• BobisOnlyBob3 hours ago
  • Skye5 hours ago
    Mata Hari wrote: 13 hours ago every single one of you can eat my shorts
    Bart McFart
  • Ashan7 hours ago
    There's no room for nuance, you question the mob at all and a label is slapped on you that automatically makes you the worst person ever
  • Leet8 hours ago
    anyway, this is how i become a villain
  • Leet9 hours ago
    like when did "being slightly less skeptical of conspiracy theories than they should be, but still not believing them" become exactly the same as being an alt right dogwhistler
  • Leet9 hours ago
    well feel however you want but its insane and concerning how fast misinformation spreads about konaka being a "truther" or "antivaxxer" when he never said that stuff at all (and antivaxxer doesn't even make SENSE as a concept in a japanese context), and that google doc pretty much acknowledges that in-between making these assumptions
  • TiKi11 hours ago
    thatguyif wrote: 11 hours ago Sorry, Mata Hari
    that sounds like the title of a kids' book
  • thatguyif11 hours ago
    Sorry, Mata Hari
  • KobaBeach12 hours ago
    a shame i was planning to play alice in cyberland, and i will still, but it's gonna leave a much more sour taste in my mouth as i play
  • KobaBeach12 hours ago
    if that makes me a coward then so be it
  • KobaBeach12 hours ago
    lain and tamers are still gonna be my faves but i will not associate myself with anything new konaka does from this point onward
  • KobaBeach12 hours ago
    and i want sugiyama to die yesterday
  • KobaBeach12 hours ago
    im not gonna debate whether "it's truly bad or not" he literally put messages of "extreme political correctness" being the bad guy and attacking with cancel culture in extra canon of a show made for children
  • KobaBeach12 hours ago ... V99g0/edit here's a doc that like translates bits of his blog if you need sources
  • KobaBeach12 hours ago
    thatguyif wrote: 14 hours ago No, that's not what we were doing
    i was bitching about konaka though
  • TiKi13 hours ago
    not saying that working in the vincinity of an awful person makes you one too, but i don't think the dragon quest character designer job description REQUIRES you to make a birthday cake for said composer
  • Mata Hari13 hours ago
    every single one of you can eat my shorts
  • idol13 hours ago
    fuck the composer of dragon quest can we get an amen
  • AUS14 hours ago
    but you should have been
  • AUS14 hours ago
    thats maybe not what YOU were doing
  • thatguyif14 hours ago
    AUS wrote: 15 hours ago sorry were we just bitching about japanese artists with bad views thats what i thought we were doing
    No, that's not what we were doing
  • Mandew14 hours ago
    @Tiki I mean, information can be deliberately inaccurate by use of ambiguity or straight-up lies.
  • AUS15 hours ago
    sorry were we just bitching about japanese artists with bad views thats what i thought we were doing
  • AUS15 hours ago
    also fuck the composer of dragon quest
  • TiKi15 hours ago
    like uh, ashura, right? that glitch you can do in sonic 2 where sonic takes on the colours of the emerald hill zone terrain. people saying that it could have been a "scrapped character idea" were probably wrong, but that was just due to getting excited about sonic 2 possibly having unused plans for a character. it wasn't a disingenuous LIE.
  • TiKi15 hours ago
    i'd argue that that's the wrong way to put it re: "accuracy" of information. there were always rumours going around even in the pre-internet game magazine days, so the internet was never much better. "accuracy" implies that whenever something on the internet is wrong, it was an accident, like it REALLY WAS back in the early 2000s. i'd call the internet of today more "disinformation". like there are actual bad faith attempts now to spread wrong information.
  • Leet1 day ago
    looks like he wrote a really stupid fiction but you can see how he wrote it because hes always used internet research to find topics for use in fiction, but the internet has been ultra-degraded when it comes to reliable information, so some of those topics suck now. but to him theyre just western terms that he thinks are interesting, its not the same context as culture war bs
  • Leet1 day ago
    he is not a truther though, thats not what his blog posts are saying. hes always been interested in conspiracy theoriest (obvs.) and has written about them but in the actual posts he says "i found it interesting, but i wasn't fully convinced" or "i couldn't figure out what was real or not about this"
  • KobaBeach1 day ago
    it hurts me too
  • KobaBeach1 day ago
    im gonna suggest a death of the artist wrt lain and digimon tamers at least since those seemed to be collaborative efforts
  • KobaBeach1 day ago
    screenshots have been taken down but the recording can be found here
  • KobaBeach1 day ago
    Leet wrote: 1 day ago he is not a truther
    look it hurts me because i like lain too but he came out of the closet in digifes the other day
  • KobaBeach1 day ago
    is it okay if we add the vincian flag too
  • idol1 day ago
    someone with power should update the lesbian flag emote here with the sexy, warm orange newer flag
  • Leet1 day ago
    he is not a truther
  • KobaBeach1 day ago
    leomon died because he didn't want to deal with konaka's truther bullshit
  • KobaBeach1 day ago
    as a digimon tamers fan this is giving me whiplash
  • thatguyif1 day ago
    (Okay, maybe not next couple months, but it's going to be a while)
  • thatguyif1 day ago
    Guess I'll be back to one video a day for the next couple months :|
  • ano0maly1 day ago
    get ready for Spyro the Dragon soon
  • Enjl1 day ago
    MAFAB2 stands for Make a Frenchcanadianguy amusewith Bhost Brick, after all
  • Leet1 day ago
    what??? THAT'S what raocow's playing!?
  • Disk Poppy2 days ago
    did it run away?
  • AtypicalAbbie2 days ago
    Now I miss A Hat in Time. Such a good game.
  • thatguyif2 days ago
    cat meat
  • Mata Hari2 days ago
    cat drugs
  • Daizo2 days ago
  • Griflion2 days ago
  • CrappyBlueLuigi3 days ago
  • YelseyKing3 days ago

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