Luigi is actually in Genshin Impact


  • KobaBeach6 hours ago
    i heard tales of symphonia's jp opening today for the first time and. yeah jp tales openings are consistently peak (except phantasia psx)
  • Noelle6 hours ago
    We need a Nintendo version of Segagaga (I guess that was basically Captain Rainbow, but it was so long ago too)
  • KobaBeach7 hours ago
    we need to bring back captain syrup (and others) i agree
  • Noelle7 hours ago
    It's funny that Nintendo has so many unique Mario (and Mario adjacent) characters, yet they barely use them in these spinoffs
  • Noelle7 hours ago
    Captain Syrup feels like she could fit the "wapeach" role, it's a shame she's not in any spinoff as far as I know
  • ano0maly22 hours ago
    can someone make this year's ambushes & advent thread (and list the games showcased)
  • BobisOnlyBob1 day ago
    daisy is wapeach
  • KobaBeach1 day ago
    rpg makers are so fucking funny dude. i need to check out wolf rpg. i wish tactics challenge (it's easier to google through its kana name, タクティックスチャレンジ) wasn't busted by being pseudo-geolocked to japanese windows installs
  • raekuul1 day ago
    wrt tile-based vs pixel-based movement: I learned the art of RPG-making on the OHRRPGCE and that's very heavily tile-based, so I feel your pain in my bones
  • KobaBeach1 day ago
    i thought it looked super cute, i love goth bitches, but i know that in my heart of hearts it'd attract so many fucked up anime pedos. basically ashley 2
  • Grounder1 day ago
    so... how bout that (now deleted) wapeach design?
  • Jolpengammler1 day ago
    pooper scooper
  • metasomnia?1 day ago
  • KobaBeach1 day ago
    continued here so i dont spam the shoutbox ... 84#p483984
  • KobaBeach1 day ago
    thank you for agreeing with me. i've seen a few arpgs use the inbuilt per tile movement, though a lot of them use projectile weapons to make it less jank. if you want scrolling maps, the later rpg makers and game maker are better for that sort of thing
  • MonkeyShrapnel2 days ago
    That's the most fucked-up thing I've read in months
  • KobaBeach2 days ago
    must specify that doing picture based characters for pixel based movement alongside actual scrolling is a nightmare bc the engine doesn't have screen scroll altering commands, so you gotta move a bunch of pictures around with hitboxes to simulate it
  • KobaBeach2 days ago
    i dreamt i was doing an action rpg in rpg maker 2003 with actual screen scrolling and i never want to suffer such a horrible nightmare ever again
  • KobaBeach2 days ago
    *guptill89 doin your mom voice* 9/11???? (toilet flushing noise)
  • BobisOnlyBob2 days ago
    No No No is the fourth studio album by indie folk band Beirut. It was released on September 11, 2015 on 4AD.
  • pholtos2 days ago
    Nitric oxide is a colorless gas with the formula NO. Nitric oxide shouldn't be confused with nitrogen dioxide, a brown gas and major air pollutant, or with nitrous oxide, an anesthetic gas. Nasal breathing produces nitric oxide unlike oral breathing.
  • Noelle3 days ago
  • Mata Hari3 days ago
  • KobaBeach3 days ago
  • ano0maly3 days ago
    can Mario be in Genshin Impact though
  • KobaBeach3 days ago
    ranking the 3d marios for me would be kind of hard since they're my faves in the series. meanwhile 2d ones i think my best ones are 2j, 3 and land 2 (1, usa and world aren't too far behind). did not play wonder yet
  • raekuul3 days ago
    I haven't actually played any 3d marios except 64 and 3D Land, and haven't played any 2d marios newer than DS NSMB
  • 11clock3 days ago
    Galaxy 2 and Wonder are the only Mario games I have ever put in S tier. My A tier Mario games are 3D World, World, and Odyssey.
  • Mata Hari3 days ago
    McRib killed Kissinger. McRIP
  • Mata Hari3 days ago
    I was memeing, I literally did not know that McRib is back
  • KobaBeach3 days ago
    moon pie.... what a time to be alive
  • BobisOnlyBob3 days ago
    I thought you were memeing but nope the McRib is genuinely back once again. What a world.
  • Mata Hari3 days ago
    TEVI is out. Kissinger is dead. McRib is back
  • BobisOnlyBob3 days ago
    Rabbit Game 2: Rabbit More
  • ano0maly3 days ago
    TEVI is out
  • EllenHouraisan3 days ago
    R Playing Gs.
  • ano0maly4 days ago
    11clock wrote: 4 days ago One of my biggest pet peeves: “RPG game”
    I guess it's because "RP games" isn't specific enough (there's non-video game roleplaying)
  • KobaBeach4 days ago
    i literally just corrected raocow on the pronunciation of darius (the game series) this morgen
  • Grounder4 days ago
  • BobisOnlyBob4 days ago
    oh, that's up there with my loathing of "Game Boy Advanced", "Advanced Wars", "Super Mario Advanced" etc.
  • 11clock4 days ago
    One of my biggest pet peeves: “RPG game”
  • BobisOnlyBob4 days ago
    reverse colonized by anime subs
  • KobaBeach4 days ago
    *voice of a common whore* i live in portugal?
  • BobisOnlyBob4 days ago
    all of your hours are brazilion hours
  • KobaBeach5 days ago
    oh yeah i should just keep rpg maker 2003 open for a brazilion hours. it doesn't have to be legit usage to make it funny
  • camwoodstock5 days ago
    Mata Hari wrote: 5 days ago I will never look at a Steam review.
    we did NOT keep frog fractions 1 open for 1,000 hours just to see this... now we're sad... :c :c :c (not actually all that sad)
  • Mata Hari5 days ago
    I will never look at a Steam review.
  • 11clock6 days ago
    Don’t you love it when you can’t tell if a game on Steam is good or not because all of the reviews are meming?
  • KobaBeach6 days ago
    thank u. i actually did three threads (song it fore, hero corp and strider+osmund)

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