• Mata Hari1 hour ago
    cat drugs
  • Daizo2 hours ago
  • Griflion2 hours ago
  • CrappyBlueLuigi7 hours ago
  • YelseyKing11 hours ago
  • AUS13 hours ago
  • Jolpengammler19 hours ago
    yodelling in meadow hil lbest song in smash :D
  • Grounder19 hours ago
  • Bean19 hours ago
  • CrappyBlueLuigi1 day ago
  • PapyrusSemi1 day ago
  • Disk Poppy1 day ago
  • Rednaxela2 days ago
  • thatguyif2 days ago
    🦢 :honk:
  • Rednaxela2 days ago
  • YelseyKing2 days ago
  • TaviTurnip2 days ago
    MaGL X3 is happening! (We're skipping Monday, see the thread!)
  • Smibbix3 days ago
  • Hoeloe3 days ago
    Grounder wrote: ↑4 days ago can't hug every cat
    Not with that attitude.
  • Rednaxela4 days ago
    makogoggles :catplanet2:
  • Grounder4 days ago
    can't hug every cat
  • Rixithechao4 days ago
    :catplanet: :catplanet2: :catplanet: :catplanet2: :catplanet: :catplanet2: :catplanet: :catplanet2: :catplanet: :catplanet2: :sheath: :catplanet2: :catplanet: :catplanet2: :catplanet:
  • CrappyBlueLuigi4 days ago
  • Grounder4 days ago
  • Sancles4 days ago
    it's in the name
  • Reecer74 days ago
    what emotion is :pandamona:
  • Reecer74 days ago
    i'm so out of the loop of what all the emoticons on this forum communicate
  • KobaBeach4 days ago
    likes this message
    Mata Hari wrote: ↑4 days ago (...)
  • Mata Hari4 days ago
    Please stop nagging Yelsey about the SNESMusic forums. If he's not done it by now it should be pretty clear he never will, and he absolutely doesn't have to, because it's his time and money. Either use the talkhaus for its intended purpose of idle bullshitting, or get outta here.
  • BobisOnlyBob4 days ago
  • LucianoWinFan4 days ago
    I think YelseyKing needs a new host for the new-defunct SNESMusic forums.
  • BobisOnlyBob5 days ago
  • Leet5 days ago
    of course!
  • AtypicalAbbie5 days ago
    Grounder wrote: ↑5 days ago
    honestly she kinda a cutie
  • CrappyBlueLuigi5 days ago
    presumably if you are larger than other things you are a giant
  • KobaBeach5 days ago
    i do not wish to see it @ below
  • Grounder5 days ago
  • AtypicalAbbie5 days ago
    I have no idea of I'm holding a very small cat, or if I'm a giant.
  • Mata Hari5 days ago
    god i fucking love haribo tangfastics. rip teeth, we hardly knew ye
  • KobaBeach6 days ago
    grey brain (actually the grey tones in "before" may be purple?)
  • KobaBeach6 days ago
  • KobaBeach6 days ago
    im also referencing tales of phantasia which has a batshit detailed artstyle so
  • KobaBeach6 days ago
    im practicing pixel art with rpg maker and man making tiles is hard. giving texture to the ground is like. an errant pixel can make or break the tile... ストレス
  • AtypicalAbbie6 days ago
    I am in awesome
  • BobisOnlyBob1 week ago
    I am in awe
  • Grounder1 week ago
  • Ashan1 week ago
    you should shove like 8000 ads onto that thread
  • rena1 week ago
    free Roblox accounts really is the key to seo judging by how many hits that one post hets
  • KobaBeach1 week ago
    that's the president.
  • TiKi1 week ago
    KobaBeach wrote: ↑1 week ago username: xXxGUNCommander1954xXx password: fuckshad0w*
    that can't be right he has a picture of sonic and shadow on his desk

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