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  • Grounder14 minutes ago
  • KobaBeach11 hours ago
    i honestly dont want raocow to play any rpg other than like my world my way and chrono trigger, but i still feel he might. refuse to use the pout mechanic at all, and not understand any of the bosses' mechanics due to fading memories, respectively. lol
  • Reecer713 hours ago
    when does raocow play The Bard's Tale II
  • YelseyKing1 day ago
    raocow's next project: All the RPGs.
  • EllenHouraisan1 day ago
    Hell yeah.
  • Grounder1 day ago
    KobaBeach wrote: 1 day ago raocow lps valkyrie profile 1 and the discordhaus collectively shits itself from how much of a terrible idea it would be
    raocow lps umineko: when they cry
  • KobaBeach1 day ago
    thank u for giving me war flashbacks from some of the shit i've seen on sonic fansites @ bob
  • BobisOnlyBob1 day ago
    I had a friend compare me to WW2 era war criminals for liking Chaotix more than Sonic CD just the other day, the DKC infighting is *nothing* compared to how weird Sonic People get
  • KobaBeach1 day ago
    raocow lps valkyrie profile 1 and the discordhaus collectively shits itself from how much of a terrible idea it would be
  • Ashan1 day ago
    no 🙈
  • Grounder2 days ago
    okay look,
  • ano0maly2 days ago
    also Grounder have you seen the DKC3 lp thread, a good chunk of it was the polarized "it best" vs "it inferior to prev"
  • 11clock2 days ago
    DKC2 makes DKC1’s issues worse, but makes up for it with its bold level design imo.
  • EllenHouraisan2 days ago
    3 is easily the best.
  • Bean2 days ago
    I like 3 the most of Rare's trilogy!
  • Grounder2 days ago
    There are people who like 3 better than 2? News to me.
  • YelseyKing2 days ago
    I'm pretty sure thinking DKC2 is the worst of the trilogy is a :catcrime:
  • Bean2 days ago
    I think DKC2 is the worst of the trilogy myself. Still great though, so definitely differing on opinions with your bro there.
  • KobaBeach2 days ago
    potion seller...
  • ano0maly2 days ago
    your brother is not welcome here
  • 11clock3 days ago
    One of my brothers beat DKC2 and thought that it was bad.
  • void4 days ago
    puss in boots fun movie :catcrime:
  • 11clock5 days ago
    It was horrible. He was sometimes working 16-18 hours a DAY. I feel heartbroken and angry, and hope that he gets compensated or a lawsuit be filed.
  • 11clock5 days ago
    Boycotting Delta Airlines for forcing my best friend to work double time for 2 and a half weeks despite his contract limiting his work hours. I refuse to support such a disgusting company. Not flying with them again any time soon.
  • Grounder6 days ago
  • Grounder1 week ago
    mr steal your girl
  • KobaBeach1 week ago
  • 11clock1 week ago
    nevermind, my brother gave me his
  • 11clock1 week ago
    Uhh does anyone happen to have an all relics save of Crash The Huge Adventure? I am finding these unbearable but still want to fight the secret boss.
  • Grounder1 week ago
    there's a sense of cruel irony to have rao start ruins of the moon shortly before legends 2
  • camwoodstock1 week ago
    Grounder wrote: 1 week ago I'm interested because this seems so extremely specific.
    it's your lucky day. see the talk house thread
  • Grounder1 week ago
    I'm interested because this seems so extremely specific.
  • camwoodstock1 week ago
    the only 4chan drama we have ever engaged with was one time a guy decided to impersonate us on a 4chan thread (we don't use 4chan) because we disliked the mario 64 PC port. we can elaborate more on the talk house thread it's funny
  • KobaBeach1 week ago
    this 4chins post is incredibly funny because i think this dude is celebrating the homophobia not realizing that people just used okama without regard of it being a sensitive word back then like how we did with the r slur
  • Mata Hari1 week ago
  • AmeijinMayo1 week ago
    digimon world 3? wowza
  • KobaBeach1 week ago
    my dad found a copy of digimon world 3's pal version??????? fucked up if tru
  • EllenHouraisan1 week ago
    Does anyone know a method to keep a phone connected to the PC without charging it? Without having to cut the wires of the USB cable?
  • Grounder1 week ago
    And done.
  • Grounder1 week ago
    i'll do it tomorrow afternoon
  • ano0maly1 week ago
    so just inquiring to see if sonic thread may be updated
  • Grounder1 week ago
    tails creates his newest war crime
  • Skye2 weeks ago
    11clock wrote: 2 weeks ago SNES... 8:7 or 4:3?
  • KobaBeach2 weeks ago
    we just plugged on a new asus monitor my dad found and that is pretty well taken care of and the fucked up resolution is Killing Me. talkhaus just has blank space on the sides
  • YelseyKing2 weeks ago
    Starting a ruckus is a :catcrime:
  • AmeijinMayo2 weeks ago
    time to start a ruckus :catplanet:
  • EllenHouraisan2 weeks ago
    I'm in the minority that mostly remembers that video for Heavy Water. It never stops being funny.
  • raekuul2 weeks ago
    that moment when you remember "the potential was there, the floor was not" was followed by Heavy Water
  • KobaBeach2 weeks ago
    my guy you can clown on him using like. an abusive husband, a naruto, a lion king, a cat robot, a fucking hellsing as shit mutant gunslinger with vampire aesthetics. you just have to have sword gohan in your party somehow

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