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A Super Mario Tabletop Thing

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Re: A Super Mario Tabletop Thing

Postby xface20 » 4 months ago

Huh.. That's weird. I can see it on my end.

Here's a link to the imgur post:
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Re: A Super Mario Tabletop Thing

Postby xface20 » 4 months ago

Inspiration struck and I made more art. This one's a "what-if" where Rezcow bores the hands to death while he's stuck in the floor.
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Re: A Super Mario Tabletop Thing

Postby Xirix » 4 months ago

Everyone needs to live a life of Heck yeah!

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Re: A Super Mario Tabletop Thing

Postby Willhart » 4 months ago

Heck yeah! is the answer to everything.
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Willhart wrote:[She] is planning on joining the patreon discord thing on advanced group, and that likely means that I'll listen trough every single one of those as they happen...

Part of me feels like writing her name over and over again
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Re: A Super Mario Tabletop Thing

Postby Horikawa Otane » 4 months ago

xface20 wrote:Inspiration struck and I made more art. This one's a "what-if" where Rezcow bores the hands to death while he's stuck in the floor.
...This may have made me giggle uncontrollably
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Re: A Super Mario Tabletop Thing

Postby Willhart » 4 months ago

Cortex seems to be on a small break.
Willhart wrote:Being a fan means... blind obsession.... She does not have to accept it... I thought it brought me closer to her.
Willhart wrote:[She] is planning on joining the patreon discord thing on advanced group, and that likely means that I'll listen trough every single one of those as they happen...

Part of me feels like writing her name over and over again
...I should not give up.

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Re: A Super Mario Tabletop Thing

Postby Xirix » 3 months ago

Figured I should put some stuff here for anyone who's interested, some details of what happened in the first three sessions I was in before streaming started, and what happened in the session between Session 1 and Session 2 on Horikawa's twitch channel.

Also have some crappy drawings I did of my character.



My first three sessions
---Session 1---

The characters are in the middle of staging a breakout at an underground labour camp prison, new characters include a stereotypical pirate called 'Captain Jimmy' who won't shut up about dubloons, Hanna the Fawriel and McKayla the Goomba.

Van just so happens to be in the same wing of the prison, we manage to open the doors and start rallying people but the session ends with the place being put on lockdown and everyone desparing as apparently when this happens they just keep the lockdown in effect until everyone starves to death.

---Session 2---

We find Hanna's parents outside some kind of torture room, they seem really weird and disoriented, Hanna gives them a diary detailing a job against the ASMT bank, they say only Van and Hanna can go as they are 'alive', referring to rezcow and jakeyboy as dead for some reason.

Parents jump on us and teleport us to a creepy room with an altar, they tell us to join them and after we refuse Van nearly gets killed and Hanna gets knocked unconcious trying to protect him (as they don't attack her, only gang up on Van), the details of what happens after that are unknown, as when Rezcow and Jakeyboy finally break into the room, Van materialises from the altar with no memory of the events.

We use the altar to get to the surface (by somehow using its energies to power the freight elevator) of the prison and are greeted by scores of dead bodies. At this point we're in several groups of mainly prisoners led by one or two named NPCs and characters.

Eventually dimensional popping happens and Hanna's parents appear, along with nasty demon creatures. (hundreds at that)

---Session 3---

We fight Hanna's parents, Van gets illusioned to see people as demons and fires blindly into the crowd, managing to take one out (He asks everyone who isn't a demon to raise their hand, several demons and Hanna's parents raise their hands... ).

Jakeyboy taunts the father to make the stonemind appear after an invitation to join, the father 'eats' himself (or rather his stonemind-y energies implode him). The mother gets absorbed into the giant blob monster while chanting to summon stonemind.

Rezcow goes to get prison trucks to run over the blob monster, the prisoners manage to overthrow most of the little demons. Boolina is over in the carpark and offers to help us escape after saying we screwed up royally. She drives off with rezcow.

Jakeyboy gets picked up by the blob, he shoots the mother in the head point blank and blows her head off. The prisoners swarm the blob to wrench Jakeyboy free, most of them dying in the attack. Jakeyboy finsihes him off with an ice bullet.

We eventually mop up the remaining demons, and end up at a bar to hideout. Rezcow comes back and tells us there's no vaults in the bank, and there's an obelisk that links the stonemind to the realm he wants to destroy.

McKayla uses her contacts to find out that we can get into the bank if we desposit something into it of value.

Session highlight : Boshi (Yoshi NPC with us) keeps showing up and shouts "Not in my house" a lot before attacking, though he makes a habit of accidently mowing down our own guys.

Admittedly not my best summaries, blame me being a newbie at that point :P

The missing session!

Van goes to the bank for his interview, the head janitor is an extremely critical and cynical guy who immediately takes a disliking to Van's more upperclass persona of Gerald Fasaad, saying "Janitors shouldn't talk all fancy like that".

Before the actual interview he puts Van through three quick cleaning trials.

Trial 1 : He takes Van to the toilets and tells him to clean it, they're spotless already but Van thinking there's some kind of trick to it cleans it anyway, this was the wrong thing to do as he makes it slightly worse.

Trial 2 : There's a sculpture of King Charles made out of shrubbery, he asks for it to be trimmed and fixed, Van does a passable job.

Trial 3 : In the main lobby, Van dusts the artifacts on display there, nearly knocking over one that has a value of 9 billion coins in the process.

Satisfied enough the head janitor takes Van for his proper interview, he asks typical questions, when asked why Van became a cleaner in the first place, his answers don't quite convince him and he starts to get annoyed at the lies.

"I come from a long generation of persuers of excellence!", which eventually devolves to "My father was a really messy guy, it was up to me to pick up the slack"

Van is told to call back tomorrow to see if he got the job, and that two other applicants are to be considered as well.

Returning to the others, Van tells of his subpar performance and that the other two are probably going to get the job, so we all plan to find out who the other applicants are so we can 'convince' them to not take the job if they do.

A plan is made to 'phone freak' (phone hacking with frequencies) the reception phone of the bank so we can listen to see who gets the job, the league of janitors refuses to let us use their phone as they can't risk being traced back, so we go to Hannah's friend Lily (a lovefrog) and borrow her phone, we get the correct frequency but hit too many alarms to stay there, so we leave (without telling Lily the cops will be on the way) and go rent a hotel room.

After a little bit we hear the head janitor talking to the receptionist, saying one Jessica and William are going to get the job. So we plan to wait until tomorrow and keep listening for them to call the bank, so we can hopefully get their full names to find out where they live.

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Re: A Super Mario Tabletop Thing

Postby kitikami » 3 months ago

upbeat tune

The stone, it called to me
(and now I see the things the stone has shown to me)
A rock that spoke a word
(an animated mineral, it can be heard)
And though I once preferred a human being's company
They pale before the monolith that towers over me

And now it is your turn
(your turn to hear the stone and then your turn to burn)
The stone, it calls to you
(you can't refuse to do the things it tells you to)
And as the screaming fire engine siren fills the air
The evidence will vanish from your charred and smoking chair

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Re: A Super Mario Tabletop Thing

Postby Xirix » 3 months ago

Trust the stonemind to get its own themetune before any of the characters. :P

Right so we had a session last week, it started pretty late and kinda sudden so it wasn't streamed, it takes place after Stream 5B.

Adele comes to meet with us, she says she's been questioning McKayla's toasterbot friend (the one from the SWAT team, not the one she had a date with). She wants McKayla to take him up on his offer to go to King Charle's ball since he has tickets, with the intention to assassinate him, she says they left certain doors open so he could escape.

Rezcow gets a letter about the exchange to get his kidnapped friend back, though Adele tells us the dance is in a mere 12 hours, so it'll have to wait for now.

McKayla goes to meet the SWAT toasterbot, she dresses up, though nowhere near as elegant as before (just a skirt and a buttoned blouse... in maroon). The toasterbot is flustered when they meet, saying he's had the worst day and that he was 'bravely fighting for his country' while he was captured, which he quickly corrects to being undercover to save face.

He gives McKayla some useless information about where he was being kept (a dark room with a chair, table and chains), and tells of his heroic escape of finding a trap door to the sewers.

McKayla feints happiness at him escaping and tells him she'll take his offer for the date, though she embarrassingly doesn't actually know his name.

He introduces himself as 'Captain Biff Buffington', Captain of the ASMT police force. (McKayla tries to compliment him by saying he certainly is 'captainly' material, he agrees)

They head off to King Charles' Castle, passing through multiple guarded checkpoints, they come to an area with eight doors and behind the first one is a large ballroom. (McKayla clings to him on the way, filling him with more compliments such as "hoping his impressiveness rubs off on her", that particular one excites him)

Inside the ballroom are a myriad of races, not just ASMT residents but sphinxes, chucks, goombas to name a few. There's a group in the corner around someone, quite possibly Charles himself.

Caesar's sister is at the party, McKayla has a brief chat with her about the party, clearly showing she's never been to something this high-class before, she bids her leave saying she has matters of state to attend to, and she goes to join the crowd around King Charles.

McKayla and Biff Buffington dance a waltz together, during which she tries to look around to see anything useful, she doesn't get much but she has the feeling everyone at the party is 'really' happy, but trying to hide why.

McKayla endulges in some drinks and excuses herself to the toilets, which are large and very impressive, complete with mini-spa and a bathroom attendant, she tries to see if there's a way to get us in through there but the windows are far too small.

McKayla looks around the other hallways, on approaching the kitchen she is guarded away by a guard.

McKayla goes back to the toilets and does some semi-convincing fake vomiting while contacting the others via a communicator attached to her outfit, we're all waiting in a car about 20 minutes away from the castle, we discuss how we're going to get in and come to the conclusion that we'll dress as deliverymen and deliver something. (something big enough to transport Rezcow in a box.)

McKayla returns to her date and shares her idea to liven up the party by bringing in an arcade machine, she asks if that would be possible, he says we'd probably need King Charles' permission for that and that he's reluctant to approach him, he's clearly frightened of the guy and says he 'pops heads for sport'.

McKayla tries to convince him to go talk to the King anyway, it looks like he's approaching him... and then he ducks behind pillars and makes his way to the toilets. Annoyed, McKayla decides to go to the King's group herself.

He's surrounded by mostly extremely rich looking people, they scoff at McKayla's dress almost immediately saying that maroon is totally last season, she retorts saying that she's wearing it ironically to look like a commoner, they believe that and hit it off.

When asked who she is she makes up that she's the daughter of a rich import/export buisness owner, the rich woman makes her own assumptions and determines she's the daughter of 'Steve Lei', McKayla just agrees.

She approaches the King and tells him it would be fun to prank the party by including an arcade machine, King Charles says that arcade machine are contraband and have been banned for some time, McKayla says that would just enhance the joke, and that her father has one (that earlier today was confiscated).

He laughs at the suggestion and says it's a fine idea to shake the party up, he has one of his assistants take her to the library to use the phone to arrange it.

In the library McKayla pretends to call her dad while talking to the rest of the team on her hidden communicatorThe car group start to discuss possible plans when inside the castle, Rezcow wants to be in the arcade machine box and jump out at Charles and kill him then and there, he asks Jakeyboy as his long-time friend what he thinks and he's fairly reluctant that the plan is good, he then asks for Van's opinion since he's the new guy, he replies that Rezcow should do whatever feels right to him.

Jakeyboy : What the heck Van? Stop being his not-friend!

Van questions Adele about the plan, asking her why if this is her master plan to take down the head of the stonemind, that it's just being entrusted to our small group, without proper backup. She says she can probably spare some people, but is hestitant.

We eventually come to the conclusion we'll have Jakeyboy go in, borrowing the invisibility cloak and using his own time-stop device to take out charles, we'll have a sleeping gas bomb in the crate to try and knock out everyone, giving us time to possibly locate the obelisk (which she just kinda tells us about now) and retrieve it before they find a way to destroy it. (Rezcow also contacts Jessica to see if she can assist, she doesn't really confirm if she can)

With that, Rezcow uses his new craft ability to fix up and alter our bank heist inspector uniforms to look like fancy deliverymen, after doing a quick recon of the castle (mostly to make sure Jakeyboy and Rezcow can get near the castle, with it being all stonemindy and all) we aim to commence the plan!

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Re: A Super Mario Tabletop Thing

Postby Xirix » 2 months ago

Double-posting just to bump I suppose, also we just had a session which was supposed to be like.. an hour long and just setting up what we were going to do next.... and then ended up like 3 hours with certain plot stuff happening, so here's what happened.

Twitch streams wise this happens between Session 7 and Session 8.
Everyone enjoys a victory party thrown at the rebel HQ, we try to see Adele but we're told she's too busy right now trying to get the power vacuum left by Charles under control, though on asking about if we can get the league of janitors wiped out we're informed they've already up and left.

We decide to all head to the league's HQ to check it out, the door is open.. and inside is an extremely empty room.

Rezcow senses something strange coming from one of the rooms further down a corridor, like the other rooms it's empty but he can still feel a strange sensation, something that feels like the obelisk King Charles destroyed.

Van takes one quick look around the room for any trapdoors or switches and gives up extremely easily, however Rezcow feels it very strongly in a corner of the room, and smashes the wall and the floor to hell with his hammer, this reveals a hidden corridor under the floor with a flickering fire-like light at the end of it.

We all jump down to investigate and find a room ablaze in flames, one giant pile of documents, artifacts and carvings on fire. Jakeyboy uses his weather-making magic to make it rain, putting most of the fire out. He grabs an artifact for his efforts.

Said artifact is a pin with a holy symbol on it, none of us recognise this symbol other than it looks like a snowflake. We decide to pass it around the group to see if wearing it does anything, Hannah puts it on and doesn't feel any different.

Jakeyboy puts it on and feels like something is looking at him, when Van tries it on he just feels a weird sensation.

Though when Rezcow puts it on, he feels the same as Jakeyboy but perceives it clearer, he feels many eyes watching him with interest, no malicious intentions.. just curiousity on what will happen next. He gets the feeling the 'things' watching him are impossibly huge, like he's being watched by planet-sized beings.

Van takes this opportunity to mutter to the group that there were no gods before he came to ASMT, and that he kinda misses the simpler life.

Also Van recalls he hadn't relayed the stuff Sharon spoke to him and Hannah about at the Charles ball, fighting the King and then having a party after made it slip his mind. He tells Rezcow that Sharon spoke to him during the party and that the hostage situation needs to be resolved today, and that she'd be sending a contact.

Rezcow doesn't understand what Van is saying and questions why Sharon even knows Carlos. Van tries to explain that Sharon is with the kidnappers, to which Rezcow interprets as Sharon was kidnapped as well... not working for the enemy. Van facepalms. (or rather, Maskpalms)

Either way he understands we need to go back to HQ to wait for the contact to arrive. Meanwhile ASMT is going to shit, and fast. Lots of fighting in the streets and general disorder.

Back at the HQ Rezcow crafts up a fake flower, trying to pass it as the heirloom flower that Sharon wants for the exchange, Rezcow thinks he did a good job, Van and Jakeyboy can clearly tell its fake.. but that it might work at a distance, we think of possible plans of action such as giving them the real flower and then using he time-stop magic item to get it back... but then decide if we're going to do that anyway, we should just murder them all for kidnapping Carlos in the first place.

With a little time to spare, Rezcow continues his creative mood by writing a fanfic about Carlos and Carlos (his Carlos and Jakeyboy's Carlos). We all read it, Hannah thinks its alright... Van finds it confusing and strange (actually critfailed to read it...) and lies to Rezcow, telling him it was sad when Carlos dies, despite that not happening in the fanfic. Rezcow is dissapointed.

Jakeyboy however likes the fanfic and thinks it was very skillfully written, he finger-guns Rezcow on a job well done.

Around this point there's a knock on the door, it's Adele, she speaks through the door.. Rezcow giving her some sass because she was too busy to talk to us at the party. She says its urgent buisness, we stall opening the door for a bit just to annoy her, then Hannah lets her in.

Adele comes in... with Sharon in tow. Jakeyboy asks her how her bottlecap collection is going and she excitedly says she has three new ones, showing off a commemorative bottlecap of King Charles IV, signed by King Charles himself.

She asks us to hand over the flower, we tell her that's not how the deal was supposed to happen and ask where Carlos is, she says on Rezcow's boat.

Sharon is apparently doubtful if she can trust us to do the deal properly, since we're a very powerful group. Rezcow is hurt at the distrust. She says she can bring Carlos here but it might take a while to arrange that, Rezcow and Jakeyboy insist she do it quicker so we can get the deal done with already, Jakeyboy nudges Van to get him to agree as well.

In an attempt to rectify, Sharon notices the pin Rezcow's wearing and says we can keep the flower and just give her the pin to get Carlos and the boat back. Rezcow instantly gets suspicious of this, and after she insists he slowly removes it and puts it in his pocket to hide away.

She tells us the pin is a dangerous thing, at this point Van gets annoyed at all the back and forth and points his staff at Sharon.

Sharon : Oh, you should be careful. You could put an eye out with that thing.
Van : You know... we've only just really met, but I 'really' don't like you

In retort, Sharon blurts out that Van is under the influence of the stonemind, giving a very unconvincing 'oops' after. Van pauses for a moment and says that the woman talks in nothing but lies. She says that Van can be freed if he helps her.

Van can tell that Sharon has changed from calm to nervous in regards to the pin because of his bracelet.

Van : (With a smug grin) Losing your composure there Sharon?
Sharon : Oh no. I never lose my composure.

Getting increasingly annoyed at her, Van threatens to have the team grab her so he can interrogate her and finally loosen her tongue. Adele interjects and forbids it, saying Sharon helped the resistance a lot.

During all this talk Hannah has been death-staring Van since talk of stonemind happened. Jakeyboy asks Van to take off his mask to which Van vehimently refuses, saying Shyguys do not show their faces to people and that it was extremely culturally insensitive to even ask. Rezcow backs Van up saying he's super embarrassed that Jakeyboy asked that, he apologies and lets it go.

Van brings up a hand to block Hannah from his sight, but can still feel her staring at him.

We argue a little more with Hannah, both sides convinced we're going to screw each other over, Sharon once again tries to sway Van by offering him release from the influence.

Rezcow asks Van if he's on drugs, misunderstanding. He says he isn't. Then Van nonchalantly asks Rezcow if he can see the pin real quick... Rezcow refuses.. saying the atmosphere got really tense all of a sudden. (Meanwhile Jakeyboy has started playing solitaire with his cardpack)

Van : I don't know what you mean Rezcow, we're all calm here.

Van tries to reason with Rezcow, that we only just got the pin and asking what's the worst that could happen if we just gave it to her, he's worried they might be able to manipulate or otherwise use the beings he felt watching him.

Rezcow offers Sharon the movie rights to his fanfic... this does not work.

(OOC we think putting a snowflake symbol onto a bottlecap might be enough to trick Sharon into thinking we had another holy artifact of the same type... and a bottlecap to sweeten the deal with her!)

Jakeyboy looks for a bottlecap in the room, he can't find any but realises the room is really dusty... so he and Hannah leave the room to get paper towels in the kitchen. (and also to look for bottlecaps)

After a bit of awkward silence, Rezcow tells Van he can tell him anything, since something is clearly on his mind.

Jakeyboy returns and starts cleaning the room.

Van sighs and looks at Rezcow.

Van : Look, Rezcow... don't overreact when I tell you this. But I am unwillingly under the influence of the Stonemind, I'm going to be dead in one month if I don't get it out of me.

He goes on to tell what happened when Van and Hannah were trapped in the bad room in the prison camp. Hannah's parents attacked them and basically nearly beat Van to death, Hannah tried to protect him but got knocked out. At this point Van's choices were get killed or join with the Stonemind, to which he reluctantly agreed to.

Despite how worried Van was about revealing this, Rezcow took it very well, satisfied that he's telling the truth. (Saying Van helped in taking down King Charles with them so there's no reason he shouldn't trust him)

Jakeyboy asks Sharon how she knew Van was in the stonemind collective, she says that Van might not want that information public. Van leans into her to ask and she just winks at him... Van literally has no idea what she means by that.

She also bizzarely mentions that stonemind follows smell like flat pepsi.

Sharon tells us it's really not good for us to have the pin, and asks Rezcow to go into fire mode with it in his possession. The rest of us get out of the room and he tries to turn it on, but it spurts and sputters.. not able to fully turn on.

Jakeyboy puts it on and finds his ice bullets don't work... Hannah puts it on and approaches Rezcow in fire mode, though it doesn't turn it off or anything, Hannah is perfectly fine getting close to him. So we come to the conclusion this pin is some kind of god-power nullifier.

Van brings up possibly deal alteration, that Sharon would give her bottlecap collection as collateral until we get Carlos back and purge Van of the stonemind. That way she can't betray us.

We all agree this plan is fine, Sharon gives over her bottlecaps and Hannah gives Sharon the pin. She asks Van to come over and tells him it's going to hurt a lot.. and will be very spooky for everyone else, like halloween.

Van goes over to her and tells her to get on with it, she slams it into his forehead, cracking the mask slightly and causing him to bleed profusely.

Van screams bloody murder and quickly thousands of other voices start screaming in tandem, black ooze seeping out of his forehead.

After about a minute the screaming stops, and Van feels oddly lonely. He grabs his forehead and shakely holds out his other hand, asking weakly for the heirloom flower. He manages to almost fully recover the trauma damage he took from all that.

Sharon gives Rezcow directions to where the boat is, she says the crew it tied up "Kind of like a game where they can't move", and to leave the bottlecaps with the new first mate on the way out after we get Carlos.

A week or two pass on a roadtrip to get to the boat. There's basically nothing but static on the radio, though one broadcast was still singing about King Charles. "King Charles was the greatest! He was just the best!"

During this trip Rezcow gets some mortar shells from the resistance HQ and Jakeyboy crafts up some more ice bullets.

Van asks Hannah to fix the crack in his mask, slipping it under her door at some point during the trip and immediately running off to hide his maskless self, she doesn't do a fantastic job but it's good enough.
Edit : Another session, directly after the one above, going into Book 2 next!
The boat is out on the sea, we pass Van's telescope around to check it out. Van and Rezcow need to get their eyesight checked, but Jakeyboy manages to see a lot of tied up people and something that looks like King Charles.

Jakeyboy asks Rezcow what his friend looks like, he's a Birdo... and not on the deck of the ship. Hannah and Jakeyboy work together to craft together a raft, it takes about 12 hours.. and after two failures we finally get a somewhat decent raft.

Rezcow won't fit on the raft so we fashion a kind of lifesaver to tow him behind the raft. Van asks to borrow Rezcow's invisibility cloak so he can teleport to the ship to scout it out.

Jakeyboy keeps an eye on the boat with the telescope, he feels something is really off about the King Charles-looking guy but isn't sure what, and despite the odd bruise the crew are safe.

We get within 300 feet of the boat and Van teleports on, the plan being he'll use his staff to shoot a flare if he needs help. (And make a heart-shaped fireball if everything is good)

Van approaches the King Charles guy and it turns out to be a Sumo Brother in a King Charles costume..., he sneaks around him to search the cabins, all the doors are guarded, the closest one being guarded by a ninji.

Van grabs a nearby bucket and throws it towards the front of the ship, everyone freaks out and moves away from their posts to see what's up. He sneaks into the nearest door and down in the ship's hold there are a multitude of mushroom kingdom residents, about twenty in total, all guarding one tied up person, Carlos.

Spotting flammable barrels, Van briefly considers causing a fire-based distraction but thinks beter of it and heads back up the stairs, though pressing his ear at the door it would seem the ninji is back. But by sheer coincidence a plank nearby falls and makes a noise, spooking the guards once again at the presence of the 'ghost'.

Van makes his way to the back of the boat and flares up, Jakeyboy paddles with his little boo flippers and they get to the boat. The crew notice and shout 'Ahoy' down at them, asking who they are.

Hannah speaks up and says Sharon sent us, they say they don't know who that is but Jakeyboy knows they're lying. She mentions we have her bottlecaps and immediately they change their tone and know it's serious, though they are concerned and what to know Sharon isn't dead.

We explain the deal with Sharon to them and the pin, Jakeyboy starts doing carthwheels for some reason.

Rezcow pushes the point and asks for their boss to come out, the Sumo Brother dressed as King Charles comes over, his name is Lanz.

Seeing so many mushroom kingdom people, Rezcow is suddenly pretty happy, he asks how the Mushroom Kingdom is doing and apparently it's bad, the Koopa Kingdom has invaded, with Morton taking over desert world. (Yeah, SMB3's events)

They argue about who owns the boat, Rezcow adamant that now he's here it's his again. The show him the super rare bottlecap and that Sharon was happy with the deal with the pin. Lanz mentions that Sharon collects a lot of those occult items and that he doesn't trust them.

The kidnappers decide our story is straight and agree to give the boat back, Rezcow flips Sharon's prized bottlecap into the air and Lanz catches it, he warns that it's been very recently haunted however. Van throws another bucket just to screw with him, Hannah says its not a ghost but her "pirate crew-friend buckety".

They slowly evacuate their men with one of the lifeboats, Van uncloaks when they're gone and tells Rezcow about the tied up guy on his own in the hold.

Rezcow goes down and unties Carlos, who complains about him taking so long to rescue him and things got really bad while he was gone, he mentions that the Koopa Kingdom are basically trying to silence anything mushroom jesus-related and one of his religious friends got driven underground.

Rezcow assures him it'll be fine and that we're heading back there to speak with the angels, Carlos gives him a weird look.

Rezcow thanks Hannah and Van for their help in ASMT, assuming they're parting ways. They both say they're sticking around so they can finish their buisness with the stonemind, Hannah revenge for her parent's death, Van revenge for being forced into the stonemind's thrall.

And so our heroes return to the Mushroom Kingdom! For Book 2 : The Deepest Lore.

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Re: A Super Mario Tabletop Thing

Postby Willhart » 1 month ago

Thanks for keeping us updated.
Willhart wrote:Being a fan means... blind obsession.... She does not have to accept it... I thought it brought me closer to her.
Willhart wrote:[She] is planning on joining the patreon discord thing on advanced group, and that likely means that I'll listen trough every single one of those as they happen...

Part of me feels like writing her name over and over again
...I should not give up.

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Re: A Super Mario Tabletop Thing

Postby Xirix » 1 month ago

Another one, directly after the last one. After this one it's Session 8 on Horikawa's twitch. (Which we recorded today, go watch it, gogo)
We arrive at World 2, as we approach the port two koopa kingdom boats appear to intercept us.

Rezcow and Jakeyboy are minorly worried about what to say to them as they're honest to a fault, Van says he'd be willing to just be all sneaky and lie to them about who they are, though Rezcow brings up the line of command and overrules. (It's Rezcow, then Jakeyboy, then his butterfly friend, the guy at the bar... then everyone else)

The boats come to our sides, cannons manned. A Reznor comes out and tells us to prepare to be boarded. Rezcow mishears him and replies "I'm happy to not be bored, just coming home!"

Some of their men start setting down planks and tell us to be ready for a full boat inspection. Jakeyboy turns on his flashlight to draw less attention to his weather sceptre's glowiness.

The Reznor walks up and asks why we have this boat, saying it's 'one of theirs'. Rezcow tells him it was given to them by Morton, Jakeyboy showing him his morton 'tattoo', though their explanation is fairly brief and vague, saying "an incident happened, but we've finally been able to bring it back".

The Rezcow is suspicious of the situation and thinks Jakeyboy is a slave because of his tattoo. He asks Rezcow what's going on and he tells him about the ASMT mission. He wants evidence that Morton actually sent them, though thinking on it the name Rezcow rings a bell to him, he notices Rezcow's stripes and thinks it's probably fine not to kill him right now, at least until he gets an order from Morton himself.

The Reznor tells us a bit about what's going on in the Mushroom Kingdom, they had a bit of a problem taking over 2-1 as the police gave them some difficulty, and there's religious zealots all over the place.

He says that while we're waiting for confirmation of our story we're to be detained off in jail, we try to negociate that we just stay on the boat for the duration, Van steps up and says that we're not dangerous.

The Reznor takes one look at Jakeyboy and his giant array of weapons attached to his belt and scoffs. "Not dangerous huh?"

Van tries to convince him that Jakeyboy is a hoarder and wouldn't hurt a fly, he questions someone being a weapon hoarder and Rezcow pipes up saying he's the inventory man, and tries to reinforce that he's not dangerous too.

The men insist we give up our weapons temporarily, if we do we can have cabin arrest instead of the brig. Jakeyboy and Rezcow refuse... and get sent to the brig. Hannah turns in her weapon and heads off to her cabin. Van unneccesarily brings attention to his staff saying it's a mere walking stick but manages to convince them it's not a weapon and heads off to his cabin as well.

The crew at this point start to panic, all of them sent to the brig.

Some of the men ask about Hannah's harp and if she's a musician. She says she is but doesn't have any sheet music on her, after they threaten to throw her off the boat she improvises and tries to play King Charles' theme on it, it's passable, though they question what species she is, having never seen a fawriel.

The Inspectors knock on Pyro's door to check out her cabin, but they find nothing because she's boring. (Horikawa's words, not mine :P)

They then approach Rezcow and tell him they found contraband, holding up Jakeyboy's copy of Boo's n Carz. Jakeyboy gets very angry, telling them it's a public magazine. They say it's a Mushroom Kingdom published magazine and therefore needs to be burned, he's very unhappy about that.

We make it to the port finally and dock, three days pass and Rezcow manages to keep the crew in high spirits, some are quite surprised at this, saying things like "Wow, he's a better captain than I thought he was!"

A guy come onto the boat and asks Rezcow what happened to the previous owner, he says that "there was an incident and the owner died in a fire". He's unconvinced and says he heard Rezcow killed him, Rezcow amends his response saying it was self-defence, but doesn't remember the details.

(Raocow actually didn't remember so I went back to found out that George told Rezcow the boat was evil... then Rezcow went fire mode.... yeah)

The guy says he really wants to kill Rezcow, but Morton has requested to see him, though to see him he'd actually need to give up his weapons. Rezcow reluctantly agrees and slowly gives it to him, both giving each other death stares.

Jakeyboy senses if he will give the hammer back to him when he returns, he believes he will but the guy doubts Rezcow will be alive to do so.

Four Sumo Bros show up in Hannah's room and Van's room, they say they're there to kill them if they get the signal, Hannah doesn't know how to react to that, Van just says "very well then", aware they're just professionals doing a job.

Rezcow is taken to the fortress, past thwomps and lava. A blocksnake ride (despite this being Mario 3) past some podobos, until finally he arrives at Morton's chamber. He's torn that Rezcow is in this situation and really doesn't want to kill him, he asks what he did in ASMT and Rezcow relays the stuff about the Stonemind and killing King Charles and the like.

Morton seems very interested in getting some kind of avatar power. He brings up there's been an infestation of angels for the last week or so, them appearing all over and fighting for the church of Mushroom Jesus.

Morton says he wants the knife King Charles used to kill the angel and that he will forgive what happened with the boat and let us go. Rezcow tells him the resistance has it and makes the deal.

Someone arrives and tells Jakeyboy about the deal and that we're not going to die today, they take our weapons and say we're being moved to house arrest. Hannah and Van are collected from their cabins, one of the Sumo Brothers is sad he didn't get to kill anyone, Van consoles him, suggesting he might get to kill someone tomorrow.

We get taken to a Condo, it's pretty nice, has a cheese cabinet... and wine. Carlos comes with us.

One month passes, Van eats all the cheddar, Jakeyboy is really sad about having all his weapons taken and is basically angry the entire time. Van tries to subdue him with wine, he projects his mood outside by making it rain with his Sceptre. (which I guess they didn't think was a weapon)

Eventually someone shows up with papers to get us accomodation in the Mushroom Kingdom and lets us go. We all celebrate and make our way to Jakeyboy's hideout.

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Re: A Super Mario Tabletop Thing

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Shorter one, Horikawa didn't feel up to streaming so here ya go! (After Session 8 on twitch) Need to read for the picture to make any sense!

We leave Jakeyboy's hideout to go and find Rezcow's 'Father Flippity', this leads us all the way to 2-3, Rezcow's
hometown.. where it all began.

Like everywhere else it's under occupation, koopa troopas and the like patrolling around, they give Van and Hannah dirty looks.

We head to Rezcow's old church, it's been sealed and condemned, there's a toppled over statue of Mushroom Jesus next to it, rezcow tries to lift it up and put it back but can't, he's sad.

A goomba notices this and approaches, he asks why he's trying to right the statue and warns that it's not safe. Rezcow says he's gotta be proud of the city and keep it clean, good old 2-3. He warns Rezcow not to let the new police force see them interacting with stuff like this and he walks off.

Rezcow decides to ram the church door and easily smashes it down.

While he does this Van notices a house nearby with a shyguy in the first floor window watching us and taking down notes on a notepad. Van casually informs everyone about him and points to the house nonchalantly.

Rezcow goes into the church, it's abandonned.. and it feels off to him for some reason, a strange sensation from a corner of the room.

Meanwhile Van wants to investigate the shyguy, we discuss how to approach him without being noticed, Jakeyboy thinks throwing Hannah at the house is a viable plan.... so Van casually strides over to the Church entrance and shouts over to Rezcow if he can borrow his invisibility cloak, he goes into slightly and puts it on, then makes his way over to the front door of the house.

Back in the church Rezcow is looking around for the source of the strange feeling but can't seem to find it. Jakeyboy goes into the church, telling Hannah to keep an eye on the Shyguy in the window. Rezcow asks Jakeyboy if he thinks this corner feels super weird. He looks and there's a black stone of some sort lodged in the floorboards. Jakeyboy flashes his torch on it, it doesn't penetrate the dark surrounding the stone.

They try to get it out but can't quite get a grip, so Rezcow smashes the floor up with his hammer. They look at each other deciding who should touch it, Jakeyboy calls Hannah over but she ignores him, so Rezcow grabs the rock.. it's definitely what was causing the weird feeling.

Rezcow pockets the stone and goes down to the basement, down there everything is broken, all the church pews and such.

Back at Van, he inspects the door for traps and after confirming it's safe he uses his teleport necklace to bypass the door.(for some reason Jakeyboy thinks licking the door is something I should have done, then questioned if shyguys can lick)

Inside the house it's almost pitch black, the living room looks like it hasn't been used in a while as there's a film of dust on everything. Van ninjas his way upstairs to the next door, it's locked so he teleports in. Though strangely, although he's sure this is the room with the shyguy in it, there's nobody in there... just boxes covered in sheets.

On looking around he finds two little foot imprints on the ground, he pokes it incase he's invisible but his hand goes through. He looks in the boxes, which are filled with silverware cups and plates, most with symbols of Princess Toadstool on them. Van pockets some, goes to the window and teleports out.

Van looks up at the window he just teleported out of... the shyguy is there, looking down at him. Confused, Van walks left a bit to see if he'll follow with his line of sight, he does. Van waves at him under his cloak, the shyguy looks shocked and dissapears. Unsure what the hell just happened, Van makes his way back to the others.

Back at the church, Rezcow and Jakeyboy notice two things, the black stone has some kind of symbol on it (which neither of them recognise) and there's a lone surviving bible which has some weird writing on it, with some letters bolded.


Nobody really knows what to make of it, Rezcow and Jakeyboy exit the church just as Van comes back, he takes a look at the code and the rock, he doesn't know about the code. Though he does recognise the symbol on the rock, it's a regular symbol in his rune book, part of a bunch of common words, though he doesn't immediately figure out what said word is.

We head over to Rezcow's friend Carlos at his black market place, he's happy to see Rezcow but also happy somewhat about the invasion as it's a big buisness boom for his illegal goods. Carlos doesn't know about the symbol or the code, Van asks Carlos if he has a bathroom he can use, he does... and so he does.

Jakeyboy asks about the wearabouts of his Go-Kart, he doesn't know so we go to the nearest autoshop to get a vehicle. The shop keep recognises Jakeyboy and they catch up, he asks to hear everything that's been going on, after Jakeyboy asks if his Go-Kart had a GPS thing in it so he can track it down, the guy says it does and that they actually have his Go-Kart out back.

Seeing all the comradery, Hannah is a bit sad that she doesn't have Mushroom Kingdom friends.

Jakeyboy gives the autoshop guys 30 coins for his Go-Kart, they sarcastically call him a big spender. Feeling a little bad, Jakeyboy asks if they need anything done as a favour, they tell us of the fringe people who are against the invasion who need supplies, and also if we ever get the chance to 'procure' one of the fancy new koopa police cars, they really want one, especially for the radio systems.

We agree to take supplies, though we know there's security toll boothes. We plan on how to get through, such plans as using the darkness-creating stone while in the go-kart, using ramps..., we eventually decide to have Rezcow use his position as Morton Jr's friend to get us through.

We're given the crates to take with us, it has food and such in it, but also contraband like Boo's N' Carz, Jakeyboy gets really excited and asks if he can get a copy, they give him one for free, the latest issue! It's kinda shoddy-looking in terms of production value, but there's no ads in it at all.

We head to some shops near the security checkpoint, Jakeyboy drives there extremely stylishly. When he parks some random person says he has pretty nice wheels, Jakeyboy winks at them and they swoon, Van spies through his telescope and spots six fairly heavily armed guys. (Rezcow drapes him in the invisibility cloak as to not be suspicious since it's mid-afternoon)

Concerned that since Jakeyboy is a slave in the Koopa Kingdom's eyes, and he's driving his Go-Kart. (Rezcow is driving with the crates, Jakeyboy with the rest of the team) It might look a little suspicious, so he goes shopping and spends a whopping 85 coins on a SWEET ASS JACKET.

The rest of the group are underwhelmed by the jacket, Van thinks it's just alright, Rezcow thinks it's too expensive and Hannah doesn't really care.

We drive up to the toll booth.

Guy : Hey, what's in the back there?
Rezcow : Oh just a bunch of boxes.
Guy : There's only one though
Rezcow : ... bunch of one box.
Guy : What's in it?
Rezcow : It's a surpriseeeeeeee.

At this point the guy goes for his radio, Rezcow manages to save it though by bringing up that Morton Jr is a close personal friend. He scoffs and says "Uh huh, and King Bowser is mine". Rezcow brings up he knows Kamek too, oddly the guy has no idea who he is at all.

He asks if Morton authorised us bringing the crates over, Rezcow avoids the question since he can't lie and says he knows about that situation with the fringe people, and that he's going to give them the supplies and ask them questions, the guy seems to buy this and sends him to park while he checks if the Morton story is the truth.

Rezcow makes sure to mention we're with him and we're waved through, the gate guy really likes Jakeyboy's jacket. While we're waiting we play cards (Desert World Hold-em), Hannah is confused since apparently ASMT playing cards are triangles.

Eventually he returns and lets us pass, he asks Rezcow for 30 coins. Seemingly no for the toll but for the inconvenience, we all drive off!

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