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Creator of GROW is having a hard time

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Creator of GROW is having a hard time

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raocow played some of the GROW games 11 years ago, so I decided to share this with the talkhaus. The creator of this series had a heart surgery in 2019 and has been asking for donations, since he can't work as much as he used to. He improved after the surgery, but last year it became apparent that he hasn't made a full recovery. On top of that, his wife divorced him in January 2021 due to his health and lack of income (that's his side of the story, at any rate).

I encourage you to consider donating, playing some of his games and reading up on his posts if you're interested. What shocked me (besides his wife leaving him) were his drawings on Twitter. As he posts updates about his situation, he often includes a drawing, and it was absolutely jarring to see the GROW art style used to illustrate this man's real-life grief. He shares his progress towards his new life with a sequence of drawings of a GROW world, drawing himself as a person with stitches on his chest.

Here's the Twitter thread where he tells the story:

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