm EST

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Re: Mega Man - The Man that is a Robot Kid

Postby Bean » 2 years ago

Congrats on beating what I think's the worst stage in the classic series. Those moving platform enemies are glitchy as all get out, and I can't remember if they fixed them in the PS2 Anniversary Collection game or not anymore.

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