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Mosts 2016 Preparation

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Re: Mosts 2016 Preparation

Postby nothobz » 3 years ago

i came here to say i hope i win but i already did :oops: :oops:

anyways the name shifting like that makes it annoying to read if you start reading and it flips halfway through. it also lessons the award because it serves as a constant reminder you're sharing your place. in case that matters to anybody. if the problem is multiple people winning the same award and that not being clear, you could always try colour coding the userbars based on what they are (sole winner blue, shared winners green, i dont know if there are any other kinds of winners red, etc.) just an idea

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Re: Mosts 2016 Preparation

Postby Rixithechao » 3 years ago

In retrospect, I don't recall there being much conflict over cowinners not being indicated on userbars in the past, and that was a big concern of mine so it's a relief that concern was mostly unfounded. So I'm not opposed to sticking to that particular tradition for the sake of keeping things simple.

I do still think that if co-winners are going to be indicated somehow, it should be conveyed as clearly and intuitively as possible. Color-coding or symbols alone mean little without context, especially considering past userbars were given a different color for each category so they'd make a rainbow when lined up in the right order.

You all raised good points about the vertical scrolling in my examples; the movement probably would be too distracting and it'd make them difficult to read names mid-transition. Maybe a quick fade in and out with each name staying for longer would work better. Though if they stay still for too long people might confuse them for static images... unless we used a symbol to distingiush animated bars from non-animated ones...?

Idk, I have no idea who's in charge of the final designs or production of these things, I've just been tossing about mockups and ideas for consideration in the hopes of helping the design evolve. As long as the new userbars solve the issues being discussed I don't mind if none of my stuff is used. So whoever's doing the userbars, feel free to take and modify those designs in whatever way would improve readablility and all that stuff (like the red variation, I definitely gave that one too much contrast).
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