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by Roykirbs
3 years ago
Forum: contest center
Topic: [SUBMISSIONS CLOSED] Make A Good Level Contest (SMW) 3 - Rules/Submissions
Replies: 72
Views: 23226

Re: Make A Good Level Contest (SMW) 3 - Rules/Submissions

Dental Desert!

gotta say this was a bit of a nightmare to difficulty balance.
by Roykirbs
4 years ago
Forum: let's play
Topic: MaGL X2 - Cat Planet × Pokemon OTP
Replies: 9787
Views: 886080

Re: MaGL X2 - SMB2 x MaGL X2 otp

oh wow i hardly post at all around here, haha. So for my level I wanted Party Pokey to return regardless of what level name I picked...and it turned out evil genius assimilating a pokey into a mech was the best direction! :D So I basically had the beginning and part of the end pretty much set up fro...
by Roykirbs
10 years ago
Forum: the gazebo
Topic: Introduction/Welcome Thread
Replies: 2958
Views: 291367

Re: Introduction/Welcome Thread

Hey there all!
I thought it would be a swell idea to join this community of people.

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