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Re: What games are you playing?

Posted: 25 Jun 2019, 18:22
by Ashan
I've been fighting everything, even did a bit of grinding, and bought the best armor/weapons that I can currently get for this point in the game (at least, from what's being sold). Everyone is level 23 and has 3 djinni except Garet who has 2.
I've been basically talking to everyone I could in every town I've visited throughout the game, and reading bookshelves and stuff, but nothing says anything specific about the element system that I remember! I'll keep that stuff in mind though. I haven't really touched the game since that last post cause I haven't felt super inspired to run around grinding.

Re: What games are you playing?

Posted: 25 Jun 2019, 23:40
by KobaBeach
Made it to Bien in my Megami Tensei replay. Taking a break for now.

Re: What games are you playing?

Posted: 26 Jun 2019, 01:44
by Ashan
metasomnia? wrote: Mars is effective against Mercury and vice versa (Fire vs Water/Ice), and the same with Venus and Jupiter (Earth vs Lightning/Wind).
Okay so if this is the case, why is Mia (water/ice) taking critical hits from Storm Lizard (wind)?

Re: What games are you playing?

Posted: 26 Jun 2019, 02:07
by Kleetus
Recently picked up MegaMan Battle Network 2. Haven't played any other games in the series. Currently on Quick Man. I expect that he'll go from being incredibly difficult to a push over once I change my chip set up to have attacks that can actually hit him.

Re: What games are you playing?

Posted: 26 Jun 2019, 02:58
by Ashan
I love the Battle Network series even though I'm not great at the games. Never done any of the postgames for them before, but I have beaten them all. I also own all of them, including both versions of the games that had dual releases (which was 3 and onward). For some reason in 2015 I felt inspired to build that collection, and I think it taught me that I don't really need to collect things.

Also I beat the Storm Lizard by the skin of my teeth. I leveled everyone to 25-26 and had to revive 2 people throughout the battle cause the asshole just kept spamming wing stroke which would wipe my guys out from full health to nothing without me getting a turn.

Re: What games are you playing?

Posted: 26 Jun 2019, 03:45
by Jongseok
Currently Playing: Terranigma (天地創造).
Another SNES Console Japanese Action Role Playing Game, also known as Tenchi Souzou(天地創造) in Japan. I like playing Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest series and other Japanese Turn based RPGs like Lufia, Star Ocean etc. However, Turn-based RPGs which contain notable story, intense music, have a big demerit. Random Battle Encounter system is really out-dated. It's boring and slowwwww. So, I decided to play Action Role Playing, Terranigma. At first time, I think it looks like Seiken Densetsu series. ENIX and Squaresoft are really similar each other. Wow... Enix made a game based on Secret of Mana? Enix's flagship game was DQ6 at that time but they crashed their wall. I got some fresh vegetables in Enix after a long time. I suggest you play Terranigma.

Re: What games are you playing?

Posted: 26 Jun 2019, 20:04
by Ashan
Holy cow I finally got enough djinni for Mia to get a spell that heals the whole party. I honestly was wondering if something like that existed in this game

Also, may I point out that the system for allocating djinni is nonsense? I don't even want to get into how overcomplicated this system is in the first place, with setting and having it change your stats and classes and summoning and all that -- just the menu for moving djinni around is so confusing. Like, the amount of djinni that can be equipped to a person seems dependant on how many you have total? I have 13 right now which means there's enough for 3 on everyone except the last person who will get 4. But that's literally exactly how it has to be allocated, i.e. you can't have allocate them to be like 2-3-3-5. And you have to do weird swapping tricks to move a djinni from one person to another so you're always in a state that the game allows. It's a horrible system.

Re: What games are you playing?

Posted: 26 Jun 2019, 20:18
by KobaBeach
Made it to Bien's Recreational Area in Megami Tensei 1 (Kyuuyaku version). I'm glad my hunch of the game having more village elders (save spots) than just Micon at the top of Daedalus wasn't wrong!

I haven't played this in literal years, after all, and old dungeon crawlers aren't the most intuitive or casual-friendly of experiences. Gonna take my time and explore the rest of Bien before progressing in the Corridor of Valhalla, which btw has some good music:

Jongseok wrote:
Consider trying out Illusion of Gaia/Illusion of Time (ガイア幻想記) and Soul Blazer (ソウルブレイダー) if you enjoy Terranigma. Those are the precursors to it and follow similar themes. Inversely, I have played Gaia and Blazer, but I need to play Terranigma!

Soul Blazer was the second non-Pokémon RPG I ever finished (first was FFIV, US version), so I'm pretty attached to it despite its simplicity and repetitiveness. This was all the way back in 2010/2011?

I had recently gotten into Brutal Mario so I was interested in trying out RPGs for once after seeing my brother talk about how much he loves FFVII and Chrono Trigger all my life.

I like random encounters due to growing up with Pokémon and seeing my older brother play a lot of FFVII and FFX (he never got past Evrae, encounter rate in the Fahrenheit is low so he thought he was softlocked), but I understand people not enjoying them.

Visible encounters like the SaGa games, Mother 2&3, Lufia/Estpolis Denki 2 and FF Mystic Quest are a breath of fresh air!

I also enjoy ARPGs, SRPGs and RPGs that don't revolve around random encounters (like most WRPGs) as much as I do "traditional" JRPGs and they're good for a breather sometimes. Which reminds me, I should get back to playing the Ultimas.

Re: What games are you playing?

Posted: 27 Jun 2019, 05:12
by YelseyKing
Ashan wrote:
metasomnia? wrote: Mars is effective against Mercury and vice versa (Fire vs Water/Ice), and the same with Venus and Jupiter (Earth vs Lightning/Wind).
Okay so if this is the case, why is Mia (water/ice) taking critical hits from Storm Lizard (wind)?
To be completely honest, after playing two and a half games in the series, I've barely noticed much difference in the way elements work, either. Like, maybe weaknesses/strengths amount to like, 10-20% more/less damage? The only way I've even noticed enemies *have* elemental "weaknesses" is that if you unleash a djinn of an element they're "weak" to, and they die from the attack, there's a slightly different death animation, and it boosts the item drop rate (and is necessary to manipulate the item drop RPG in the first two games).

And yeah, the djinn mechanics you mentioned in a later post are dumb, especially when you get djinn that give you an uneven number (like, you have three Mars, four Jupiter and Venus, and five Mercury), if you're trying to stick all of one type on the "natural" character (Isaac = Venus, Garet = Mars, Mia = Mercury, Ivan = Jupiter). Plus, for all people talk up the "class" system, I've just never noticed it to be all that helpful. The game is one of those that's full of mechanics you can safely ignore, and the games become *easier* as a result, I've found. Kind of a shame.

Re: What games are you playing?

Posted: 27 Jun 2019, 23:48
by SAJewers
Holy crap this took way too long


Re: What games are you playing?

Posted: 28 Jun 2019, 03:48
by Alice
Got my first ending on Bloodstained last night. This map is freaking enormous. I've been fairly thorough and still got my first ending with only 70% map completion but that 70% still feels larger than 70% in most Metroidvanias. The final boss for the ending I got was kinda underwhelming though. There was an optional boss nearby that was significantly more difficult.

Re: What games are you playing?

Posted: 28 Jun 2019, 04:27
by KobaBeach
Playing Arc the Lad in Japanese and I forgot this entire intro scene can be summed up as
an artistic reinterpretation of arc the lad's first few scenes wrote:village chief: if you blow the sealing flame (en version: Flame Cion) atop cion mountain/the mountain of spirits/whatever you'll be able to leave this village and not marry the prince
kukuru: (austin powers voice) yea babey *blows flame*
village chief: jk you just caused an eternal blizzard and released Demons
kukuru: Image

arc: mom i must fight the demons
polta: no! you will be kill by demons
arc: mom..................... i gotta


yoshua: i must go to save world and our child will too in 10 years because this game has to happen
polta: no...

*back to present*

polta: have these consumable items and single accessory
arc: kthxbai

kukuru: i have to fix what's wrong
arc: no i will because i have to kill the bastard who killed my dad probably
kukuru: no its my fault
arc: shut up *takes flame and walks away*
kukuru: Image

Re: What games are you playing?

Posted: 28 Jun 2019, 20:53
by HatKid
Finally beat Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All after slowly inching through it over the course of a few years. It's okay but I think it's the weakest of the original PW games.
Got to Sector B in SMT: Strange Journey. I like the game quite a bit so far and it's nice to have an actual challenge in a megaten game because Persona is rather easy.

Re: What games are you playing?

Posted: 06 Jul 2019, 04:07
by Ashan
Golden Sun is god damn ridiculous at this point, I've spent a couple hours grinding my characters up to level 31 (and 32 for Isaac) and this stupid giant dragon boss can just wipe out my whole party in a turn if RNG just decides to. And any new attempt I have to sit through like 5 minutes of unskippable cutscenes where I have to mash A through the whole thing.

And the elemental system is still absolute nonsense because my characters are weak to random things unrelated to their element.

Re: What games are you playing?

Posted: 06 Jul 2019, 04:28
by Cyril
HatKid wrote: Finally beat Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Justice For All after slowly inching through it over the course of a few years. It's okay but I think it's the weakest of the original PW games.
it is overall for sure the weakest of the original trilogy but that last case is still my favorite in the series, tbh

playing kingdom hearts re:coded. weirdo weird game for weirdos.

Re: What games are you playing?

Posted: 06 Jul 2019, 04:33
by Ashan
Alright I'm on mobile and don't want to bother with ispoilers so just don't read ahead if you care about playing a shitty 18-year-old RPG at some point (Golden Sun)

The first time I fought the 2 main villain assholes, I was like level 28 and took them out without too much issue. Then fought their merged form and was able to hold it off for a while but eventually died. Sure, whatever I just need to grind a bit. I grind for like 2 god damn hours, and my next attempt I kill the 2 assholes and immediately their merged form starts spamming "outer space" twice per turn and killing my party members faster than I can revive them. Speaking of reviving, I have like 2 or 3 waters of life that I can use before I'm out and the shop only sells like 1 which I bought so I literally cannot get any more. My other option is a djinni which gives like a 50% shot at reviving for some reason, so if it fails you have to set it again next turn so you can try again the turn after that. Meanwhile you have to hope the enemies don't spam some other attack that will kill another party member. Or worse, if they kill Isaac (who has that djinni equipped) then I literally cannot heal and I just turn off the game cause there's no point continuing. Why are they so stingy with revives? Who the hell knows? Anyway, on my last attempt, I mash A for 5 minutes through the horribly written cutscene, get to the first fight with the 2 assholes and immediately they spam moves that wipe out a party member and cripple everyone else, so I try to heal everyone while reviving the guy who died but the revive keeps failing and it's over in like 3 turns. Somehow I did worse now that I'm higher level cause the RNG just decides to fuck you sometimes. I'm leveled as high as I need to be, I believe. I bought the best weapons and armor for everyone. What the hell else am I supposed to do other than keep attempting and sitting through this horrible tedious god damn cutscene over and over until the RNG works out in my favor? Fuck this game

Re: I played a game?

Posted: 06 Jul 2019, 15:03
by Awoo
So, digging up my old Golden Sun file from the last time I beat it a few years ago, all my main 4 characters are at level 30 exactly. I guess I didn't keep all my characters pure elemental, though, considering that I set them up like this:
Isaac: Flint plus all Jupiter Djinni except Gust
Garet: Forge plus all Venus Djinni except Flint
Ivan: Gust plus all Mercury Djinni except Fizz
Mia: Fizz plus all Mars Djinni except Forge

I've equipped my characters with just about everything that I can, Garet has a bunch of cursed stuff plus the Cleric ring. I totally forgot that both Ivan and Mia have Wish Well, for healing.

Shoot, I forgot entirely how I played through this. I don't remember having much/any trouble though.

How the heck did I progress? I'll have to check my save states too -_-

Ok apparently I beat Deadbeard at level 26, was in Tolbi at 20/21, and I don't think I have too much in the way of earlier saves. So many details :ehh:

Re: What games are you playing?

Posted: 06 Jul 2019, 18:23
by Ashan
I still don't entirely understand how setting djinni affects elements. Nor what a cursed item does. I did find one but I didn't equip it cause curse sounds bad. I might just start googling at this point. One thing I found is that everyone uses a djinni called Flash that's back in the desert, so I went all the way back there, got him, then had to do the whole Venus lighthouse again for like the 4th time because all the puzzles reset whenever you leave. And they took the time to make a shortcut but it resets when you leave too so I guess it's only an exit shortcut for some reason. I'm gonna reattempt them now that I have Flash.

Re: What games are you playing?

Posted: 06 Jul 2019, 19:36
by Ashan
I finally got a run where Menardi didn't just spam Death Size and instakill my entire party in a few turns, and managed to get to the dragon for the third time and held him off longer than ever but he still killed me because Mia ran out of mana and I couldn't heal any more.

I might need to rethink my Djinni allocation, because I gave Flash to Garet but he's one of my two big damage dealers so he spends most of the battle using and setting Flash, meaning Isaac has to do all the work. But I need Mia to be be healing, and as soon as I give Flash to Ivan he loses all of his attack/defense boosting spells which I kinda rely on. But maybe it's a worthwhile sacrifice, I don't know. I'll try next time I'm willing to sit through the cutscenes again.

Re: What games are you playing?

Posted: 06 Jul 2019, 22:45
by Ashan
Golden Sun spoilers once again.

I managed to finish that boss off once I gave Flash to Ivan and made him summon that every second turn for the whole battle.

I kinda accidentally spoiled myself that I was fighting the final boss when I saw it in a wiki entry, but it made me curious how they were gonna wrap up the story with how much was still unsolved and it turned out they just... Don't. Like, this entire game was made from the beginning to be anticlimactic and just set itself up for a sequel, so much so that they resolve almost nothing in this game. Saturos and Menardi never really felt like that big of villains. You only see them a few times and they barely do anything, so I figured at some point we'd see who they were working for and fight that person. But no, you just kill them and the game is over. I wouldn't say the back-to-back fights are anticlimactic, they make for alright final bosses but I had no idea I was at the end of the game while doing the lighthouse and all that.

Overall I'd have to say I'm pretty unimpressed with this game. Here's some big main issues I'll highlight as they come to mind:
  • The writing is absolutely awful. As mentioned in previous posts, dialogue is incredibly tedious and they go over the same things over and over again. Occasionally the dialogue will stop at baffling points to ask you a yes or no question that has zero effect on the game, and a lot of the time it makes no sense why you're being asked the question in the first place. Also, cutscenes are unskippable, and the final bits of dialogue you have to go through for every attempt at the final boss had me mashing A on my GBA in one hand and reading stuff on my phone with the other hand.
  • Puzzles on the overworld were either way too easy but still time consuming, or complete nonsense that had you using some specific psynergy for no reason. I mentioned before where you have to use a healing spell on the overworld to make some random blocks being infused with magic so you can walk on water? Why would I do that? Also there's like 3 spells for telekinesis and they all have specific uses. Move, lift, and raise I think? Lift was used like 3 times and I don't know why raise is something different.
  • I don't like this battle system of choosing all your attacks ahead of time instead of just choosing your attack when you're about to attack. I'm assuming this is not unique to this game and some other games do it, but I don't like it. So much happens in a series of turns, you have no idea what the battle will be like by the time the last person in your party gets their turn. In the final battle I was just blindly healing everyone with Mia every turn cause I assumed someone will probably be hurt. If not then I just wasted mana but what could I do without being psychic?
  • They're way too stingy with revives. Why is water of life so rare? Why do the djinni that revive characters only work sometimes? When you're at a critical point in the battle and relying on a coin flip for whether or not a revive will work, that revive will make or break the battle. I had to do it once in my final battle and thankfully it worked but if it didn't I probably would have died. So in the end you're just relying on RNG for whether or not the battle will just end out of nowhere. The punishment for death is already that you're wasting a then reviving and leaving yourself vulnerable. Why am I not allowed to just revive a character? When it happened in random battles I'd just turn the system off cause it wasn't worth messing around trying to revive with a djinni or wasting the incredibly rare water of life.
  • Puzzles reset in dungeons, making you redo them any time you leave a dungeon. What's weird is there seems to be shortcuts but they only work for your way back, so if you leave the area you have to redo everything again. Zelda solved this years ago, I don't know why they didn't have testers complaining about redoing things a hundred times.
And probably some other stuff that's not coming to mind. I'll have to look into seeing if they fixed any of these issues before deciding if I'll continue on with the series.

Re: What games are you play?

Posted: 07 Jul 2019, 00:10
by Awoo
Just wait until the sequel, there's quite a twist! :rao:

Re: What games are you playing?

Posted: 07 Jul 2019, 02:22
by Ashan
In terms of plot or gameplay?

Re: What games are you played?

Posted: 07 Jul 2019, 02:34
by Awoo
Story. If it's your first time, it's a pretty neat twist

at least I thought so!

Re: What games are you playing?

Posted: 07 Jul 2019, 03:16
by Ashan
Were any of my issues in the bullet points addressed in the sequel? I need to figure out if I want to continue the series cause I've kinda got a bad taste in my mouth after the first one.

Re: Playing a game?

Posted: 07 Jul 2019, 03:44
by Awoo
I personally enjoyed the writing of the first two games, even if it did get tedious and long-winded from time to time. Might just be nostalgia filter, but it is still long winded and tedious in TLA.
The story, though, is much better in TLA and tons of questions get answered. I could write a *huge* essay or make an hour plus video (if I had a decent computer or software or microphone lol) as to why Dark Dawn is an insufferable pile of garbage.

Some puzzles in TLA are pretty obtuse from what I remember, but if anything the dungeons (

Air's Rock comes to mind

) themselves can be super long.
It's hard for me to even remember anything I got stuck on in the past whenever it comes to either of these games since the first time I played through them was more than 15 years ago, and I've played through them multiple times since then.

I enjoyed that system of picking attacks, but that's more a matter of personal preference. It's usually easier to just try to pick your attacks in order of which character has what as their "primary adept element", like Jupiter usually has the highest speed, and iirc Venus the lowest. If nothing else you can try to plan around the "speed" stats in the menu. I was able to guess based off damage output and the strength of my characters which enemies would fall first, so I'd attack based off that. It's guesswork and memorization, but if nothing else you could always just attack different enemies with each character or do a"1-2-1-2" pattern with attacks.

I don't remember my characters falling often enough that it was much an issue? Isn't there at least one revive psyenergy that's fairly reliable?
I think I'll give these games a play again when work slows down or I have more free time

I didn't really leave dungeons the last playthrough, but the real problem for me giving any semblance of useful advice is that I know these games too well to even think about what it's like to play them blind again. It's like how a level maker can make a level they'll have no trouble beating but someone who's going into it blind can get stuck for a long time.

I'd recommend TLA if nothing else than for the story, though it might be pretty frustrating. Maybe take a break?

Hope that helps! I'm trying my best :pal: