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The Anecdotal Evidence Game

...or in other words: post-whoring
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The Anecdotal Evidence Game

Postby Rockythechao » 1 year ago

One person posts a topic, the next person shares an odd or amusing story about the subject and uses it to justify an absurd conclusion about the subject.

Example: Lizards
While I was walking into my house earlier this week I noticed something green on my shoulder. I figured it was a leaf so I raised my hand to brush it off and a cute little gecko hopped off my shoulder and scurried under the sofa. This is clear proof that all lizards are just parrots that never underwent pirate-induced metamorphosis.

Please don't just say "I've never seen that thing, therefore it doesn't exist." If you don't have any relevant personal anecdotes you can use stuff that's happened to people you know or just make something up that sounds believable enough.

Okay, let's start this off with something seasonal: Christmas lights.
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Re: The Anecdotal Evidence Game

Postby alleightbits » 1 year ago

A few weeks ago, I noticed that one house in my neighborhood had peculiar Christmas lighting. Unlike the other houses nearby, they flashed rapidly in different colors, and I also heard music. Therefore, some Christmas lights have proved themselves sentient.


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Re: The Anecdotal Evidence Game

Postby Willhart » 11 months ago

I had some really tasty blueberry pie earlier this week. It was homemade, and made from berries collected from a nearby forest during last summer. They've been preserved over the winter by freezing. This definitely means that blueberries would survive over the Ice Age, if that was to happen again.

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Re: The Anecdotal Evidence Game

Postby HamsterZerg » 11 months ago

One time, I had a cat who, after we had her for about a day, got stuck under the couch, which we found out when our other cat started hissing at the couch for no apparent reason. When we took her to the vet, I told her to live long and prosper, complete with proper hand gesture. In a later visit, she put her paw on my hand when I reached out to her with my palm facing up. My mother referred to her as a zombie cat after she made a full recovery, but I am now fully aware that cats are actually indestructible empaths from the binary planet Vulcan.

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