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  • Jolpengammler1 hour ago
    If I was a god everyone would be forced to do podoboo jumps to survive
  • EllenHouraisan1 hour ago
    When it gets hot and I have money, I pretty much do run on ice cream. And soda.
  • Grounder1 hour ago
    :slow: ☁️ excuse me
  • camwoodstock5 hours ago
    &: I think if I had divine powers, I would make it so humans run on some completely arbitrary thing, actually. Like Ice Cream. (Granted, depending on who you ask, we may already run on ice cream...)
  • Mata Hari5 hours ago
    idc what people believe but personally i find it hard to believe a creator god would fill us with organs and (literal) shit if they didn't have to. like what's the point, animate us with pure will or whatever
  • KobaBeach5 hours ago
  • camwoodstock5 hours ago
    &: I know a God. Debatably, at least.
  • YelseyKing5 hours ago
  • Mata Hari5 hours ago
    'I cannot persuade myself that a beneficent and omnipotent God would have designedly created the Ichneumonidae with the express intention of their feeding within the living bodies of caterpillars.'
  • Grounder6 hours ago
    if any animal should make you renounce god it should be something nasty like flies or maggots or wasps, not cats
  • KobaBeach9 hours ago
    charles darwin's two sons: george bush jr. and jeb bush
  • Mata Hari10 hours ago
    i don't think darwin was ever atheist and i don't think he never got laid
  • KobaBeach10 hours ago
    charles darwin is a bitch ass motherfucker who will never get laid
  • TiKi10 hours ago
    Grounder wrote: 14 hours ago
    fun fact: one of the reasons that charles darwin became an atheist is because cats hunt just for fun. why would a loving god make that
  • Grounder14 hours ago
  • YelseyKing1 day ago
  • thatguyif1 day ago
  • EllenHouraisan2 days ago
    You ever feel like a part of you died and you're just a hollow shell walking about aimlessly? Asking for a friend.
  • Mata Hari2 days ago
    Gentlemen, this is democracy manifest
  • raekuul3 days ago
    Gentlemen, it has come to my attention that Wonker Weiners is riddled with incompetence.
  • TiKi3 days ago
    what is "filling". a hot dog-shaped beef patty? a patty-shaped hot dog?
  • thatguyif3 days ago
    Grounder wrote: 3 days ago neither, both options revolt me
    At least you're honest with your offense
  • ultratowel1123 days ago
    Hot dog with burger filling is basically a beef sausage, so that.
  • Grounder3 days ago
    neither, both options revolt me
  • Jolpengammler3 days ago
    Would you guys rather have a burger with hotdog filling or a hotdog with burger filling?
  • EllenHouraisan4 days ago
    Best girl Tesse.~
  • Reecer74 days ago
    all hail shadough; heroes rise a bread
  • KobaBeach4 days ago
  • Grounder4 days ago
  • KobaBeach4 days ago
    pls help find magl2 stage. it's lost and scared and crying for mom. if its cold you're cold. let it in for god's sake. (chuck vs. world) pls help ... 77#p469677
  • Mata Hari4 days ago
    you can square it
  • Slimeman014 days ago
    What do you have against the square root of 5???
  • Mata Hari4 days ago
    irrational numbers are scrub tier tbqh
  • Slimeman014 days ago
    When the number is irrational :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:
  • Mata Hari4 days ago
    thinkin about complex numbers
  • Grounder6 days ago
  • thatguyif6 days ago
    I was going to make a thread last night, but I was tired and distracted :ehh:
  • ano0maly6 days ago
    Ellen is FURIous
  • EllenHouraisan6 days ago
  • Grounder6 days ago
    Thanks for volunteering, Ellen!
  • EllenHouraisan6 days ago
    Shouldn't someone make a thread for Furi?
  • Rixithechao6 days ago
  • camwoodstock6 days ago
  • Mata Hari1 week ago
    if you add my age and yelsey's age, you get the sex number
  • YelseyKing1 week ago
  • Scarfley1 week ago
  • KobaBeach1 week ago
  • EllenHouraisan1 week ago
  • Jolpengammler1 week ago
    Happy Yelsey day!! :catcrime:
  • TiKi1 week ago

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