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Games Beaten in 2018

do you like them video games? what about those there romhacks? well pop on in here and talk about them then! what are you waiting for?!
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Games Beaten in 2018

Postby Bean » 2 years ago

I guess I'll take the initiative once again since it's almost a new year and get this thread going now. If you want to look at past years, here are the 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 threads. In case that's not enough info, here's exactly how this works...

Make one post for your list and edit it however you want. While there is no official template, it's nice to include the following information:
  • The name of the game
  • The platform you played it on
  • And the date you beat it
While I usually only list new games beaten, that doesn't mean you're forced to. Put down replayed games if you want. It really doesn't matter since this is just for fun anyway, and half of us give up on this as the year goes on anyway. The only rule for this thread to try and follow is to not clog it up with game discussion. We have a gaming discussion thread for that!

That's really all there is to it! Now let's get these lists going and take down some more games!
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Re: Games Beaten in 2018

Postby Bean » 2 years ago

Here we go!
1) Fire Emblem: Awakening (1/12, 3DS)
2) Fire Emblem Warriors (1/12, Switch)
3) Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (1/20, GBA)
4) Steamworld Dig 2 (1/28, Switch)
5) Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King (2/16, Switch)
6) Poi: Explorer Edition (2/22, Switch)
7) Super Mario Advance (3/17, GBA)
8) Uncharted: The Lost Legacy (3/30, PS4)
9) Kirby Star Allies (4/9, Switch)
10) Everybody's Golf (4/23, PS4)
11) Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (5/8, PS4)
12) Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition (5/24, Switch)
13) Nine Parchments (5/31, Switch)
14) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (6/13, Switch)
15) Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (6/14, Switch)
16) Street Fighter [30th Anniversary] (6/17, PS4)
17) Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams [30th Anniversary] (6/17, PS4)
18) Street Fighter Alpha 2 [30th Anniversary] (6/18, PS4)
19) Street Fighter III: New Generation [30th Anniversary] (6/22, PS4)
20) Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact [30th Anniversary] (6/23, PS4)
21) Kirby's Blowout Blast (7/9, 3DS)
22) 20XX (7/14, Switch)
23) Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX (7/31, PSP)
24) Sonic Mania Plus (8/31, Switch)
25) Mega Man Battle Network (9/10, GBA)
26) Mega Man 11 (10/4, Switch)
27) Super Mario Party (10/27, Switch)
28) Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (12/18, Switch)
29) Spyro the Dragon [Reignited] (12/29, PS4)

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Re: Games Beaten in 2018

Postby ano0maly » 2 years ago

Continuing from last year

In Progress

Angels of Death (Windows - Steam)


Undertale (Windows)

True Pacifist

- September 9th**

Rosenkreuzstilette (Windows - Steam)
Grolla Story Mode - March 3rd

Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel (Windows - Steam)
Freudia Story Mode - January 27th
Pamela Story Mode - April 21st

Celeste (Windows - Steam)


- July 7th


- July 24th*


- July 26th


- August 1st

Angels of Death (Windows - Steam)
Episode 1 - December 26th


played most of the B-sides before starting chapter 8

** That's TRUE

True Pacifist

and not


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Re: Games Beaten in 2018

Postby YelseyKing » 2 years ago

In Progress:
Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal (PS2)
Notes: Yeah, the last entry of the original trilogy. Seems good so far, but we shall see if it's better than the first two.
Phantasy Star 4 (Genesis; Completed 1-6-18) [First Time]
Notes: I tried playing this game a long time ago, but lost my save about halfway through during a hard drive crash. This time, I finished it. And it's pretty good, really; I'd say it ranks up there with the better RPGs of the 16-bit era.

Marvelous: Another Treasure Island (SNES; Completed 1-13-18) [First Time]
Notes: A charming little Japan-only adventure game that... probably no one here has heard of. There's a fan translation, but it's a rather mediocre one. Still, lets you get through the game... and it's a fun game, at that. I rather liked this one.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (GBA; Completed 1-15-18) [First Time]
Notes: This took a *long* time, but... I loved it. Fantastic game. The law system was a bit irritating, but nowhere near as horrible as people tend to make it out to be. I *almost* 100%'d it, but a bug I didn't catch until it was too late prevented me from getting one of the hidden characters. Nonetheless, I finished all 300 missions, as well as the 10 post-game missions. I'm done!

Wario Land 2 (GBC; Completed 1-18-18) [First Time]
Notes: An unusual platformer, but a fun game nonetheless. I liked the branching paths, and the way they naturally lead into one another. The game had some issues, though. Locking the map and forcing you on a linear path until you beat the game once was an odd decision, and the final bonus level was pure ROM hack BS. Overall, though, I enjoyed it. Looking forward to the later entries in the series!

Super Cat Planet (PC; Completed 1-19-18; 100%'d 2-15-18) [First Time]
Notes: A fun, charming game that captures the feel of the original perfectly. :3 I got all 170 cats, all 17 strange cats, and finished the postgame. cat planet cat planet cat planet cat planet cat planet :3

Ultima: Runes of Virtue 2 (SNES; Completed 1-25-18) [Replay]
Notes: Weird old game from my childhood. Just felt like replaying it.

Arcana (SNES; Completed 2-6-18) [First Time]
Notes: ...wow. There are a laundry list of things I felt were wrong with this game. It's super old school, and it does not go easy on you. But... it's not *terrible*, either. Good music, at least. I don't expect to play this one again.

Wario Land 3 (GBC; Completed 2-7-18) [First Time]
Notes: All 100 treasures, and all "music coins" found, naturally. It gets off to a slow start, but is quite fun once you gain some abilities and have some freedom in exploration. Definitely one of the better GBC games.

Shadow Complex (PC; Completed 2-12-18) [First Time]
Notes: I do so love Metroidvanias. 100%, natch. Its 2.5D gameplay takes some getting used to, and the bosses are really easy to the point of being anti-climactic, but the game, as a whole, is pretty darn good. Very Metroid-like. Also, special thanks to pholtos for finding me a way to disable controller rumble for the game.

An Untitled Story (PC; Completed 2-24-18) [First Time]
Notes: You know, it's funny. I tried this game many years ago, and did not enjoy it. The heart doors (need full health to open them, set at the end of tricky obstacle courses) and the bosses annoyed me a lot. But I'm *far* better than I was back then, so those same things I hated... were some of what I enjoyed the most. It's a pretty good game, all in all. 97%; I got everything but three hearts from three minigames I just couldn't be bothered to practice, especially since +30 max HP would not have translated to even one extra hit in the final dungeon or battles.

Mother 3 (GBA; Completed 2-27-18) [First Time]
Notes: I enjoyed this one a lot more than I expected to. A fun, solid game that captures the feel of the previous two games well, though it sacrifices the exploration aspect for a deeper story and more engaging characterization. That said... best RPG ever? Not by a long shot, my friend. Still. I dig it. I'll definitely replay this one down the road sometime, and actually *complete* the bestiary.

Ittle Dew (PC; Completed 3-7-18) [First Time]
Notes: A short, but fun little Zelda parody, with some rather clever puzzles and a sense of humor I appreciated. I 100%'d it, yo.

Ittle Dew 2 (PC; Completed 3-16-18) [First Time]
Notes: Significantly larger than the first game, same clever brand of puzzles, same silly humor. Definitely a step up from the first. I *think* I 100%'d it (found all items, got all hearts, and beat the bonus dungeon), but as the game has no way of letting you know if you've completely cleared an area, I'm not completely certain. Regardless, a very fun game.

Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando (PS2; Completed 3-21-18) [Replay]
Notes: Challenge Mode, which due to having the best armor and Ultra weapons, was... easier than the normal game. Now I can officially start the third game with all the old save bonuses. Hooray!

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (DS; Completed 3-25-18) [First Time]
Notes: Not something I'd have normally played on my own, but after months of pholtos begging me, I finally gave it a shot... and I'm glad I did. This was a very fun, unique game. I definitely want to see more... but maybe later. :P

Kirby's Adventure (NES; Completed 4-1-18) [First Time]
Notes: As NES platformers go, it was fairly good, though it never felt super exciting, either. Nice to play a piece of history, at the least.

Phoenix Wright: Justice For All (DS; Completed 4-3-18) [First Time]
Notes: Well... it definitely wasn't as good as the first game, but it wasn't *bad*, either, and that last case made up for it. Shame it only has four cases, as opposed to the five in all the others, but eh.

Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations (DS; Completed 4-11-18) [First Time]
Notes: Significantly better than the second game, and an amazing fitting conclusion to the original trilogy. What a great series of games.

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth (DS; Completed 5-12-18) [First Time]
Notes: This one plays out a bit differently than the Phoenix Wright trilogy, but I actually like the way the game alternates between "bite-size" versions of the investigation and cross-examination sequences, keeping either from feeling like it goes on too long. That final case, man. Wow.

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth: Prosecutor's Path (DS; Completed 5-22-18) [First Time]
Notes: I didn't quite like this one as much as the first, but it was still a very enjoyable game. The plot felt more interesting, though... and the fan translation was so good, I often found myself forgetting it even *was* fan translated.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (DS; Completed 5-28-18) [First Time]
Notes: While not without its bright spots... this game was probably the weakest in the series since the second game. Only four cases, only one of which was particularly *great*... Kind of a shame. But still, it was far from *bad*, either.

Hyper Light Drifter (PC; Completed 6-10-18) [First Time]
Notes: This game was very weird, but... a lot of fun. I loved exploring the strange, surrealistic world, and while the game was quite challenging, only once did I ever find myself frustrated (grumble grumble samurai boss). Given how incredibly well-hidden stuff tended to be, I'm certain there are things I missed. But that's what replays are for, right?

Arc the Lad 2 (PSX; Completed 6-11-18) [Replay/First Time]
Notes: Third time's the charm. I played through most of this game twice before, but never finished it. This time, I did. The ending was lousy. On the whole, it's a *good* game, but it has so many flaws that I can't consider it a *great* game. Kind of a shame, really.

Make a Good Megaman Level Contest 2 (PC; Completed 6-23-18; Green Stars Collected 6-26-18) [First Time]
Notes: For a "contest", this was better presented than most actual Megaman fangames. There were a few terrible stages, but for the most part, this was a very enjoyable experience. 100%, of course. Because. I even collected all 314 green stars. I have out-stupided you, Pyro. :P

Cave Story (PC; Completed 7-4-18) [Replay/First Time]
Notes: I tried playing this a few years ago, and got all the way to the end, but the final battles and the Sacred Grounds intimidated me so much that I ... didn't even *try* them. This time? I am successful! It's honestly a pretty good game, overall, albeit on the short side. I'm not quite sure I'd say it's one of my favorite Metroidvanias, but it's good for what it is.

Megaman Unlimited (PC; Completed 7-10-18) [Replay/First Time]
Notes: Another one I played almost to the end a while back, but couldn't actually beat. This time, I did. I actually like this game a lot; I find it one of the better Megaman fan games out there, and don't really think it's *that* much harder than the official games. But that final level is still very much a thing.

Megaman 9 (PC; Completed 7-12-18) [First Time]
Notes: Finally! It was a pretty good game, on the whole, though I did miss having the charge shot and, especially, the slide! Also, there were bits that felt like cheap ROM hack "gotcha!" moments. Still, a solid *official* return to form for the Blue Bomber after so many years out of action. The weapon selection, I should add, was great; some of the best weapons in the series here.

Megaman 10 (PC; Completed 7-15-18) [First Time]
Notes: And this one, too. Gonna have to go along with the general consensus and say that this wasn't as good as 9. It did lack the "gotcha" traps, and the level design was fine, but the weapons were significantly less useful, and I'd daresay I haven't seen such an unwieldy set since MM3. The game was nonetheless pretty good, overall. Glad to have finally played it.

Megaman: Super Fighting Robot (PC; Completed 7-16-18) [First Time]
Notes: A good fangame, if a bit on the easy side due to how... unbalancing some of the permanent powerup items can be. That said, the level design is solid, the boss fights are fun, and the weapon selection is great. There's some bonus post-game content; I may go for some of it, but certain things will require me to replay on hard mode, with no upgrades, etc. Not right now.

Nezumiman (PC; Completed 7-18-18) [First Time]
Notes: What a... weird game. It's so very, very Japanese. Like if someone fused Vip with Megaman. That said, it was quite easy, but nevertheless, pretty fun anyhow.

Ys I+II Chronicles+ - Ancient Ys Vanished: Omen (PC; Completed 7-20-18) [Replay/First Time]
Notes: My, that's a mouthful of a title. I've made attempts at this game many times in various different formats over the years, but never could quite get all the way through it. This time... I did. As very old games remade a hundred times go, the first entry in the Ys series holds up better than most, but it's still a fairly generic game in the end. The bosses are just odd, in that you either kill them in seconds, or they kill you in seconds.

Ys I+II Chronicles+ - Ancient Ys Vanished: The Final Chapter (PC; Completed 7-24-18) [First Time]
Notes: Or, um, Ys 2, if that name is too long and unwieldy for you. :P As expected, this game was a heck of a lot better than the first one. Not only was it about twice as long, but it had a lot more variety as a whole, and was a fitting end to the story as Ys 1 left off. Interestingly, this is the first time I'd ever played Ys 2, despite having made an attempt at the first game many times on different platforms. With this, I can now say I've played Ys 1-6. In some form, at least.

Suikoden (PSX; Completed 8-8-18) [Replay]
Notes: Nostalgia can lie to you. This game, while still *good*, is a lot rougher around the edges than I remembered it being. That you're constantly forced to bring characters with you, or arbitrarily not allowed to use them, just so they can deliver a few lines of dialogue, is really annoying and limits your flexibility a good bit. Needing a certain rune just to dash is silly, too. Still, it's a foundation of better things to come, so I can forgive it for that.

Suikoden 2 (PSX; Completed 8-25-18) [Replay]
Notes: This one held up *much* better than the first game. Using the same basic formula, but improving absolutely *every* aspect, this has always been my favorite game of all time, and this recent playthrough did not shake that. I even got all the rare dropped items this time!

Hollow Knight (PC; Completed 9-7-18) [First Time]
Notes: Easily one of the best Metroidvanias I've ever played, and without a doubt, the *longest*. 40+ hours! Yikes! I got 107% completion; found all the items and upgrades, beat the true final boss... I didn't bother with the Godmaster Boss Rush stuffs, or most of the "Dream Rematch" boss fights, because they were simply too much for me. It had some questionable design decisions, such as the map being more of a pain than I'm used to, and being only able to equip charms at save points... but overall, it was a fantastic game that was challenging, while barring some late game optional content, never really feeling unfair.

Kirby and the Amazing Mirror (GBA; Completed 9-25-18) [First Time]
Notes: A Kirby Metroidvania? It works better than you might expect! It's sort of like they fleshed out Great Cave Offensive from Kirby Super Star into a full game. Even if they weren't always *important*, it was still fun to go for all the hidden chests and collectables. The game has some of the same flaws that bugged me about Kirby's Adventure earlier in the year, but nothing too bad. Fun game, glad I played it.

Donut County (PC; Completed 10-2-18) [First Time]
Notes: A simple casual game that isn't very long, and doesn't present a whole lot of challenge, but was a fun, relaxing time, with some amusing dialogue and a charming art style. Have a garbage day!

Resident Evil: Revelations (360; Completed 10-11-18) [First Time]
Notes: This was an experience, to be sure. It took me a bit to get used to it, which resulted in my being effectively forced to start over mid-way through due to incredibly poor supply management leaving me woefully under-equipped at a crucial moment. Even then, it's a bit finicky in terms of some of the controls, and the camera feels like it's *way* too zoomed in, but despite all that, I had a good time with it. It has an interesting plot, typical cheesy-but-fun Resident Evil dialogue, and some satisfyingly intense boss fights.

Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link (NES; Completed 10-17-18) [Replay/First Time]
Notes: Oh yes. I actually never beat this game. I got *close*, but I never saw the ending stuffs. Now I have. Hooray! Not a *bad* game, just a *hard* one.

Silva Saga 2 (SNES; Completed 10-22-18) [First Time]
Notes: I... wanted a generic SNES JRPG experience, and looking at this game's world map, it gave me a Lufia-esque vibe. Hoo boy did it disappoint. Generic gameplay and boring combat, combined with a gimmick that actually *hinders* you if you make use of it (three teams that level independently of each other... hooray for three times the grinding), and an extremely boring "slay the evil demon king that sits on his EVIL throne for the entire game" plot full of fetch quests... And tedious, damage sponge enemies and bosses, who are also often immune to magic, rendering most fights into a boring slug-fest... Gah. I'm not playing this one again. Ever. This game sucks.

Guacamelee 2 (PC; Completed 11-2-18) [First Time]
Notes: Mechanically, this was largely the same as the first. It was a fun romp with some clever and challenging platforming puzzles, great usage of the many abilities you're given, and I also liked how the game as a whole didn't take itself seriously at all. Overall, I think I liked the first game better, but this was still a nice follow up.

Secret of Mana (PC; Completed 11-20-18) [First Time/Replay]
Notes: I've beaten the game on SNES many times, of course, but this was my first time through the remake. And... honestly? It was... pretty unambitious, as remakes go. The script was expanded and fleshed out, the graphics were nice, the music was *usually* good, but had a few really weird arrangements, and there were a few quality of life improvements here and there... but by and large, it's exactly the same as the SNES original. If you liked that version, well, here it is with a fresh translation and new coat of paint. If you didn't, then this remake won't change your mind.

Final Fantasy 6 Advance (GBA; Completed 11-21-18) [Replay]
Notes: Finishing up playthrough #926748364 of this game, which I started sometime last year, and stopped just before the bonus dungeon. Which I proceeded to finish up. I did everything the game has to offer. Even a full Rage list. I truly have no shame.

Final Fantasy 8 (PSX; Completed 12-23-18) [Replay]
Notes: pholtos' playthrough of this game earlier in the year made me want to revisit it. It's one of the series' "black sheep", but I like it. Especially Triple Triad. Yessir.

Blossom Tales (PC; Completed 12-29-18) [First Time]
Notes: A so-so Zelda clone. Doesn't do much to play with the whole formula, and it's also fairly short (despite taking me a month to play it due to how sporadically I did so), but it's cute, fun enough, and there's a fair bit to explore. I did like the "grandfather telling his grandchildren a story" framing device charming, and it was neat that you could choose a few different events based on the kids' whims, but not enough was really done with it. I'd give it a C+.
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Re: Games Beaten in 2018

Postby alleightbits » 2 years ago

i hope i do more this year
probably not though
Corporate Salmon (mobile), January 20
The Kingdom of Loathing (browser)
  • Sauceror Hardcore 2017 Standard, January 23
Snailiad (browser), Normal difficulty, February 17
Bomber Man (NES), February 19
Bomberman II (NES), February 22
Deltarune, Chapter 1 (PC), December 22
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Re: Games Beaten in 2018

Postby Njord_Nytilflytter » 2 years ago

Oh man, I totally posted the wrong year of games, whoops!
I really need to be more active here.

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Re: Games Beaten in 2018

Postby Whimsical Calamari » 2 years ago

reserving my spot for when i beat my 6th-or-so playthrough of need for speed underground 2 (edit: HAAAAAAA)

Sonic Mania - PC
Knuckles%* - January 7

Sonic Mania Plus - Switch
Ray complete* - July 20
All Blue Sphere gold medals - July 20
Mighty complete - July 21
Beat Encore Mode - October 6
Encore Mode complete - October 7

Kirby: Star Allies - Switch
Beat Story Mode - July 21

Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy - Switch
Crash Bandicoot good ending first + normal ending - November 28

*Knuckles & Knuckles mode - all Chaos Emeralds + beat True Final Boss
*Beat Final Boss + all Chaos Emeralds

In progress
Towerfall, Sonic Mania Plus, Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy
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Re: Games Beaten in 2018

Postby Zygl » 2 years ago

in on page 1

Gonna try not to work 85 hours a week and get knocked completely out of playing games again :v

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Re: Games Beaten in 2018

Postby Ashan » 2 years ago

I think I kept up with this last year? I didn't really play a ton of games in 2017. I guess we'll see if that changes in 2018.

Anyway, reserving
  • Shadow of the Colossus (PS4, Feb 10th)
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Re: Games Beaten in 2018

Postby HatKid » 2 years ago

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow | 1/13/2018 | GBA | Okay, bad and good endings
Persona 3 FES (The Journey) | 1/28/18 | PS2 |
Super Mario Bros. 3 |2/1/18 | NES |
Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation |2/17/18| 3DS |
Revelations: Persona |3/10/18| PS1 | Bad Ending
Miitopia | 3/17/18 | 3DS | Time for post game...
Super Mario Bros. | 3/24/18 | NES |
Persona 5 | 4/1/2018 | PS3 |
Steins;Gate | 4/15/18| PC | Completed on April 19th
Shin Megami Tensei - Persona 2: Innocent Sin | 5/6/18 | PSP |
Steins;Gate 0 |5/10/18 | PC | Completed on ---
Medal of Honor: Rising Sun | 5/13/18 | GCN | All missions beaten in co-op
Super Mario Bros. 2 | 5/23/18 | NES | All levels beaten
Assassins Creed | 6/3/18 | 360 | All memories completed except flag collecting and Templar hunting
Steins;Gate 0 | 6/3/18 | PC |
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion | 6/10/18 | PC | All major questlines completed
A Hat in Time | 6/14/18 | PC | All 40 Time Pieces collected
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | 6/14/18 | All major quest lines completed
Revelations: Persona | 6/18/18 | PS1 | Good ending
Chrono Trigger | 6/24/18 | PS1 |
Persona 4 | 7/04/18 | PS2 |
Persona | 7/13/18 | PSP | Snow Queen Quest completed; P1 PSP is now completed.
Super Mario Bros. 3 |7/30/18| SNES |
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Re: Games Beaten in 2018

Postby pholtos » 2 years ago

King Dugan's Dungeon (DROD) 1/6 - 100% and all challenges
Flood Warning (DROD) 1/9 - 100%
Drill Dozer (GBA) 1/13
Complex Complex (DROD) 2/11 - 100%
Dragon Quest 1 (SNES) 2/13
Ribbit King (PS2) 5/8
Rogue Legacy (Steam) 5/20 - 100%
Grow Home (Steam) 5/29 - 100%
Rocket Slime (DS) 6/1
Spyro the Dragon (PS1) 6/4 - 100%
Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (PS2) 6/17
Getsu Fuuma Den (NES) 6/21
Darius Twin (SNES) 6/24
Assassin's Creed 3 (PC) 7/10 - 100%
Assassin's Creed 4 (PC) 9/10 - 100%
Starfox Adventures (GC) 9/28
Final Fantasy 8 (PS1) 11/13
Breath of Fire 3 (PS1) 11/23
CrossCode (PC) 12/16 - 100%
Daiku no Gen-san - Kachikachi no Tonkachi ga Kachi (GBC) 12/17 - 100%
Windwaker Randomizer (GC) 12/31
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Re: Games Beaten in 2018

Postby TheFinalSentinel » 2 years ago

what's a video game

Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)
01/01/18 - 01/03/18 - 01/09/18
Beaten, Completed

Dragon Ball FighterZ (Steam)
01/30/18 - 02/02/18

Xenoblade 2 (Switch)
01/01/18 - 05/21/18

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (GBA)
04/01/2017 - 08/08/2018

Xenoblade 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country (Switch)
11/22/18 - 12/08/18

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: World of Light (Switch)
10/07/18 - 10/22/18 - 10/22/18
Beaten, Completed
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Re: Games Beaten in 2018

Postby SAJewers » 2 years ago


Graze Counter (Mission Mode) - January 2
The Disappearing of Gensokyo (Normal) - March 3
FOX n FORESTS - June 16
RAIN Project - July 12
Sunset Overdrive - December 15
Rock Maiden 1 - December 25
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Re: Games Beaten in 2018

Postby MECHDRAGON777 » 2 years ago

PC - Touhou 15.5 Demo All Stories
SMBX - Lowser's Conquest (August 22nd 2017 Beta) Any%
PS4 - Gauntlet Campaign

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Re: Games Beaten in 2018

Postby aterraformer » 2 years ago


-Beaten January 6th
-Played on PC

Daniel_EDC's Hard Minihack:
-Beaten February 10th
-Played on Project64
-7/7 Stars

Half-Life 2:
-Beaten February 11th
-Played on PC

Skyrim: Legendary Edition:
-Beaten July 24th
-Played on PC
-Some extra quests including a little of Dragonborn but mostly the main quest and no magic except healing
Rockman X:
-Beaten January 4th
-Played on Super Famicom
-Probably beaten before but on emulator years ago and maybe save states?

Mega Man X2:
-Beaten January 5th
-Played on Super Nintendo
-100% except the Shoryuken capsule didn't appear (because I lost 1 tick of health?) and didn't bother with X-Hunters
-Probably beaten before but on emulator years ago and maybe save states?

e-Reader Levels:
-Beaten January 19th
-Played on Wii U
-Ignored collectables

Palmsear Sands:
-Beaten January 30th
-Played on Project64
-28 Stars
-Odyssey style contest hack

Marble Apotos City:
-Beaten February 2nd
-Played on Project64
-25 Stars
-Odyssey style contest hack

StarRevenge 5.5 - Destroyed Memories:
-Beaten February 3nd
-Played on Project64
-70 Stars
-Intended to prove people will play any SM64/Brodute hack regardless of difficulty quality. Achieves goal

A Hat in Time:
-Beaten February 5th
-Played on PC
-40/40 Time Pieces
-9.5/10, probably even better than Odyssey IMO

Marvel Adventure:
-Beaten February 7th
-Played on Project64
-51/51 Stars

Mario Adventure:
-Beaten February 8th
-Played on Project64
-130/130 Stars
-Sonic Adventure shoved into SM64, jankily

StarRevenge 1:
-Beaten February 9th
-Played on Project64
-100/100 Stars
-Savestate on the slide spawn for time star :(

Yoshi's Adventure 128: Attack of the Factory:
-Beaten February 12th
-Played on Project64
-95/95 Stars
-Full autoscroller course in a 3D Mario game with 7 stars per this level and less in others

Ztar Attack 0.5: Mario Escape From the Jail:
-Beaten February 14th
-Played on Project64
-51/51 Stars

Luigi and the Forest Ruins 64:
-Beaten February 15th
-Played on Project64
-49/49 Stars
-50 Stars is not possible. Only 46 or 49. There's a bonus yellow switch that causes 3 stars after you collect 3 stars but breaks MIPS2. Getting MIPS2 makes the switch impossible. All of this is more interesting than the level design in the hack itself

Cyclone Fighter v2.0:
-Beaten February 16th
-Played on Project64
-55/55 Stars
-Optimized by aglab2

Boonster's Peril:
-Beaten February 17th
-Played on Project64
-9/9 Stars

It's a Crash!:
-Beaten February 18th
-Played on Project64
-9/9 Stars

Warp Zone DX:
-Beaten February 19th
-Played on Project64
-20/20 Stars
-Listed as 19 Stars but no clear way of knowing "no 100 coin missions"

Super Mallow World:
-Beaten February 25th
-Played on Super Famicom
-71/71 Exits

Chartreuse Star Adventure:
-Beaten February 26th
-Played on Project64
-21/21 Stars

Temple Explorer:
-Beaten February 26th
-Played on Project64
-7/7 Stars

Diamond Star Adventure:
-Beaten March 15th
-Played on Project64
-31/31 Stars

Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back:
-Beaten March 16th
-Played on Playstation 4
-Bad Ending, some gems

Super Mario 64: Ocarina of Time:
-Beaten April 2nd
-Played on Project64
-171/171 Stars
-I forgot to go back for the 170 star prize from the House of Skulltula but otherwise 100%

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:
-Beaten April 27th
-Played on N64
-Probably about the tenth time I've beaten this between casual, speedrun and once on 3DS but I never did hundo
-No Corey in the House but 100% speedrun ruleset does not require it so *shrug*. I didn't save on the last day and lost the 4th bottle, Big Goron Sword, and trials so I might do it whenever I get around to redoing that crap

Ocarina of Time: Master Quest:
-Beaten May 4th
-Played on Gamecube
-Dungeon Dice Monsters (all 44 dungeon and mini-dungeon gold skulltulas, including Gerudo Training Grounds and Trials)

Tomatobird8's Classic Pack 64:
-Beaten May 7th
-Played on Project64
-60/60 Stars

Super Luigi World: Luigi's Quest!:
-Beaten June 13th
-Played on Super Famicom
-68/96 Exits, might not go back
-Used infinite lives and save anywhere patch

Backwards Mario World:
-Beaten June 14th
-Played on Super Famicom
-14/14 Exits
-My first kaizo clear (one sitting too)

Mario's Story:
-Beaten June 19th
-Played on Super Famicom
-22/22 Exits
-this was tested with savestates

Alternia Adventures:
-Beaten June 20th
-Played on Wii
-46/46 Exits

The Hooray!: Fishing Season:
-Beaten August 1st
-Played on Super Famicom (thanks Redguy for SA-1 support on SD2SNES!!!)
-14/14 Exits (including Awesome)
-All dragon coins and possibly all moons

Super SIG World 10:
-Beaten August 24th
-Played on Super Famicom
-102/102 Exits
-Apparently "greatest hits", just filled with autoscrollers and awkward design lol

Super SIG World 3:
-Beaten August 31st
-Played on Super Famicom
-85/85 Exits

Super SIG World 4:
-Beaten September 2nd
-Played on Super Famicom
-96/96 Exits

Quickie World:
-Beaten September 6th
-Played on Super Famicom
-14/14 Exits
-Kaizo, almost 1 sitting clear of 100%. Like 5 and a half hours for any% and 1 special level and the other 2 levels took a half hour together

Super SIG World 5:
-Beaten September 6th
-Played on Super Famicom
-91/91 Exits

-Beaten September 10th
-Played on Super Famicom
-78/78 Exits
-6 years, 3 day grind, twice dying after beating the big boo in So Sadistic, It's Dreadful

Super Slope Muncher:
-Beaten September 14th
-Played on Super Famicom
-5/5 Exits
-Extremely unethica

-Beaten September 18th
-Played on Super Famicom
-A3/A3 Exits
-Cleared up all the levels I stated years ago tool

Learn 2 Kaizo:
-Beaten September 21st
-Played on Super Famicom
-68/68 Exits

This Hack Needs a Name:
-Beaten September 24th
-Played on Super Famicom
-117/117 Exits

a single, somewhat hard level:
-Beaten September 24th
-Played on Super Famicom
-1/1 Exit

Lesbian Vampire Killer World 5000:
-Beaten September 25th
-Played on Super Famicom
-7/7 Exits

Donkey Kong 2: The Rise of Jumpman!:
-Beaten September 26th
-Played on Super Famicom
-4/4 Exits

The Great Giana Sisters:
-Beaten September 26th
-Played on Super Famicom
-33/33 Exits

Donkey Kong 3: Another Rise!:
-Beaten September 26th
-Played on Super Famicom
-4/4 Exits

Piranha Island:
-Beaten September 28th
-Played on Super Famicom
-20/20 Exits

-Beaten September 29th
-Played on Super Famicom
-19/19 Exits

The Great Giana Sisters 2: Another Generical Hack:
-Beaten October 1st
-Played on Super Famicom
-28/28 Exits

Korosu Mario World:
-Beaten October 2nd
-Played on Super Famicom
-17/17 Exits

Super Hark Bros.:
-Beaten October 6th
-Played on Super Famicom
-16/16 Exits

Super Mario Pants World:
-Beaten October 7th
-Played on Super Famicom
-7/7 Exits

Luigi's Lost Levels:
-Beaten October 8th
-Played on Super Famicom
-4/4 Exits

Super Ryu World:
-Beaten October 9th
-Played on Super Famicom
-14/14 Exits

Super Gracie World:
-Beaten October 12th
-Played on Super Famicom
-15/15 Exits

Super Mario 32:
-Beaten October 17th
-Played on WiiVC
-45/45 Stars

Super Mario Bros. Randomizer:
-Beaten October 25th
-Played on Nestopia

Ztar Attack 2: A Blast to the Past:
-Beaten October 26th
-Played on Project64
-90/90 Stars

The Spectral Manor:
-Beaten November 1st
-Played on Super Famicom
-18/18 Souls

Super DGR World:
-Beaten November 4th
-Played on Super Famicom
-32/32 Exits, 100% all optional levels including the whole hack in a level

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels:
-Beaten November 12th
-Played on Super Famicom
-D-4 Warpless

Super Mario Bros. 2:
-Beaten November 12th
-Played on Super Famicom

Super Mario Bros. 1X:
-Beaten November 18th
-Played on Super Famicom
-66/66 Exits

Super Mario Bros. 3X:
-Beaten November 19th
-Played on Super Famicom
-70/70 Exits
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Re: Games Beaten in 2018

Postby Gezo24 » 2 years ago

They Are Billions - PC (January 14th)
Nioh - PC (February 15th)
Owlboy - PC (March 4th)
Gunpoint - PC (March 7th)
Mafia III - PC (April 10th)
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - 3DS (May 5th)
INSIDE - PC (May 14th)
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Switch (August 6th)
A Robot Named Fight! - Switch (September 4th)
Super Mario Odyssey - Switch (October 3rd)
Layers of Fear - PC (October 21st)
Monster Hunter: World - PC (November 12th)
Streets of Rogue - PC (November 21st)
Red Dead Redemption 2 - PS4 (December 5th)
YAKUZA KIWAMI - PS4 (December 27th)
Hylics - PC (December 31st)
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Re: Games Beaten in 2018

Postby Dizzybelle » 2 years ago


Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies (3DS) - 10/01/18
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Switch) - 07/02/18
Subnautica (PC) - 18/02/18
Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth 2: Hacker's Memory (Vita) - 24/02/18
Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice (3DS) - 28/02/18
Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology (3DS) - 17/03/18
Ni No Kuni 2 - Revenant Kingdom (PS4) - 28/03/18
Atelier Lydie & Suelle: Alchemists of the Mysterious Paintings (Switch) - 19/04/18
The Banner Saga (Switch) - 11/06/18
Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey Redux (3DS) - 11/07/18
OCTOPATH TRAVELLER (Switch) - 14/08/18
DOOM (2016) (PC) - 16/08/18
Yakuza 0 (PC) - 07/10/18
Yakuza Kiwami (PS4) - 18/10/18
Yakuza Kiwami 2 (PS4) - 01/11/18
Moonlighter (Switch) - 13/11/18
Slay the Spire (PC) - 24/11/18
Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk (Switch) - 29/11/18
Iconoclasts (Switch) 04/12/18
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch) 12/12/18
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Re: Games Beaten in 2018

Postby Cyril » 2 years ago

it's early enough that i could probably still track this, sure

Uurnog Uurnlimited (1/14)
Pharaoh Rebirth+ (1/20)
Unbox (1/22)
Celeste (All achievements on 2/3)
Iconoclasts (2/13)
Stephen's Sausage Roll (2/13)
Fe (3/2)
Sorry, James (3/3)
Finding Paradise (3/8)
Remnants of Naezith (3/21, 100% achievements on 3/23)
Delete (3/23)
Dandara (3/23, 100% collection on 3/24)
Shadow Bug (3/28)
Skylar & Plux: Adventure On Clover Island (3/30)
Hacknet: Labyrinths (4/1)
Poi (All medallions on 4/11)
Devil Survivor 2 (4/24)
Stories: The Path of Destinies (5/11)
Rabi-Ribi (Base Game Postgame clear on 5/12, DLC clear on 5/31)
Omensight (5/19)
Scalak (5/26)
PUSH (5/26)
Mario Odyssey (replay but w/e) (5/28)
klocki (5/28)
The Art of Gravity (5/29)
Steamworld Dig 2 (6/3)
Human Resource Machine (6/8)
The Testament of Sherlock Holmes (6/13)
Sherlock Holmes: The Silver Earring (6/26)
A Hat in Time (7/04)
La-Mulana 2 (8/14)
Life is Strange: Before the Storm (8/19)
Guacamelee 2 (8/23)
The Turing Test (8/25)
Time Hollow (9/06)
AER: Memories of Old (9/28)
Seasons After Fall (9/30)
OneShift (10/21)
NieR: Automata (10/24)
Subsurface Circular (10/26)
Cube Escape: Paradox (10/28)
Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened (11/3)
Hex (11/3)
Return of the Obra Dinn (11/6)
The Messenger (11/12)
428: Shibuya Scramble (11/28, all achievements 12/2)
CrossCode (12/9)
RIME (12/16)
Pankapu (12/22)
Tengami (12/23)
A Normal Lost Phone (12/24)
Hue (12/25)
Sonic Mania (Encore Mode) (12/28)
Owl Watch (12/29)
Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness (Inspector path) (12/30)
Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (12/31)
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Re: Games Beaten in 2018

Postby patch_rat » 2 years ago

4/12 - Donkey Kong Country (GBA) (Story Complete with 66%)
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Re: Games Beaten in 2018

Postby Sturg » 2 years ago

Super Mario Odyssey 100% - 5/10
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Re: Games Beaten in 2018

Postby Ivy » 2 years ago

Sturg wrote: Super Mario Odyssey 100% - 5/10
Is this 880 or 999 moons?
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Re: Games Beaten in 2018

Postby Sturg » 2 years ago

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Re: Games Beaten in 2018

Postby Ivy » 2 years ago

Sturg wrote: 999
I assume all 880 individual moons in the kingdoms and then the remaining ones purchased from a store? That's my goal after finishing Darker Side, nice job!
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Re: Games Beaten in 2018

Postby Grounder » 2 years ago

mogeko castle
wadanohara and the great blue sea
the gray garden
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