• thatguyif12 minutes ago
    Song Ka Long, sorry
  • thatguyif35 minutes ago
    Look, the Tran dynasty has rights of sovereignty from the Song Ka Lang to Hue. Is that too much to ask?
  • AtypicalAbbie2 hours ago
    Mata Hari wrote: 3 hours ago Tran's Rights
    just the one? damn didn't realize it was getting that bad
  • KobaBeach3 hours ago
    i love tran beatmania
  • Mata Hari3 hours ago
    Tran's Rights
  • YelseyKing3 hours ago
    Saying nice things on the internet? Is that allowed? o.o
  • TaviTurnip4 hours ago
    We are once again saying nice things about peoples' levels LIVE ON THE INTERNET (MaGL X3)
  • KobaBeach8 hours ago
    thread title
  • KobaBeach8 hours ago
    im not very familiar with 70s-80s american music, im mostly familiar with european and japanese
  • KobaBeach8 hours ago
    i think the gimmick is rush songs
  • KobaBeach8 hours ago
    @thatguyif took me a while but it's star fox 64
  • Mata Hari13 hours ago
    vast if verifiable
  • thatguyif1 day ago
  • raekuul1 day ago
    so either "The President, He's in a Panic" or "Tell My Wife I Love Her Very Much" but I'll have been on the road two, three hours by the time I know for certain. And I wouldn't have the video url anyway.
  • Grounder1 day ago
  • thatguyif1 day ago
    Dang :(
  • YelseyKing2 days ago
    He's around more on Discord these days.
  • thatguyif2 days ago
    where is awoo these days, haven't seen him
  • Leet2 days ago
    achoo is the opposite universe user of awoo
  • raekuul2 days ago
  • KobaBeach2 days ago
  • BobisOnlyBob2 days ago
  • Mata Hari3 days ago
    there's even a dog
  • TiKi3 days ago
    i get that feeling when i look up at the night sky - i already have sinus issues so i'm already feeling dizzy when my head's tilted up, but seeing all those stars looking at me like eyes and knowing that if you zoom in enough (hubble deep field et al.) there's a cornucopia of stars, planets, nebulae, galaxies, and even weirder shit (GRO J1655-40)? no thanks
  • Grounder3 days ago
    this is what mario sees every day
  • Grounder3 days ago
  • ano0maly3 days ago
    good bye to the legend
  • CrappyBlueLuigi3 days ago
    good to know it's up for grabs now
  • rena4 days ago
    was an amazing name tbh
  • Sayuri4 days ago
    whew, thanks. finally, this was like the last place on earth where I was still called "hackerofthelegend", whew
  • Sayuri4 days ago
    cool, will do
  • rena4 days ago
    i didnt see the email tbh and when i get a chance i'll check why it didn't work, but you can pm me
  • Sayuri4 days ago
    yo, is there anyone I can contact to get my username changed? I sent one of those administration messages using the contact us button a few days ago, but no response
  • Jolpengammler5 days ago
  • Grounder5 days ago
  • KobaBeach1 week ago
    this piñata means so much to me,
  • KobaBeach1 week ago
  • AtypicalAbbie1 week ago
  • TaviTurnip1 week ago
    We're doin' that thing where we stream MaGL X3 because of course we are, it's Friday!
  • Mata Hari1 week ago
  • Grounder1 week ago
  • AtypicalAbbie1 week ago
    Thank y'all! It's weird, like it was like ripping off a band-aid, you don't know if it's the best time to do it, you hope for the best, but maybe there's an infection, and you don't really know until you do it, but I am happy I did, because now I just have to take what's coming. Hope everyone is comfortable with sharing whoever you are too!
  • KobaBeach1 week ago
    good luck abbie..
  • raekuul1 week ago
    We've got your back, Abbie!
  • Rednaxela1 week ago
    Best wishes!
  • BobisOnlyBob1 week ago
    congrats, and good! :nb_pride:
  • AtypicalAbbie1 week ago
    Ooooookay, just posted on facebook officially that I'm out as non-binary, meaning all my family will likely see it. That's the final hurdle I had to overcome, and it's now done.
  • KobaBeach1 week ago
    im downloading shadow the hedgehog the game
  • AtypicalAbbie1 week ago
    rena wrote: 1 week ago it's the dress all over again
    you're right, those Pokeballs are clearly black and blue
  • raekuul1 week ago
    do a barrel roll

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