Luigi is actually in Genshin Impact


  • KobaBeach14 hours ago
    me, dumb fucking cocksucker who plays xuan yuan sword and gujian instead of genshin impact: yeah! i cant either
  • EllenHouraisan14 hours ago
    Can't believe the Tsaritza was Kendrick Lamar all along.
  • KobaBeach14 hours ago
    he is
  • raekuul14 hours ago
    IS Kendrick a Genshin character?
  • KobaBeach14 hours ago
    im watching raocows chao adventure video and im standing outside takashi iizuka's house to get him to give me a single area in the next sonic game where there is a 5% chance a chao npc will say something insane like "is kendrick a genshin character"
  • KobaBeach14 hours ago
    dude does it look like sega is still making consoles?!?!?!?!??! you are getting eurous and you are gonna like it :gun:
  • Jolpengammler14 hours ago
    KobaBeach wrote: 18 hours ago 20 euro(u)s
    Are portuguese Euros even real? gimme them sweet escudos
  • KobaBeach16 hours ago
    oh yeah it's almost decemberween what the fuc*
  • Grounder16 hours ago
  • KobaBeach18 hours ago
    20 euro(u)s
  • Jolpengammler18 hours ago
    how much you payin bb
  • KobaBeach18 hours ago
    paying the first person to point a gun at me and make me finish valkyrie profile either today or tomorrow
  • Grounder18 hours ago
    They don't think it be like it is, but it do.
  • Jolpengammler18 hours ago
    It's almost as if people were actually something that one could eventually call something they would be like if they weren't for the things they are not, but, well, now we are here and reading this garbage and I don't know what to write anymore; bye!
  • KobaBeach21 hours ago
    *ceda voice* this is already fucking gay as hell
  • Grounder21 hours ago
    i would say "fastest ban speedrun" but you've been here 12 years, ze
  • KobaBeach21 hours ago
    im just trying to suck cock here dude
  • heycallmeZe22 hours ago
    KobaBeach wrote: 2 days agostarfield is super funny because a lot of its progressivism is really just there for brownie points instead of actual representation
    so in other words, it's perfect for people like you
  • KobaBeach1 day ago
    @ellen, i feel like strapping raocow to anyone to use as a human shield is inherently a good, positive thing to do. i'll explore the good unrealtournamenttale fangames later
  • BobisOnlyBob1 day ago
    play yellow by coldplay
  • raekuul1 day ago
    play yellow hurts
  • ano0maly1 day ago
    play pokemon yellow
  • Grounder1 day ago
    play undertale yellow 🤠
  • EllenHouraisan1 day ago
    Strapping raocow to Gummy in Arknights so her block increases to 4.
  • KobaBeach1 day ago
    strapping raocow to a gurney and making him play nobunaga's ambition as the second ever raostream (he has to beat one of the scenarios or he will die in real life)
  • raekuul1 day ago
    I mean TGA is just a bunch of rich people voting for their favorites and then acting like everybody agrees with them anyway. See also ... strumental
  • KobaBeach2 days ago
    yeah im aware. i just wanted to compare them to neogaf/resetera in terms of obnoxiousness. though gamefaqs is much more rightwing
  • Grounder2 days ago
    gamefaqs predates resetera by a lot
  • KobaBeach2 days ago
    "This game got shafted for GOTY Continued" gamefaqs forums, literally ResetEra 2 and masters of trash taste, on starfield not winning anything in the dorito pope ceremonies
  • pholtos2 days ago
    Starfield is a Canadian Christian music group from Winnipeg, Manitoba. The group has songs and albums that have charted in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.
  • Jolpengammler2 days ago
    All that I'Ve seen of Starfield is that it's a more boring no man's sky, but it's also just Skyrim at the same time... in worse
  • KobaBeach2 days ago
    starfield is super funny because a lot of its progressivism is really just there for brownie points instead of actual representation, the entire game is a white neo-lib shitfest down to its noncommittal narrative. catch me playing golden era's grimoire
  • Ashan2 days ago
    I'm kinda glad Todd Howard had to sit there at the front and watch as Starfield didn't win anything. Bethesda needs some fire under their ass to understand they can't keep releasing the same game to critical acclaim
  • Ashan2 days ago
    I hadn't even heard of cocoon until last night
  • BobisOnlyBob2 days ago
    I've yet to play cocoon and am looking forward to it but something definitely amiss there too
  • Grounder3 days ago
    one last bit of Dorito Discourse: pizza tower was robbed. cocoon isn't even an actual debut game
  • KobaBeach3 days ago
    we (as in the mana fandom) are finally getting some good fucking food btw, for the first time in like over a decade. fuck squenix for taking this long
  • KobaBeach3 days ago
    i cant believe im saying this but i agree with thank god it's friday, the dorito pope ceremonies are An Actual Septic Tank
  • BobisOnlyBob3 days ago
    honestly he's lowered the bar so much it's stuck in the floor, I had no expectations, but I can still be bummed about a specific award
  • thatguyif3 days ago
    Look, it's the Geoff Keighley Awards. Would you expect any less?
  • BobisOnlyBob3 days ago
    shame, People Make Games deserved it for their genuine journalism, but as a popular vote it was always gonna go to ironmouse (not that there's anything wrong with her, just that she's a vtuber and entertainer, not doing major exposés on game devs)
  • Grounder3 days ago
    koopa koot's favorite vtuber is now a game award winner
  • KobaBeach3 days ago
    how do you think i feel when i see people who were born in the 2000s
  • BobisOnlyBob3 days ago
    euuugh stop being small you are literally a decade younger than me and it's awful
  • KobaBeach3 days ago
    yeah i mostly dealt with it by being 13 at the time, it was 2011 i think. and nowadays im just "good"(ish) at final fantasy
  • BobisOnlyBob3 days ago
    even the US one still has both Towers (Babil and Zot) which are just ass for said save starvation
  • KobaBeach3 days ago
    i actually dont really like 4 much because of how weirdly rude its difficulty is outside of us-snes and jp-easytype. 5 is where the mainline series started peaking for me, and 4 us was my first one btw. i like its advances in jrpg storytelling though
  • BobisOnlyBob4 days ago
    3 and 4 both have severe save point starvation
  • KobaBeach4 days ago
    yeah like. i can beat ff1 nes without savescumming. ff2 nes i need savescumming. ff3 nes i can beat it without savestates but i dont wanna do it without at least a checkpoint save
  • EllenHouraisan4 days ago
    Okay, that would make it the only good FF3 version that exists (save for the one that's actually FF6).

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