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YUMP - Yeah! UTrue MTalkhaus Production

this is the place where lps are being talked about. it's important to talk about games being played on the internet.
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Re: YUMP - Yeah! UTrue MTalkhaus Production

Postby Lazy_ » 2 years ago

Hello! And... good-bye!
Inspired by Color A Dinosaur (JUMP1/2). The name is an Earthbound reference and refers to the thing that happens when you first enter the level. The message box text is taken from this.
This is a completely optional level that is only for people who are extremely experienced when it comes to SMW glitches.
The reason why you can't move the coin snake into the yoshi is because there's a decorative cloud fringe tile on top of the ground tile, which blocks the coin snake.
This is my solution:

A lot of the things I do in this video can easily be broken. Due to this, there are many, many more solutions (GlitchMr's being the one that breaks the puzzle the most). Mind you, I don't care about all the breaks. I consider this puzzle more of a "playground" where you're given a bunch of tools and a goal. How you get to the goal and using which tools is totally up to the player. I've seen multiple, totally different solutions for this puzzle and each one of them was magical.
thanks for playing, hope you had a bad time
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Re: YUMP - Yeah! UTrue MTalkhaus Production

Postby Grounder » 2 years ago

endofyump.png (180.74 KiB) Viewed 2144 times
And... good-bye!
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Re: YUMP - Yeah! UTrue MTalkhaus Production

Postby AlchemistHohenheim » 2 years ago

That was something alright. Shame you couldn't conquer the post-post-game, but such is life.

Super looking forward to TSRP2R.

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Re: YUMP - Yeah! UTrue MTalkhaus Production

Postby Validon98 » 2 years ago

Well this was... an end? This sure is a puzzle...? I'm nowhere near sure what the solution in any way is supposed to be but well, for the folks who are very familiar with all these glitches (didn't know about the properties of the punch as well as the time/p-balloon thing), I guess this is an interesting combination of glitches into some sort of puzzle? Definitely a "for lunatics" type of puzzle.

Still ey, that's YUMP, this is over. Honestly not something I'd ever try but thanks for showing it off I guess!
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Re: YUMP - Yeah! UTrue MTalkhaus Production

Postby Kowkarot » 2 years ago

Here is my solution:

It's pretty much the same thing GlitchMr did, but with an extra step since I didn't have the Special World beaten at the time, and some extra shell/p-switch juggling because I can overcomplicate stuff.

Also, I had no idea you could do that thing with scrolling and a balloon, so I'm glad I finally know what that room was about.

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Re: YUMP - Yeah! UTrue MTalkhaus Production

Postby Ashan » 2 years ago

I enjoyed this LP

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Re: YUMP - Yeah! UTrue MTalkhaus Production

Postby Holy » 2 years ago

Me too. Game was cool and raocow's insane knowledge of the million smw glitches was cool

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Re: YUMP - Yeah! UTrue MTalkhaus Production

Postby Zha Hong Lang » 2 years ago

I only watched bits and pieces of this LP, but I was glad to see raocow utilize his skillset in the parts I did see. I should watch raocow play high-skill games more often.
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Re: YUMP - Yeah! UTrue MTalkhaus Production

Postby Bean » 2 years ago

Shame one of the few episodes I didn't care for was this last one, but that's fine. It was a fun series to watch overall with the mix of skill and your ability to conquer the game's stupidity. Hope you get to take a small break with the next game.

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