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Game King-style Story Briefs

...or in other words: post-whoring
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Game King-style Story Briefs

Postby HamsterZerg » 2 months ago

Here, we unleash our inner SquirrelKing and make story briefs for various video games in the style of the Game King.

What I'm talking about--v

Here's how it works. Each person makes a broken English summary for the video game the person above them requests, and afterward requests a game for the next person to write a broken English summary for, and the cycle continues.

I'll start with Tasty Planet:

In one time, the scientist at nanoresearch quarters makes ultimate bath room cleaner- grey goo. However, during the testing, grey goo bites the poking finger of assistant, and escapes into the outside world to eat everything smaller than it. As it eats, it grows bigger and more jumbo, ready to eat even more. Payer controls grey goo, and grey goo is hungry. Wat will happening?

Super Mario Galaxy

Avatar by Skully (artwork) and bkamakaze (size). Thanks, guys!

[ispoiler]Somebody should make an animation where the knife slash at the end of the Genocide run is Frisk killing Chara, who is shocked, then scared, and finally sad, apologizing to Asriel and asking him for forgiveness.[/ispoiler]

Soma Cruz, Linkara, and Olimar for SMBX 2.0

Game King-style Story Briefs, a forum game by me

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Re: Game King-style Story Briefs

Postby Mikkofier » 2 months ago

The Super mario is invited to attend the celebrity convention of toad Kingdom by Princess Pech, to celeprate the meteror driving past. Hovewer the evil demon King Kuppa invades the Toad kingdom with his swarm of fighter jets and reposseses the princess, Pech's chateau to the outer space. The Super mario gives chase but blasted off into the outer space. There the super Mario is found by the observatory rosalinda who gives him the to survive in the outer space. Now The super mario has to find all the strength celebrities to catch up to the demon king, Kuppa abd rescua thee Princess pech. by leaping great distaces between stars. Help mario

Next game: Final Fantasy VII
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Re: Game King-style Story Briefs

Postby raekuul » 2 months ago

A former soldier first class is group employs Cloud Strife Ecoterrorist Avalanche to help bomb in eastern Midgar Mako reactors. After two successful missions, the police forces of the Shin-Ra monitor them down, and they split up. Air moves Cloud Strife Erissu Gainsboro, a member of the race of CETRA Lost interested in abducting Shin-Ra. Rescue Air Erissu from the Shin-Ra led by Vincent Valentine and the Calamity Cats!

(And now, how about Shantae?)
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