• rena1 day ago
    (learning that quoting is useless here since it counts towards your character limit, lol)
  • rena1 day ago
    I think at some point we made it so that new users can't PM until they have 10 posts, if it doesn't happen automatically though you can ask a copper or request access here ... group&g=56
  • rena1 day ago
    I dunno what spamhaus is but I'm guessing it got turned on by accident when I was tweaking the session settings to try and stop them expiring for people (which might be better now too btw)
  • Bean1 day ago
    Yeah, rena's gone over the one issue, but I guess there are others if peeps are still having problems.
  • UFereSanyo1 day ago
    I got denied from sending PMs and I have only interacted 3 times in threads this year so something's up, Susie told me that it is something weird happening to other users :reimuko:
  • pholtos2 days ago
    Yup, seems the spamhaus thing is borking up. Adding that I got hit too, haven't posted much this year, posted and then edited a post a couple times and bam. :P
  • UFereSanyo2 days ago
    Lil thinghy thing that meets the requirements to be a thing that I found being a thing some time ago.-
  • TiKi2 days ago
    my ip address is getting blacklisted when posting even though i just posted a few minutes ago and the spamhaus link says i'm NOT blocked? help pls
  • ano0maly2 days ago
    the awards do have a "hard game" category
  • BobisOnlyBob2 days ago
    ah yes, the bennett foddy award
  • Grounder2 days ago
    where's my labor of hate category for games purely made to spite people?
  • ano0maly2 days ago
    it won't because past winners are disallowed
  • EllenHouraisan3 days ago
    Can't wait for Terraria to win the labor of love award again. :roll:
  • ano0maly3 days ago
    the steam awards nominations have also returned
  • EllenHouraisan3 days ago
    And I still haven't played it so I can't watch the LP (even though I do own the game).
  • ano0maly3 days ago
    the smug has returned
  • BobisOnlyBob6 days ago
    Caramelldansen is genuinely lovely and makes me happy, no matter how mutated or memed it gets it always makes me smile
  • Grounder6 days ago
  • KobaBeach6 days ago
    sega genesis is 16 bit, 3do is 32 bit
  • BobisOnlyBob6 days ago
    they did the math
  • EllenHouraisan1 week ago
    Math night at the shoutbox.
  • thatguyif1 week ago
    Because raekuul got hit by 3 2x4s
  • Mata Hari1 week ago
    why not 69
  • raekuul1 week ago
    I need... 59 inches of 4x4. Why 59 and not 60!?
  • BobisOnlyBob1 week ago
    felon wonderworld
  • KobaBeach1 week ago
    yuji kaka does it again
  • EllenHouraisan1 week ago
    An extremely rich laughingstock, sadly.
  • Grounder1 week ago
    doubt it. musk is definitely going to walk away from the debacle as a laughingstock though
  • camwoodstock1 week ago
    the talkhaus twitter thread may or may not outlast twitter itself which is extremely funny
  • UFereSanyo1 week ago
    Hmm anyone knows why I am no longer authorized to send private Messages? I went Inactive for some weeks and come to find it out :mgmnds:
  • Grounder1 week ago
    one of the leads on sonic up until 2006...?
  • SMCslevelengine1 week ago
  • Grounder1 week ago
    yuji naka arrested (for insider trading, but still)
  • Grounder1 week ago
  • Disk Poppy1 week ago
    Is a 4 SPIKE JUMP Impossible?
  • SMCslevelengine1 week ago
    I have come back from my 2 month hiatus:
  • YelseyKing1 week ago
  • SMCslevelengine1 week ago
    The 1st ever AI generated video to be on my channel:
  • Kaiveran1 week ago
  • KobaBeach2 weeks ago
    found out infinite undiscovery and blue dragon are semi-playable in xenia and honestly? im just gonna keep tabs on what 360 games i wanna play work for now so i can play when i upgrade my pc
  • KobaBeach2 weeks ago
    happy 27th birthday to the embodiment of the game cat planet
  • BobisOnlyBob2 weeks ago
  • KobaBeach2 weeks ago
    Grounder wrote: 2 weeks ago i hate the dolphin so much, they ruined a perfectly fine design with an evo AGAIN
    i just looked at it and you're absolutely right
  • Lord Ruby2 weeks ago
  • Jolpengammler2 weeks ago
    I am a bee and I have a pet duck
  • Grounder2 weeks ago
    amyrosemon is cute, but looks like a midstage. i hate the dolphin so much, they ruined a perfectly fine design with an evo AGAIN
  • EllenHouraisan2 weeks ago
    I like the little hammer fairy. Mawile has a friend now!
  • KobaBeach2 weeks ago
    gen 9 poké got leaked and the only bara in it is like koraidon, turo and the yet to be named teacher dude. i hate game freak now /s (but no this kinda sucks)
  • AmeijinMayo2 weeks ago
    Aria the Animation is also nice. Junichi Sato the goat :catplanet:
  • EllenHouraisan2 weeks ago
    Watch Kino's Journey (the old one, not the bad one from a few years back).

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