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Corrupt A Wish Game

...or in other words: post-whoring
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Re: Corrupt A Wish Game

Postby HamsterZerg » 1 month ago

Granted. However, you were one of the only ten people to enter the Make a Good Bulborb contest, and the first place prize is an all-expenses paid vacation to Ultra Space.

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Soma Cruz, Linkara, and Olimar for SMBX 2.0

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Re: Corrupt A Wish Game

Postby Slimeman01 » 1 month ago

Granted, but he can't move, and if he does the game will crash

I wish to ace my next test
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Re: Corrupt A Wish Game

Postby Supershroom » 1 day ago

Granted, but your teacher is just not with you.

I wish for a Mafia game here.
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Re: Corrupt A Wish Game

Postby LucasRCD » 1 day ago

Granted, but you end up always being the first to person to lose.

I wish I could wish.
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Re: Corrupt A Wish Game

Postby RedMageMike » 1 day ago

Granted, but you only get one wish and you just used it.

I wish for a burger

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