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Pokemon Stadium 2 Little Cup Gym Leader Castle Round 2 [Complete]

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Pokemon Stadium 2 Little Cup Gym Leader Castle Round 2 [Complete]

Postby MonkeyShrapnel » 2 years ago

Or PS2 LC GLC E2 for short.

Basically a challenge run I'm doing of Pokemon Stadium 2, where I will be abiding by Little Cup rules;
only unevolved pokemon are allowed to be used.

I've banned Scyther for obvious reasons.

For now I'm just doing Round 2 of the Gym Leader Castle, but I might do some Cups later on.

I'll be trying to mix things up a little, since it wouldn't be very exciting to see Chansey Counter its way to victory every time.

Violet Gym
Azalea Gym
Goldenrod Gym
Ecruteak Gym
Cianwood Gym
Olivine Gym
Rocket Takeover
Mahogany Gym
Blackthorn Gym

The Elite Four (This Elite Four was pretty nuts)

Lt. Surge

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