• KobaBeach10 minutes ago
    nanaki is friend
  • BobisOnlyBob38 minutes ago
    Red is a delight (I have always called him Red, I refuse to call him by a number)
  • KobaBeach1 hour ago
    thanks to posting an advent children video on the shoutbox i dreamt about barret, marlene, red xiii and geostigma
  • Leet8 hours ago
    i love that guy. and also never heard any of his music
  • KobaBeach15 hours ago
    remember when gerard way did a final fantasy song
  • BobisOnlyBob17 hours ago
    damn, that MMX opening stage high quality rip actually slaps?
  • KobaBeach20 hours ago
    yeah i need to do some projects to to learn programming essentials. rena advised me to do some tutorials, ill focus on c# for now. books are super dense for me so i might try to use some youtube videos or the like
  • Grounder20 hours ago
  • Ashan20 hours ago
    I didn't find out until after I started that something similar already kind of exists, but it's been a fun project anyway. Got to learn how to manually parse a midi file which was fun!
  • KobaBeach20 hours ago
    oh shit that's poggers
  • Ashan20 hours ago
    For the past week I've been working on a tool to convert a midi file into an AddMusic-readable format and I just got it kinda working this morning B)
  • KobaBeach21 hours ago
  • Awoo22 hours ago
  • Daarkbuu23 hours ago
    I do. Honestly it's pretty okay but sometimes I feel that it could be better. I give it 7/10
  • KobaBeach23 hours ago
    is it that bad for a young agender leomon lad to wish he was a teensy bit caked instead of a fucking plank of wood
  • Leet1 day ago
    I'm too embarrassed to say yes, so I won't say it
  • Argumentable1 day ago
    I was expecting either "yes" or "no" or possibly "I don't have a butt"
  • Leet1 day ago
    When you wrote this question argumentable what responses were you expecting
  • KobaBeach1 day ago
    sometimes i wish it was plumper

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