• KobaBeach48 minutes ago
    i thought that was a meme
  • Grounder58 minutes ago
    tbh if you go into an overly cutesy game like bugsnax and don't expect an Epic Twist, that's on you
  • KobaBeach1 hour ago
    what the fuck im so sorry. also i just really want a lizbert plush, she is super cute
    Jolpengammler wrote: 1 hour ago Just had 2 spoons of moldy strawberry yogurt :3 delicious
  • KobaBeach1 hour ago
    i went to look up info on bunger and i found out info about what seems to be the ending of bugsnax and i gotta say. Yeah There's The Fucked Up Little Secret In The Quirky Indie Game About Funny Food Insects
  • Jolpengammler1 hour ago
    Just had 2 spoons of moldy strawberry yogurt :3 delicious
  • UFereSanyo1 hour ago
    makogoggles I eat the Bunger
  • BobisOnlyBob16 hours ago
  • UFereSanyo23 hours ago
    I love the makogoggles emote to be so high res compared to the other ones
  • Grounder23 hours ago
    professor pickle and pily rap battle
  • KobaBeach1 day ago
    you can do it!!!!!
  • UFereSanyo1 day ago
    Btw, Lil Info. Today I drew the Drawing part of this year's December Event gift, Still need to produce the video and write a letter. Like the previous 2 years.
  • UFereSanyo1 day ago
    makogoggles makogoggles makogoggles More burgers to more people :catplanet2:
  • BobisOnlyBob1 day ago
  • Coryman1 day ago
  • KobaBeach1 day ago
    thank u mako
  • UFereSanyo1 day ago
    makogoggles Burger
  • UFereSanyo2 days ago
    9 reasons to not trust Marissa
  • Grounder2 days ago
    UFereSanyo wrote: 2 days ago As long as She doesn't steal the Precious Thing
  • UFereSanyo2 days ago
    As long as She doesn't steal the Precious Thing
  • SMCslevelengine3 days ago
    whatever you say marisa >;D
  • YelseyKing3 days ago
    Setting the Talkhaus on fire is definitely a :catcrime:
  • EllenHouraisan3 days ago
    Finally, the talkhaus' purpose has been completed. Now let's set it on fire. :pily:
  • UFereSanyo3 days ago
    *Allows the place to have speech present in it*
  • Coryman3 days ago
    this pairs very nicely with the patreon link at the bottom of the site
  • KobaBeach4 days ago
    love downloading like 10 non horny pc98 rpgs then conking out for like 5 hours. i can't sleep now!!!! mama mia
  • UFereSanyo4 days ago
  • Grounder4 days ago
  • KobaBeach4 days ago
    i dont think there are any pc98 yaoi vns depressingly enough. this was a point of frustration to a former friend who was super into vns and was also a bisexual man
  • TiKi4 days ago
  • UFereSanyo6 days ago
    some comment about ayaya ayaya and sardines that grow from the soil
  • Disk Poppy1 week ago
    Oh, I somehow missed raocow playing it
  • Disk Poppy1 week ago
    ano0maly wrote: 1 week ago I nominate disk poppy
    why me? first time I hear it. edit: oh, I've seen it
  • raekuul1 week ago
    SMCslevelengine wrote: 1 week ago what even is momodora?
    A miserable pile of secrets. But enough talk; have at you!
  • Bean1 week ago
    A Metroidvania type of game. You could always watch a vid to get an idea!
  • SMCslevelengine1 week ago
    what even is momodora?
  • ano0maly1 week ago
    I nominate disk poppy
  • Grounder1 week ago
    make the thread :monstrosity:
  • SMCslevelengine1 week ago
    you called?
  • Grounder1 week ago
  • ano0maly1 week ago
    Grounder wrote: 1 week ago momodora thread is still up for grabs
    is there someone that hasn't made a thread yet?
  • Reecer71 week ago
    an rpg is a game where you fire rockets without recoil
  • Grounder1 week ago
    momodora thread is still up for grabs
  • KobaBeach1 week ago
    i just feel that they are honorary action rpgs and i dont care about debating this with anyone
  • raekuul1 week ago
    The only Zelda game that was an RPG was Zelda 2
  • KobaBeach1 week ago
    zelda isn't an rpg because scott likes it. it is instead Bad Game For Nintendo Fans (derogatory)
  • PapyrusSemi1 week ago
    BobisOnlyBob wrote: 1 week ago (not to mention fantasy action games that get called RPGs, like Zelda)
    wasn't there an entire scott the woz episode on this
  • Jolpengammler1 week ago
    I am an arcade game
  • KobaBeach1 week ago
    disk i love u and all but i don't care
    Disk Poppy wrote: 1 week ago i hate it just like toree 3d
  • BobisOnlyBob1 week ago
    desert bus is an arcade game
  • Reecer71 week ago
    arcade games are games where you get points

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