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by AWMonopolyMan
4 months ago
Forum: project showcase
Topic: A2MT Complete! 1.9.5 Released!
Replies: 765
Views: 95906

Re: A2MT Complete! 1.9.5 Released!

The 1.9.5 version (at least from what I could find at the time), had the exact same Undermoore Passage problem, the only version that didn’t seem to have that problem, was a version that Qubictom LP’ed otherwise, everything afterwards seems to break in one way or another, another one that I found th...
by AWMonopolyMan
1 year ago
Forum: let's play
Topic: JUMP ½ - Half a jump is still a jump
Replies: 1070
Views: 74038

Re: JUMP arg(1+(√(-1)))*(2/π) - Half a jump is still a jump

To give raocow his answer just in case he didn’t or doesn’t read the YouTube comments too often, Maw of the Beast is the meetup for the 2 paths. If he read that before or something, my goof. n~yoron
by AWMonopolyMan
1 year ago
Forum: project showcase
Topic: Fixed and Translated hacks
Replies: 64
Views: 20435

Re: Fixed and Translated hacks

Personally, I hope to see the 2nd Scarlet Devil Mario (Reimu's Challenge), fixed & translated myself one day. ;)

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