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Pokota's videos Thread (Tues:FF6, Thurs:HS-Act1, Sat:Z3R)

this is the place where lps are being talked about. it's important to talk about games being played on the internet.

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Re: Pokota's LP Thread

Postby raekuul » 4 days ago

What's this? An update!?

Well, yes. I haven't updated this thread in a ridiculously long time. I'm trying to stream more consistently - so now I'm streaming Tuesdays at 4 PM EST, Thursdays at 4 PM EST, and Saturdays starting before 3 PM EST.

For now, Tuesdays are Final Fantasy 6. And as always, vods get uploaded to YouTube as soon as I'm allowed (which since I'm neither partnered nor affiliated, is pretty much as soon as the transcode finishes)

So let's get back into classic RPGs that I missed out on!

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