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Come on an CLASH, welcome to the SMASH (SSBU)

do you like them video games? what about those there romhacks? well pop on in here and talk about them then! what are you waiting for?!
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Come on an CLASH, welcome to the SMASH (SSBU)

Postby Sebby19 » 3 months ago

This is the general Super Smash Bros. Ultimate topic. Put down your friend codes here (and your general location so we can avoid lagfests), so we can setup matches. I'll compile a list here:

-Sebby19: SW-4977-3009-0596. I'm in Winnipeg, as you know.
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Re: Come on an CLASH, welcome to the SMASH (SSBU)

Postby The Hero Hartmut » 3 months ago

Not much point in me putting up my friend code yet (partly because I don't have my Switch on my person at this time), as I'm purposefully not signing up for online yet, as I'll be travelling in the new year. Once that's all done, however, I'll most likely set it up from there.

I've personally been focusing on the Spirit Board. This morning, I was just able to snag the Wily Capsule spirit using Ganondorf (with Rodin, the Infinite One as my primary spirit, alongside support spirits Elise for autoheal and Mario (Mario Tennis Aces) for crit up).

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Re: Come on an CLASH, welcome to the SMASH (SSBU)

Postby Truhan » 2 months ago

Mine's still whatever it always was. SW-7350-5185-6333
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