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by Goombaking
3 years ago
Forum: the gazebo
Topic: Everything Music *Official Music Thread*
Replies: 388
Views: 58506

Re: Everything Music *Official Music Thread*

Just got into Foxygen. They have some great stuff.
by Goombaking
5 years ago
Forum: let's play
Topic: MaGL X2 - Cat Planet × Pokemon OTP
Replies: 9787
Views: 890144

Re: MaGL X2 - LUESoldat x Emotion OTP

the reason I entered was because I convinced myself I would somehow be able to submit a level in time

wait no that was maglx 1

by Goombaking
5 years ago
Forum: the cartridgé
Topic: LISA - Pain, Joy, and Groovy Beats
Replies: 2
Views: 872

LISA - Pain, Joy, and Groovy Beats

I'm back after forgetting about Talkhaus for quite a while please don't lynch me for leaving One of the games I played earlier this year was Lisa: The Painful RPG - and what a game it is. After seeing it appear in the 'let's all the trailers' video, I though it would be justified making a thread on...
by Goombaking
5 years ago
Forum: Magl X : the Lost Levels
Topic: Name-Claiming Thread
Replies: 273
Views: 57288

Re: Name-Claiming Thread

Could I claim My Mom Said That Pikachu Is of the Lord. I'm Inclined to Agree. as well as So. How Do You Feel About Silly Blarggs?? I'm still kicking myself for missing both MAGLX 1 & 2, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to get into this project.

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