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Things That Could Qualify as ABCDs

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Things That Could Qualify as ABCDs

Postby Smibbix » 1 year ago

Post images you've seen that aren't ABCDs, but that meet the requirements of being one. I was just farting around on the internet and I found this cool thingie, and I was like, "that looks like an ABCD" and here we are today...


1. Must be armless. No arms allowed! Tentacles are okay.

2. Must be bipedal. But not really, because Science, Garish, and Nevada are all nullipeds and Noise is tripedal. Or maybe Nevada is unipedal if his flower counts as leg?

3. Must be cycloptic. One eye only, folks! Unlike legs, this rule is non-negotiable...

4. Must be a demon. I'm not sure what this rule means, but just let it mean whatever it means to you!

I don't know who this sweetie is, but she's an ABCD!
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