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happy birthday talkhaus!!!

Nintendo Switch presentation

do you like them video games? what about those there romhacks? well pop on in here and talk about them then! what are you waiting for?!
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Re: Nintendo Switch presentation

Postby BurntTenda » 5 months ago

Super Mario Odyssey looks pretty neat.
Oddjob Bowser.
The trailer for Breath of the Wild was amazing.
Not sure how I feel about ARMS.
Also, Xenoblade 2. That's a thing.
Something goes here sometime.

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Re: Nintendo Switch presentation

Postby Kapus » 5 months ago

Slimeman01 wrote:I've never really gotten into the Zelda franchise. I get lost in a game, I quit. Hopefully BoTW will be what gets me into Zelda, cause that game looks really freaking cool!
I dunno, I feel like it'd be easier to get lost in botw than in any other 3D zelda game.

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