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Rules for You

here's a good place for FRIENDLY, ENJOYABLE, and otherwise very GENERAL discussion!
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the biggest shit
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Rules for You

Postby Argumentable » 4 years ago

Because a general "don't be an asshole" rule didn't cover it.

-Illegal content
>No links to warez
>No reposting content and claiming it to be yours
>Patches for hacks are OK

-Discrimination (here we go)
>Hate of any kind (age, sex, religion, etc) will not be tolerated
>If you see anyone disrespecting another user based off age, sex, religion, appearance, etc, please notify a mod.
>If you retaliate (even if you were not originally involved) you will also be seen as part of the problem.
>Course of action will be decided by mods.
>Arguments are to be done in a civil manner. There is a difference between being an asshole and having a civil argument.
For example:
A: "Hey I don't agree with that."
B: "I don't agree with you because of this reason."
A: "Hey I don't agree with that."
B: "Oh yeah? Well you're a dumb jerk!"

-Obscene Material
>Do not post any pornographic material, whether it be in posts, avatars, signatures, etc.
>If you have to ask yourself "Is this NSFW?" then is probably is.

>You're given a lot of space for signatures. Please use it appropriately and don't post giant images that take up half the page.
>Do not link to anything overly offensive.

>Any issues with mods and mod decisions are to be taken up directly with the mods over PM.
>All discrimination rules apply when addressing mods as well. We're people too.

If you are unsure about posting something, feel free to ask the mods first. Remember you can PM the entire mod team (coppers) as a group

Thanks, cats-on-ice!

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Mata Hari
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Re: Rules for You

Postby Mata Hari » 3 years ago

I'm in the zone

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