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Re: Other LPers

Posted: 25 Apr 2014, 09:48
by docopoper
darkychao wrote: BikdipOnABus
General LPer; something about him is so inviting I've never been able to stop watching one of his videos part-way through.
Oh yeah, I remember him from the Mario 64 Video Quiz and Kaizo Mario 64.

You should all watch the Mario 64 Video Quiz btw. It's absolutely amazing and is much less subdued than the name suggests. It's basically the best Mario 64 players doing insane challenges without tools. Like oh my god people are good at Mario 64. 0_o

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Posted: 25 Apr 2014, 12:30
by GeminiSparkSP
Boltage McGammar is pretty entertaining, especially his Live A Live LP. Too bad he's no longer active.

I also watched Azurite (occassionally) and Delicious Cinnamon, the latter especially so.

Re: Other LPers

Posted: 25 Apr 2014, 22:18
by darkychao
Horikawa Otane wrote:Is there really any other lp'er than billymc

Maybe electricalbeast, the jolteon of let's plays, but other than them...
Billy hasn't done things for neigh on a year and EB has done nothing since December of 2012.
fun fact, my first introduction to Minceraft was by ElecticalBeast.

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Posted: 26 Apr 2014, 03:29
by The Destroyer of Worlds
darkychao wrote:
Horikawa Otane wrote:Is there really any other lp'er than billymc

Maybe electricalbeast, the jolteon of let's plays, but other than them...
Billy hasn't done things for neigh on a year and EB has done nothing since December of 2012.
fun fact, my first introduction to Minceraft was by ElecticalBeast.
To be honest I've only watched them via retsupurae, but I subscribed to both of their channels because they both seem legitimately great on their own.

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Posted: 21 May 2014, 04:58
by YelseyKing
I've recently discovered RoahmMythril -- in particular, his perfect Megaman runs -- thanks to some friends of mine. I'm quite impressed... I genuinely did not believe it possible to beat Fireman, Quickman, Airman, or Needleman without taking any damage, especially using only the Mega Buster. Of course, it's by no means *easy*, especially for those latter three, but it's interesting to see that it's at least *possible*.

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Posted: 22 May 2014, 23:18
by raocow
dude is PRETTY RAD at the megamans

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Posted: 23 May 2014, 00:21
by Grounder

Re: Other LPers

Posted: 23 May 2014, 00:26
by YelseyKing
raocow wrote:dude is PRETTY RAD at the megamans
Indeed he is. Between his LPs and Bean's, I feel like I'm learning a *ton* of stuff about the Megaman series as a whole, and it's really improving my game. I'm still nowhere near their level, but having learned of all manner of glitches, AI quirks, and other such ways to avoid or manipulate enemies, I've become a much better player than I was before.

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Posted: 23 May 2014, 00:50
by pholtos

Re: Other LPers

Posted: 04 Jun 2014, 18:31
by Saturn Moriya
No one has mentioned the almighty PCULL(44444)? What is this madness?!

Also Argonmatrix.

And a bunch of other SomethingAwful peeps, along with the ones that were already mentioned. LPArchive is your friend.

And all the other common friends of friends that were mentioned before too.

And of course the speedrunning community has to be mentioned. A/SGDQ is the best thing on twitch. This page is really nifty to see when any of them are streaming.

Re: Other LPers

Posted: 04 Jun 2014, 22:22
by Frozelar

Also I sometimes watch Minecraft UHC's from the people who take part in the UHC Reddit's recorded rounds. And NalaNosivad and Baertaffy if I have spare time, which isn't often. Although I do have a lot more now that summer vacation has started, which is super nice.

Re: Other LPers

Posted: 11 Jun 2014, 21:21
by Saturn Moriya Jirard the Completionist doing the ol' 2007 thing. A whole new generation of youtubers experiencing what most of us wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. To me it feels like an old fashion trend coming back around completely unironically. There's memories and it's not really nostalgic...but it's a special feeling somehow. I don't know.

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Posted: 12 Jun 2014, 17:28
by Euparkeria
The Beard duo's determination is admirable.

I'm too lazy to link. :?

Wraith Adamnknight
Super Beard Bros
SilentWeaponsIII (you gotta hear his lyrics)
Kevvl (intentionally like RoahmMythril if he did Mega Man X)
Retro Gamer 9000 (he's on break for educational reasons, but I like what he's done so far)

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Posted: 16 Jun 2014, 00:35
by InsaneIntentions1
HeavySigh is the greatest

Re: Other LPers

Posted: 04 Nov 2014, 22:52
by Septentrion Pleiades

Started with Moemon, then started Conker's Bad Fur Day. She is probably also responsible for a surge of female LPers doing Moemon LPs with fancy layouts.

Re: Other LPers

Posted: 15 Dec 2014, 04:19
by Bean
Add WRTP and CounterOperativeCom to the list for me. The former group is still very much active and do Nintendo games. The latter group is sadly not active at all anymore but did Nintendo games.

Re: Other LPers

Posted: 15 Dec 2014, 15:54
by kingmetaknight1
This is basically the blasphemy thread. :lol:

Although I might have watched iso a time or two.

And I've watched peeps play games IRL but that doesn't count because it is merely IRL.

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Posted: 15 Dec 2014, 16:29
by Alice
In very quickly descending disorder I watch:

Isocitration (Only cause he, and apparently most other LPers I'm I'm finding out, don't upload near as much as rao does. Otherwise I'd watch him as much as raocow.)

and then way down the list far below the others is Hamst3r who was actually the first LPer I watched but who I pretty much stopped watching after finding raocow.

Re: Other LPers

Posted: 26 Mar 2015, 14:15
by Bean
newLEGACYinc for their continuing to find glitches in wrestling games even when playing normally. They actually did a Royal Rumble marathon for charity a couple of months back, so even though they're not mature on stream, they kind of are in real life. That's pretty cool.

I totally recommend watching this one if you want to give them a shot. Worst game, craziest gameplay, and I think the first 10-15 minutes are where they reached their $5k charity goal.

Re: Other LPers

Posted: 15 Jul 2015, 20:53
by Willhart
Not sure if this counts as an LP, but zagman505 has been making a lot of 2-player speedruns of terraria 1.2 bosses. The videos tend to be very long and having two people keeps them commentating the runs.

Re: Other LPers

Posted: 15 Jul 2015, 22:07
by Kukironosuke
in alphabetical order

i spoiled some that where too long or already have enough recognition, because i didn't want this post to be super huge, but i recommend you read them all

he has a really cool raspy voice, and plays some cool rpgs like paper mario, skies of arcadia, and legend of legaia, as well as some zeldas and batman games. Too bad he has uploaded very infrequently in recent years, seems to be more busy in rl with work or college

really whacky guy, plays zeldas with some nice production work on his videos, a bit immature and even sexist in some of his earlier videos, but i think he is innocently stupid and has a kind heart, and has really grown over the years, he gets on my nerves a lot while watching TRG since he is always stealing the spotlight to the point of being rude in some cases
awesome canadian, probably lives next door to raocow, great at the megamans/sonics, one of the few people I enjoy watching who does 'post commentary', he somehow makes it work.

really funny sometimes, othertimes i don't know why i watch them. They can be really crude and immature, i was really upset when jontron left because i love him but ive learned to love danny as well. Ive been a fan of jontron and egoraptor seperately for years before they made game grumps.
he has a couple nice lps like pikmin and diddy kong racing, his other stuff is kinda meh in my opinion but hes a cool dude.

The King of RPGs, i've frequented his forums for a while now, though they are much smaller and slower paced than raocows forums. Great personality and humor, more of an intellectual geeky humor than vulgar humor. hates cocatrices. found his channel when he was mentioned by nintendocaprisun on his original ff6 lp.

used to be one of my favorite lpers back when i first found him, he is a bit of a hipster and kind of jerkish in some instances, but he has a genuine relationship with his audience and his yugioh lps(duelist rose/forbidden memories), along with jet set radio future are some of his greater lps

i only started watching her stuff earlier this year, and she was the first girl lper i watched on youtube after following lps for 5~ years. I knew of her earlier from different lpers mentioning her but i was always afraid to watch her videos after seeing some of the sexual topics she covered. But then i realised if im going to be listening to the game grumps talk about innapropriate sexual jokes from time to time, its kind of hypocritical not to give her another shot. I checked out her blind paper mario lps and fell in love with her commentary/personality.
found her from watching TheRunawayGuys, first heard her voice in a trivia game and thought she had a nice voice, then saw more of her in super mario world 3d and thought she was pretty cool, checked her out and i love her chibi persona its so adorable.
Wow third girl in a row alphabetically, newest lper i subscribed to, i find her voice to be nice to listen to as well. Obviously found her here on the talkhaus, and ive been watching her maglx1 lp behind raocows maglx1 lp as sort of a follow up behind the scenes.

Also not going to lie, super interested in seeing her possibly LP zelda ROTH 0-0

super cool british dude with another golden voice, mostly watch him for his older resident evil LPS but he has some other cool series, he doesn't do as many longwinded lps like he used to because he got a girlfriend and has gotten more of a life together, but he is much happier these days and still makes videos on a consistant basis, he is currenty playing grand theft auto vice city which isn't really my thing
really cool guy, one of the older LPers on youtube that i follow, i really appreciate his down to earth personality and middle aged perspective(i love his stories from when he was growing up as a kid, as a gamer in the 80s~), he is really nice guy but likes to talk about the bathroom a little too much sometimes, it was funny at first and still is from time to time but eventually it gets old when the lyrics to every song is about pooping. He is one of my favorites on TheRunawayGuys because he is mild mannered and super sweet, i love to see his victories against his more agressively skilled cohosts.

Whoops i forgot the thread topic

. He's great.

One of my favorite youtubers hands down. Super nice polite texan dragon with a scottish accent/heritage. He is really skilled at the megamans(excluding the X, zero, and legends series). He has a bad internet connection which limits his potential as a youtuber, but he cares a lot about the quality of his videos, his fans, and his family. he/his tumblr introduced me to raocow.

Cool dude. Reminds me a lot of myself when i first met him, with the kirby name and his affinity for nintendo. he likes mario party a lot.

Re: Other LPers

Posted: 16 Jul 2015, 03:02
by Coryman
Well... I had a huge list of people that I watched daily, but recently I've been too busy watching raocow... (I think he's taking over my mind)
Among those I still watch often:
(both of whom are smallish British Minecraft-oriented channels)
-Scott Manley (sciencey stuffs)

-Oliver Age 24 (professional 3D art, excessive sarcasm)
-Periodic Videos (chemistry stuff)

(forgot this was LPers and not just YouTubers in general)
Just realising as I write this how different they all are from raocow. I guess I watch him more for the commentary than the actual games? Though I can't deny that the classic sort of games he plays are pretty great.

Re: Other LPers

Posted: 17 Jul 2015, 17:56
by Killscreen256
I'm subscribed to a lot of lpers, so I might as well share some of the smaller channels I'm subscribed to.

A Minecraft lper, with some other non-minecraft lets plays. Mainly does custom maps.
Generally plays nintendo games, though he has strayed from that. I think of his style as being somewhat similar to raocow. He also does streams occasionally.
He played the nes Megaman games. has a good amount of humor, while also staying informitive about the game. Too bad he tends to have massive gaps between uploads.
One F Jef
A lper that plays mostly roguelikes. Has a good sense of humor, and tends to reference his past lps in his character names. My favorite lp of his would have to be his dwarf fortress adventure mode let's play, that was honestly hilarious at times.
A kind of mixed Minecraft/general lper. Has a good sense of humor and tends to cause mischief on servers he creates. My favorite series of his would have to be his Redcubed public server series, some of his antics there were hilarious.

Re: Other LPers

Posted: 18 Jul 2015, 20:42
by AlchemistHohenheim
Most I would want to mention have already been mentioned, but here's one:

He tends to do "stream LPs" more than "standard ones", but I'm a big fan of his work. Recent/current stuff he's done includes stuff like Hybrid Heaven, Final Fantasy V (multiple runs), Final Fantasy VI, Harmony of Dissonance, Aria of Sorrow, Front Mission 3, Xenonauts, and Blast Corps.

Re: Other LPers

Posted: 05 Sep 2015, 21:44
by Euparkeria
qzecwx: does Mega Man hacks mainly but takes long hiatuses
Shinryu: Mega Man fan games, hacks etc.
Supermetalsonic360: Mega Man fan games, hacks, clones, etc.
Taprus Light: Mega Man boss rushes/challenges