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Introduction/Welcome Thread

here's a good place for FRIENDLY, ENJOYABLE, and otherwise very GENERAL discussion!
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Re: Introduction/Welcome Thread

Postby Glacier » 1 month ago


long time channel lurker, first time talkhaus poster!

i like vgm.

EDIT: oh right yeah i've also been archive binging which is why i joined lol.

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Re: Introduction/Welcome Thread

Postby iosh » 1 month ago

Hey everyone, I'm iosh !

I've been watching raocow for some years now, and only decided to join now because this place looks neat :slow:
So, uh... yeah, that's all, I think.

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Re: Introduction/Welcome Thread

Postby Zerio » 2 weeks ago

Hey, I'm Zerio. I used to be pretty active on SMW Central way back, and nowadays I mostly do webcomic stuff. I recently got way into watching raocow's lps, since I was like, hey, this clicks really dang well with my current sense of humor, actually. I also don't really know how to introduce myself!

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Re: Introduction/Welcome Thread

Postby Artsen » 1 week ago

Hey there everyone! This is an introduction post. That's about all there is to it. Happy to be here!

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Re: Introduction/Welcome Thread

Postby KobaBeach » 1 week ago

Welcome y'all. :catcrime:
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