Another Rom Hack

do you like them video games? what about those there romhacks? well pop on in here and talk about them then! what are you waiting for?!
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Re: Another Rom Hack

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Argumentable wrote: 1 year ago Don't give up on releasing anything because my 11 year old thread is proof you can do something eventually
Yeah I worked on it some more today. I'll post in more detail on the romhack shack thread I made the other day if you're curious. I'll still play this sometime but hhh lazy haha. Good luck on fixing anything, I'm willing to provide hex editing/patching duties a la Hack Fix/Translation Team as I do have Shex to help me quickly translate hex to 65c816 and bsnes-plus and geiger snes9x to debug, but I don't really feel like going full on fixing this to work on bsnes, it and SNES9x have compatibility functions now so. lol
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Re: Another Rom Hack

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Yeah I'm just not hip on emulators anymore, I think I said it in this thread but I don't really use them! Nothing against them, there was certainly the era of "Hack Review Theatre" where I'd just download random or talkhaus hacks and play them all. I even wanted to branch out and do some for other games, but that's a bit of a tangent. So yeah, if they work they work, if not then whatever. I don't really think there's too many people lining up to play this but if someone was going to make a production out of it I'd be more willing to go back and clean up a few things.

That said, if you or anyone else wanted to fix it up then I'd say go for it, though I think the most glaring issues at this point are level design and I dunno how I feel about anyone messing hard with that

E: Working on another release. Some things are gonna stay jank but some of this easy minor stuff I'm gonna get working right

E2: This shit just does not work at all on modern emus. GL playing it
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Re: Another Rom Hack

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Argumentable wrote: 1 year ago Do we still use IPS patches?
No, we use BPS patches. Make sure you're using the latest version of Flips:
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